I told you I’d be bringing you a little sexy piece from On Becoming His – Lessons Learned today. This is the start of the book so far. It’s funny about this one to. My co-author, Benjamin Russell, and I started most of what will now be a novella with flash fiction either done back and forth on our blogs or Facebook fan pages. This one isn’t even a part of the actual trilogy, but I tell you what… This is yummy indeed. I hope you enjoy.



Jezebel Waters and Luke Brennan entered into a D/s life together, exploring and learning the sacred concepts of trust, love, understanding, willingness to please, submission and utter devotion. Their journey was ongoing and in her mind, she’d truly embraced every aspect, including control — his control. Luke was a strict disciplinarian but also a passionate mate, who gave her his entire heart, soul and most importantly – his total acceptance of all of her. In turn, she was required to give him every aspect of herself, no matter what he asked. There were challenges along the way and while Jessie was committed to obeying, she was after all, willful.

Share the story of Jessie and Luke as they continue on an emotional journey together. For Jessie she must delve deep into her psyche, not only beginning to understand her willingness to become Luke’s submissive in every way. She also must comprehend exactly what the new beginning would entail — trust and control. For Luke, he must learn to balance his need to have devotion and obedience with patience. Jessie’s struggles to embrace every aspect of the lifestyle, challenges him to understand and accept there will be rough patches along the way.

During one moment of weakness, her devotion to him is brought into question and in turn, Luke is forced to issue the ultimate in punishments. Join a flash fiction read telling the tears and frustrations both Luke and Jessie share as she begins to regain his trust and his confidence in her understanding of his needs.

On Becoming His, the first in the trilogy series, introduces you to Jessie and Luke. On Becoming Her Sir, will further delve into their exploration of the lifestyle and the challenges they both must face, both personally and together as a couple. Can they survive the pitfalls to obtain what few ever achieve, the most committed and very powerful of relationships? Only their continued journey will tell…

The journey will never end. It is only the beginning…


Devotion. The one word Jezebel Waters kept hearing play over and over in her mind. Luke Brennan, her lover, her friend and the man who owned her, needed for her to not only understand the meaning, but also fulfill what he considered her obligation. Even after the months they’d shared in what they both called their journey into a D/s lifestyle, she remained a bit uncertain about what he was talking about. There was no doubt in her mind that she loved him, craved him and longed to obey him, but devotion was indeed a complete package. Devotion included giving all of herself to him body and soul without question, which we felt she already had, and the concept meant above all things making him completely happy and sated – and not just with sex either.

She grumbled to herself as she folded the laundry. Luke was a powerful man in every aspect. From his prowess in the bedroom to the way his dark eyes flashed in disappointment. “Whew.” The man took the words strong, controlling and all knowing out for a spin and then some. Fanning her face, she couldn’t help but stop her tedious tasks for just a moment and think about all the reasons she adored the man. From his perfect chocolate laced skin to his dashing midnight eyes, the pouty lips meant for kissing and his long legs. Mmm… was the only way to describe him. Oh and then there was his long, thick cock. He was the most incredible lover she’d ever had in her life.

Exhaling slowly, Jessie returned to her tasks at hand and then glanced at her watch. Somehow she couldn’t get him out of her mind, or the passion they’d shared the night before. There had never been another man who could take her to such heights of extraordinary pleasure. She was hot and wet all over and damn she was horny as hell. When the laundry was folded, she forced another full load into the washing machine, flipped on the switch and checked her watch. Dear God he wasn’t going to be home for hours – long hours.

She licked her lips and glanced out the window into the bright sunshine. Being just a touch naughty wouldn’t hurt, would it? Luke had never forbidden her to pleasure herself. Sir appreciated the way her body was almost desperately hungry for his all the time. Stealing a glance over her shoulder, she slipped her hand into the bodice of her tight summer dress and closed her eyes. As she cupped her breast she moaned slightly and imagined his massive hand caressing, fondling.

Swallowing hard, Jessie flicked her finger back and forth across her nipple and the moment the bud became hard, sensitive to her touch, her legs began to quake. She planted her feet wide apart, easing her other hand between her legs. Crawling the material up just enough, she slipped a single finger into her wet folds as she pinched her nipple, twisting the tender flesh. “Oh…shit.” Sucking her in breath, her finger was coated instantly with her juice, several beads trickling down the inside of her thighs. “My Sir.”

Panting, she dropped her head and swirled the tip of her finger around her clit, excited from the way her body reacted. She was on fire. Easing two fingers inside her pussy, the way her muscles grabbed almost instantly gave her a fit of giggles. What would her Sir say now?


Simply hearing the sensual husk in his voice thrilled her to the point she was quivering with desire, her pussy wet and clenching with need. She’d been caught and was unable to move or even remove her fingers, the damning evidence. Dear God she was shaking. “Sir.”

