That’s a rather daunting thought, isn’t it? Do any of us really ever face them all the way? It seems the older we get the harder it becomes to make any changes and to really go after what you want in life. I’ve come to that realization the hard way and I personally want to make changes in my life. I want more out of life both personally and professionally so I’m going to work very hard to achieve my goals. What if you wanted to move into a D/s lifestyle and it’s simply so completely opposite of what and who you’ve been for the last few years that you really don’t know where to start or if the lifestyle is something you can even handle?

Readers who follow my blog certainly realize that in penning my On Becoming His series with Benjamin Russell, I’m exploring this very concept. Of course he and I have spent many a day talking about how a very strong woman such as Jessie could even consider moving into such a lifestyle. Now what do I mean as strong? She’s been independent for the majority of her life both professionally and in regards to her love life and yet hasn’t found fulfillment. She lives alone and is comfortable that way and is very opinionated to the point that people are actually afraid of her.

She had money, clout, all the toys money can buy so again, why would she consider this? Because there has been something missing in her life almost all of it. Jessie knows this and while it took her a hell of a long time to be able to admit the concept to herself, she finally had to or spend the rest of her life being unhappy. Hmmm… Does that sound familiar to any of you? I think we all get to a point in our lives where we go – WTH? It’s either why didn’t I do or why did I make that decision. Then we’re simply too afraid to try something new. It’s tough to make huge changes in your life. Whether you’re unhappy in your job or your marriage or maybe you want simply more passion and kink in your life, making that leap of faith is a tough thing to do.

But I know I’m ready just like Jessie is – at least for certain changes in my life. This is very private for all of us but courage to make that leap is something I’ve been striving to achieve. With Jessie, it took her years of soul searching to even think about moving into D/s relationship. It also took her finding the right man. It’s funny, Luke (the hero and sexy Dom from the On Becoming His Series) was just up for the sexiest Dom at a Yahoo site and in truth, I think he’s the perfect Dom because of his level of patience, understanding, abilities to nurture and train, his boundless love and the way he sees Jessie – he tells her she stills him.

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of Dom you’d love to be involved with? Now he’s also demanding in his requirements and hungry for his needed levels of passion, but that’s not bad either, is it? When Luke came into Jessie’s life, she truly was at a place where emotionally she was trying to glean onto her old self while nurturing the woman inside who was begging to be released. Haven’t we all felt this way? There seems to be two sides of us as people and sometimes we aren’t allowed to explore the inner self very often if ever. As a writer I certainly am allowed to explore my kinky side, my soft side, my brazen side and every other wicked one. But as humans living our every day lives, that doesn’t happen very often.

That’s one reason I love penning On Becoming His so much. There’s just something about this journey Luke and Jessie are taking together that reminds me of the little girl inside who’s longing for something else. I’m not even certain what that is but there’s a part of me allowed to live vicariously through my characters. What a delicious rush. Jessie has finally gone through the difficult task of figuring out she wants to make a change and now, how do she do that? By intense soul searching and thinking every day. She’s not going to enter into this lightly but reverently with her heart and soul in the right place and that takes time. And there’s passion. My God there’s so much passion between these two readers have told me that even without the intense sex scenes in the first book (and yes, there’s a steamy one at the end), their love and hunger for each other races off the page.

Now I can tell you that in On Becoming His – Lessons Learned, there is a shift in their relationship and you’re going to see just how passionate this couple is. Remember, this is a journey and they have discussed moving into more BDSM, but that also isn’t something that just happens. The heightened level of trust in this situation will be another chapter of their life together as they continue to learn the D/s life that they both crave and now must have. That’s the reality to a D/s situation, this isn’t playing but about two people who MUST do this. Their very soul demands that they explore and learn and love and trust. Isn’t that the most incredible thought and so very freeing?

Here’s the blurb for On Becoming His – many of you know the story. Tomorrow on this blog I’m going to bring you a sexy taste of Lessons Learned. Ben and I hope to be getting this out before September. Now it’s time for you to think about your life. What do you want to change? Isn’t that the question to start off the weekend?

Kisses   xxx



Jezebel Waters, Jessie to her friends, had everything in her life that she could ever want. From a successful career as a top-level executive, a hefty salary and fabulous friends, she had the world in the palm of her hand – except for the right man in her life. In the back of her mind she knew she was missing something and the realization was almost terrifying. She craved being under the command of a powerful Dom, but how the hell could she admit to anyone what she considered her kinky needs?

Resigned to living a very vanilla life, she entered into several relationships and every one of them failed miserably. Jessie gave up on love – until she met Luke Brennan. From his gorgeous chocolate-laced skin to his quiet yet powerful demeanor, Jessie was hooked on learning more. Growing close, when he admitted his own needs, she knew she’d found everything she’d been searching for her entire life. While Luke wanted nothing more than to own her, he was hesitant to enter into the agreement until she completely understood the life she would lead as a collared woman.

While she was more than eager to learn, she remained terrified of the girl inside and of her dark hungers. Join Jessie on an emotional journey as she delves deep into her psyche, not only beginning to understand her willingness to become Luke’s in every way, but also to comprehend exactly what the new beginning would entail — trust and control. Through poems and prose, this story is just the beginning for both…



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  1. Cassandre, I think there is a duality within all of us. There is the persona we present to the world, the person society expects us to be and there is an inner-us that very few people ever see. Wouldn’t it be great, if the chasm between the two wasn’t so profound and vast? I suspect there are a lot of people who everyday struggle to keep their inner-self hidden from friends and family. Fear of ridicule and rejection forces them to deny their true selves, even to their mates. How many of those people will ever have the courage to break free?

    Luke’s journey is similar to Jessie’s, but profoundly different. He feels a great deal of responsibility to “get it right”. He wants Jessie to hunger and crave him just as he does her, but he also demands her utter devotion – not out of fear of punishment, but because she truly wants to please him above all else. Devotion and love are the two sides of the same coin and devotion is not something that comes easy for most people.

    As I’m writing portions of Lessons Learned from Luke’s POV, I am constantly struck by how complex his feelings are. His inner-self, his wants, needs and desires are dark and foreboding. His struggle is about balance and control. Control of himself and control of the ever willful Jessie. Wow, it’s going to be a thrill ride, full of passion, fire and desire. Muwah!!@


    • behalle says:

      I couldn’t agree more with everything you’re saying. There is a powerful connection two people begin to build as they consider initially and then begin going down this path. There is passion and love, but so many more emotions that it’s difficult to portray them sometimes in a book of this nature. I have loved the point/counter points you and I are doing with the series and truly think I and the story would have been missing such a huge portion if you weren’t involved. Thank you 🙂


  2. Great post, Cass!


    What you said is so true. It would be incredible if the chasm between the two weren’t so profound and vast.

    I can’t wait to read this series from you two!! 😉


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