Paper or Plastic for Your Dirty Little Lunch?

What – is that an odd question? You know me. I tend to give you all kinds of odd questions. I just can’t help myself. I love my sexy collection called Dirty Little Lunches. They come out once a month and are designed to be quick, down and dirty hot reads. There’s not real plot line other than two or more people who find each other incredibly irresistible. They’re also only a mere $1.99 so the entire little snazzy read is less than the price of a greasy cheeseburger. What could be better? I do everything from same sex to het and menage as well as elements of BDSM and all in around 5,500 words. So… Here’s what’s coming out this Friday – JUST a taste for you to lick and enjoy and then the synopsis of the last one out. I hope you enjoy.



Jared Carter loved modeling. Too bad the gigs didn’t pay the bills. Giving up a lucrative accounting job for his dream he was forced to work as a stocker in a grocery store to pay the bills but he’d do anything to make ends meet. He also had a burning crush for the photographer who’d taken a chance on him barely a year before and the man was offering him a very lucrative opportunity. Devon Shields was sexy, Italian and aloof and there was no doubt Jared would drop to his knees in a heartbeat. Too bad the guy was a jerk and the job meant posing nude. As a chance meeting inside the grocery store turned into a very kinky moment of unbridled desire Jared had to face the truth — he wanted more. But could one heated experience ease his fears for both the man and the photo shoot? Perhaps a dirty little lunch would answer the question.


“Paper or plastic?”

“What?” Jared Carter heard the question but wasn’t certain he cared. Eyeing the email reply boiled his blood. Why the hell was the damn photographer edgy and damn kinky too? He’d been working with the man on and off for over a year since he’d changed professions and right now he wasn’t certain he’d made the right decision. What more did the man want from him?

“Earth to brooding man. Your bagboy asked you a question.”

“My bagboy?” Turning his head slightly Jared narrowed his eyes as he gazed at Samuel Baker, his best friend and sometimes lover. “Sorry. Just in a pissy mood. Paper is fine, Michael.”

“Sure and I prefer grocery associate,” the bagboy snarled and gave Samuel a nasty look as he jerked out a brown paper bag.

Samuel burst into laughter. “Pissy isn’t the world for it. Shit. You’re getting on everybody’s nerves including mine. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Just the damn photo shoots lately. I’m getting tired of being boy wonder to a brooding photographer,” Jared sighed as he slapped his phone back in the holster.

“You don’t fool me. You crave getting in the man’s pants and you know it,” Samuel chortled as he grabbed the bag of groceries. “Hell, I wouldn’t mind. The guy is sexy and all tall, dark and hunky and whew… You know I have a thing for Italian Stallions.”

“Then you do him.” Tugging out his wallet Jared resisted giving Samuel the finger. Seeing the rather disgusted look on the young bag boy – grocery associate’s face he sighed and tossed several bills toward the cashier. Michael was new to the store and had expressed his dislike of Jared’s tastes from day one. “And you don’t know Devon. He’s a harsh task master.”

“You giving me permission?” Samuel teased.

Jared shrugged. “What do I care?”

“What’s wrong with him? Does he have horns or something?”

“No but he’s very…testy. He likes things a certain way.”

“And you don’t? Come on, man. Take a chance. You’ve told me he’s asked you out more than once. Why not give it a try? If you tell me it’s because you’re holding out for the right man I’m going to slap you. There is no right man,” Samuel snorted.

“I believe in love at first sight.” Like hell he did. After two tumultuous relationships in which he’d allowed his libido to get in the way Jared wasn’t going to have the thought of fucking only the hottest…sexiest…man on the face of the…earth. Grabbing the Cokes he sauntered toward the exit. He simply wanted to ease down onto a park bench and eat his salad for lunch in relative piece. After all, he had to get back inside in less than an hour to stock the shelves. Modeling had yet to pay all the bills and he refused to go back to the practice of accounting.

“You’re pathetic.”


Bailey Marks has had it with men. Between her ex hungering for another man and the mysterious masked hunk almost dragging her into a moment of seduction, she’d given up on trying. She also hungered for a different lifestyle, one including submitting to a Dom. But that was never going to happen. After all, everyone wanted a Barbie doll, right? So she buried herself in her work.

Her best friend and the man who knew all her dark secrets had other thoughts in mind and introduced her to a trained Dom. Too bad Chance Gifford was the conniving and two timing asshole from the masquerade party. But looks could be deceiving. When Bailey was forced to face the truth, she was inspired to develop a plan and a dirty little lunch was in the making.

What do you think? getting a little hot and bothered purr-haps?

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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