“I came early to surprise you. I think you’ve surprised me.”

“Sir…I…” What could she say? She heard him coming closer, a soft rustling sound following. Was he undressing? A nervous tick appeared in the corner of her mouth. He’d never caught her doing anything bad or disobeying him. Well, not lately anyway. Not since they’d discussed her contract and what was to be expected of her.

“What is the expression? When the cat’s away?” Luke closed the distance, standing directly behind her, and with one finger he brushed the tip down the side of her face. Leaning down, he followed with a kiss before growling and rubbing his crotch into her ass. “Do I need to remind you that I own you?”

“No, Sir!” Said almost too quickly, Jessie trembled from head to toe.

He grazed his hand down the length of her arm, the touch slightly rough, and further to her waist and thigh. “I think I’m glad I came home to my woman, my sub. I think she needs a reminder of many aspects regarding her obedience. Don’t you, kitty kat?”

Oh God he was testing her, willing her. Breathless with anticipation, she nodded.


“Oh!” The single hard slap on her backside reminded her of so many things. “Yes, Sir!”

“Better. I think you need a maintenance spanking tonight. It’s been awhile. I suppose too many trips out of town has allowed my Jezebel to play a bit too much. We’ll take care of that later.”

“Yes, Sir.” Hanging her head, she knew he was only slightly teasing her.

Luke slipped his hands down her back to her legs, slowly rubbing down to her calves and back up, finally caressing her ass. “I’m hot for you. I’m going to take you right here, hard and fast, reminding you that you are mine. All mine.” Licking across the back of her neck, he growled again. “Spread your legs for me, Jezebel.”

Palming the top of the washing machine, she remained where she was and spread her legs. The moment she felt his hot breath skate across the back of her neck, her pussy quivered. “I’m not wearing any panties, Sir.”

“I know.” Leaning down, Luke brushed his lips over her skin before darting his tongue out, dragging the tip through several salty beads of perspiration. “You don’t have to tell me.”

And yet when he slid his hand beneath the thin cotton of her dress, pressing his palm into her wet heat, she clenched her muscles and groaned. “Oh my Sir.”

“Seems kitty is hungry for cream this afternoon and she’s been playing with herself without permission.”

“Always hungry, Sir. Always and I… Well I…” Dear God she was more than hungry. Was he suddenly angry with her? Her nerves on end, she simply waited to see what he was going to do, anticipation killing her.

Swirling his finger across her sensitive tissue, he nipped the nape of her neck and growled. “I own you and you do only what I tell you to do, when I allow you to. You are here to please me.”

“And I’m devoted to you.” The words slipping out, Jessie was concerned about his reaction. He’d told her never to say the word unless she’d thought about the meaning clearly and given the fact she’d obviously disobeyed some unstated rule, how would he react? When he hesitated, she cringed. Please oh please let him believe me.

Easing back, Luke inhaled deeply as he pushed three fingers deep inside. When he spoke, his voice was barely a whisper. “I know, my Kat. I know. You have my heart.” Tugging back her head, he leaned down, hovering over her until their lips barely touched. “You belong to me and I want you.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her entire body shuddered from the invasion and as he continued thrusting in and out of her pussy, her muscles constricted. The man could drive her wild with barely a single touch. “Oh…Sir…” Closing her eyes, she shifted her ass back, meeting every forceful push with one of her own.

In and out he continued to drive into her cunt as he nipped her neck, biting down until she cried out. He eased back and removed his fingers and in a quick move, yanked the thin dress over her shoulders, pitching the material onto the floor. “Come suck me.”

With no hesitation, Jessie turned and dropped to her knees as she tipped her head, gazing at his face, his sensuous face. Fumbling with his belt and button, she finally maneuvered his zipper down, freeing his already throbbing cock. She loved giving him oral sex and truthfully he never needed to ask her. Almost always when he came home she was waiting for him, on her knees, hungry to suck his cock. This moment was no exception.

“Yes, touch me, suck me. Don’t tease me, Jezebel.”

I so hope you enjoyed and see, isn’t their explosive passion between them?

Kisses   xxx





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  1. You know I can’t wait for this next book. Reading the journey of these two amazing characters as they go on a roller-coaster of their love and bonded connection is so beautiful. With ever story and every flasher you become to tied up with them and their lives. I love it and can’t wait to read it.


  2. Good heavens…THAT was hot as hell.

    Good heavens.

    I think Kitty will learn her lesson and purr as well. 😉


  3. Tonya Kinzer says:

    ….*grinding in my chair, wishing there were more* Soon….we’ll be able to read the rest of the story! You both know we’re waiting, craving….wanting more….whew! Thanks for getting us hot and bothered….truly! Muah! Keep it cumming!


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