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I have a very special guest on today and she has what I think is the most interesting Quiz I’ve seen to date. This lady is an awesome friend and grown to adore her and her works so please give a warm welcome to…


In my novella LITRIA the mayor of Layneworth, before his untimely demise, preached to beware of werewolves, and few believed him. Litria is not about werewolves, but the beautiful creatures have always fascinated me. Do you know your werewolf?

True or False

1. If you are bitten by a werewolf, you won’t become a werewolf.

2. A werewolf protection kit should include symbols of Christianity – a cross, holy water and the Bible.

3. The best way to kill a werewolf is to cut its head off.

4. A person can shift into a werewolf at will.

5. Silver, alone, kills werewolves.


1. False – A werewolf bite will turn you into a werewolf. The bite needs to be a strong one with the saliva mixed in with your blood.

2. False – Crosses and holy water and a Bible do absolutely nothing to harm a werewolf.

3. True – As reported at Shapeshifters and Werewolves (http://www.squidoo.com/ShiftersAndWerewolves), “A werewolf can be killed by any wound that completely destroys the heart or the brain, but decapitation is the most effective way.”

4. True – According to Werewolf Facts (http://ajhargrove.hubpages.com/hub/Werewolf-Facts), “Depending on the person, he can transform at a variety of times. He may do it: at night, at will, during a full moon, or when he is extremely emotional or stressed.”

5. False – Silver alone will not kill a werewolf. A bullet can kill a werewolf, but it doesn’t matter if the bullet is silver or not.


LITRIA starts off THE M SERIES is an exciting new series of novellas by Jolie du Pre chronicling the Buscetto family, their deeds, and their victims.

LITRIA is available NOW at!

Logical-Lust (http://www.logical-lust.com/litria.html)

Also at:

Amazon (http://www.tinyurl.com/litria-out-now)

Who ís lurking in Layneworth?

Are the Buscettos a charming family who live in a nice house?

Not quite.

The Buscettos look human, but theyíre not human. Theyíre Zxxtergins, a type of little-known monster who has roamed the Earth since the fifth century. The youngest Buscetto, beautiful eighteen-year-old Litria, is in search of gorgeous females for sex, followed by food. Her nightly behavior wrecks havoc, causing her family to fear exposure and resulting in grave concern, extra work, and late nights for Layneworth detectives.

When nude and mutilated dead women appear, almost daily, across Layneworth, Detective Brenda Martin, and her partner Robert Moretti, are on the case. The mayor, before his untimely demise, preached to beware of werewolves, and few believed him. But as the killings increase, Brenda thinks she may have more than just a serial killer on her hands. Will Brenda discover the true monsters, and what happens if she does?

Thank you for visiting STOP 8 of the LITRIA BLOG TOUR (http://www.preciousmonsters.com/2012/07/litria-blog-tour-coming-august-2012.html). Leave a comment to be entered in a contest to win a Name Your Poison shot glass.

The next stop is August 20 at the blog of Sapphire Phelan (http://sapphirephelanspassioncorner.blogspot.com/)

Thank you so much for being here and you know I love my creatures of the night!

Kisses   xxx


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