Paradise, HOT Men and Erotic Art

Could there be anything better than to combine the two? Mmm… So in my ongoing collection called Hot Summer Nights, I combine a heated city including a beach location, two men who might not ordinarily meet and a stunning event to bring them closer together. Maybe they’ll be together for a night, but they’re going to share boundless passion. In my next piece located in Cozumel, I combine a down on his luck Cincinnati Reds pitcher and an erotic art dealer. Sounds like an interesting couple, eh? 

What happens between them is truly an unleashing of their personalities and their inhibitions. They’re both hiding behind a mask. Then again, aren’t we all? This one is coming out August 17th from Rebel Ink Press. I hope you enjoy a taste and remember, sensual things can happen anywhere.


For art dealer and erotic photographer, Consuelo Dartan, living in Cozumel is perfect for his business and for his personal needs. Known as being a consummate professional, he is highly sought after by aficionados who crave his exotic talent. A lonely man, he longs to find the right one, but few can handle his interior and exterior scars. The beach his solace, he sees a stunning man and for the first time since the horrific accident he ventures out of his self proclaimed cocoon. A guilty man, he suffers all alone while he searches for solace in every aspect of his life, but sadly he’s destined to live all alone, unable to face his angry demons.

Troy Underwood was exhausted. Ending the season and facing possible surgery, he decides a vacation to the islands is in order. A pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, a torn rotator cup could take him out of the game – permanently. He’s also running away from the man inside and from his sexuality. Lured to the healing thoughts of a secluded beach, he’s approached by a seductive hunk, who has a kinky offer he didn’t anticipate and one he doesn’t want to refuse. Embroiled in more than just passion on a hot summer night, can their illicit tryst begin to heal the deep wounds both men are forced to face?


“That was a damn awesome game, Troy.” Patting him on the back, the older man grinned and glanced around the perimeter of the ball field. “I could tell you were struggling with the last few pitches, but I tell you what, you’re a damn trooper. I know the arm has to hurt like a son of a bitch.”

Troy Underwood sniffed and glanced up and down the almost sad look on Coach Taylor’s face. “It’s not so bad.” Like fucking hell it wasn’t. He was on fire every time he even tried to move his right arm because of the way his shoulder felt, screaming bloody murder with every throw of the ball. There was no doubt he was facing at minimum debilitating surgery and if his doctor’s summation was right, the end of his pitching career. Cringing, he looked away.

“Hey man! God that was awesome. You kicked ass and then some.”

“Hell, I was just trying to make sure we made a good name for ourselves.” Troy wasn’t the oh-shucks kind of guy, but if he had been on his game, they’d have made the playoffs instead of ending the season a pitiful fifth. He smiled at his teammate but suspected every member of the team was thinking the same damn thing. How could they not be? There was no one else to blame but himself. Damn it! Being on the Cincinnati Reds was the dream of a lifetime come true and he’d been on his way to taking his beloved ball team back to the glory they once held and then…

“I know that look, my friend. Why don’t you come out for a beer later?”

Shrugging, he glanced at his best buddy and debated the thought. Sky Wilkens was a true ladies man and the only guy on the team who could make him laugh no matter what mood he was in. “Yeah, all right.”

“You make it sound like I’m going to be pulling your teeth or worse,” Sky said as he gave Troy a harsh glare. “You ain’t gettin’ out of this one. The guys are going to Spanky’s around eight. We’re going to watch a few games on the television, snag a girl for a treat and you know what, buddy? You’re getting laid tonight for the first time. Be there or I hunt your lily white ass down with tracking dogs. You got it?” His eyes sparkling, he leaned over and gave Troy a subtle finger before taking two giant strides backwards.

“You better run or I’ll chase you down the street. I might have a bad right wing, but I can still chase you into a corner!” Troy snared playfully and thought about his less than lackluster love life. He hadn’t been laid in well over a year and somehow he didn’t think tonight was going to change anything. His mood and particular needs didn’t warrant what Spanky’s had to offer. Still, he’d go and pretend, just like a good boy and the hottest bachelor on the circuit. At least according to Sports Illustrated. An honor he didn’t deserve. Inhaling deeply, he plastered on a fake smile and flicked his fingers under his chin for effect. “Bite me.”

“Promises. Promises. Later, dude.” Sky gave him a salute before heading off toward the team room.

Coach Taylor waited until Sky was out of hearing distance before moving in front of Troy. “What have you decided to do, son?”


“Don’t play coy with me. I can tell exactly what you’re going through. I can see the excruciating pain you’re in. You need to have the surgery and you know I’m right. If you don’t, your career could be in the toilet soon. The reporters are already sensing something is going on with you.”

That Troy realized intimately. He’d been getting phone calls from one too many who wanted what they called the “real” story. He wasn’t even certain what that was any longer. All for a hot and very exclusive story on one down trodden hero. Rubbing his shoulder, he truly wanted to get away for a little while, take some time to figure out the best course of action. “The injury isn’t that bad.”

What do you think so far?

Kisses   xxx



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