Love is Love – Interracial Style

You know I love writing interracial pieces – always have and this includes multi-cultural as well. Here are three pieces I am very proud of and I hope you enjoy. Again, for the HUGE Rebel Ink Press two year anniversary celebration – all of our titles (including the wicked girl’s) is 25% off at All Romance E Books. I’ll put the purchase links on the bottom for you in case you’d like to indulge…


How far would you go to save your company from closing, perhaps finding inspiration in a naughty elevator ride?


Jessica Brown had a daunting task, save her failing company, Dreams for Your Future Advertising. Unfortunately she had one shot to do it. Delicious Foods had tapped her small company for a campaign for the hottest selling condiment in America,
Peach Bliss. The only trouble? She hated the sticky mess and had no slogan. As she ventured into the office one early morning, her fantasy man, and one she had never been able to approach, stood between her and the elevator, tempting her. Eric Gammon was chocolate in flavor and a sculpted God. He also was responsible for the maintenance on her office building and unattainable. Or was he?

Against all rationality, she blurted out her feelings. Stunned, he followed her into the lonely elevator and stopped its movement. Trapped, they explored a taste of their combined pent up desires and planned for the future. Using Eric to experiment exactly what the dazzling syrup could be used on, she garnered a wicked idea. Re-energized, Jessica tackled the account with flair. Everything was going smoothly until she realized that Eric’s ex, Stella, was none other than a top executive of Delicious Foods. Undaunted, she was more than ready for the tempting presentation involving an over heated room, some melting ice cream and a bit of the bubbly. That is until she realized Eric had lied and was going back to Stella. Crushed, she rallied and won the contract easily, but had she lost the man of her dreams?


Eric hesitated for a moment as if he was unsure what to do next and then he spoke, his voice suddenly full of angst. “I’m going to kiss you now. Is that all right?”

Hell yeah it’s freaking all right. It’s better than all right. There went the damn bobble head again. As he embraced her, capturing her mouth with his own, Jessica closed her eyes and let her world fade to black.

Eric cupped her face with his hands and held her gently as he pressed his tongue past her lips, exploring her mouth, their tongues entwining. Inching against her body, he moved back and forth across her hips.

Every cell in Jessica stood at attention and tingled from feeling Eric’s thick cock press against her belly. The kiss was quite possibly the most passionate and sensual french kiss Jessica had ever experienced. The taste of Eric was a luscious mixture of tangerines and plums. She shivered as he explored the dark reaches of her mouth with his tongue and fought a whimper with every soft touch.

He slid his hands down her back as he pressed his body into hers, forcing her against the back wall.

Their heated bodies melded together perfectly and Eric’s hands felt incredible cupping her ass, kneading vigorously. Their tongues entwined, tasting and sipping and their thirst for each other unable to be contained. Unable to hold back, a moan escaped Jessica’s mouth.

Eric broke the kiss to nibble Jessica’s lower lip, tipping her head back as far as the steel enclosure would allow. “Jessica.”

Hearing the whisper of her name brush across the heat of her skin sent trembles down her body. Eric’s erection was thick and hard against her belly and she could smell their combined arousal, ripe and intoxicating. He licked circles down her neck and to the edge of her collarbone. Jessica fought strangled whimpers with Eric’s every touch. His musky aroma filled her senses and sent pulses of shattering heat into her pussy, soaking her already drenched panties.

Eric sliced a long lick into the swell of her breasts before he eased back and gave her a seductive smile, placing both of his hands on the wall beside her. “You taste so sweet.”

Jessica feathered her hand up his chest, massaging him with ginger fingers until she brushed her thumb across his full lips. “And you’re…amazing.” She couldn’t find the words as their eyes locked for a moment and each seemed to realize they were starting something perhaps a bit dangerous. Jessica tilted her head and brushed her lips across his, teasing him.

“Ummm…careful girl.”

Careful? Oh no. Every part of her being screamed to have Eric’s thick cock inside her pushing her to limits she’d never known existed for her. She snaked her arms around his waist, a pool of blatant lust. She wanted to be the girl she’d always dreamed of, the wild and uninhibited one.

As he crushed her mouth with his, Eric groaned wildly, the savage noise reverberating throughout the dense space. His hands tumbled over her hair, his fingers entwining in her long locks. His hoarse grunts coursed through the intense kiss.

Just when Jessica thought she couldn’t take anymore, Eric’s nimble fingers found their way under her soft red dress. He kneaded her lacy panties and fingered the edge of the elastic. Breaking their kiss, he sighed into her and pressed the length of his throbbing shaft into her quivering body. “Jessica, you’re so beautiful, so damn sexy. I want to taste more.”

Hearing his words stunned her. Taking her hand, Eric pressed it over his cock. Just feeling how massive his shaft was almost dropped Jessica to her knees. She nearly melted into him and she feared being able to stand any longer. She longed to take his cock into her mouth and suckle him with fervor, but feared she’d lose what was left of her sanity.

Eric cupped her breast, caressing her tender skin as he flicked his thumb back and forth. As he pinched her tight nipples through the fabric, Jessica heard him whisper. “I want to make love with you.”

What? Oh sweet Jesus! “Ooohhhh…Eric…” A fire ripped through Jessica’s body forcing her to strain against his as she wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him closer. As his cock pressed sensuously back and forth across her tummy, she moaned, relishing in the scintillating ripples of current.

“Yes, baby?”

Jessica opened her mouth to express her burning desire but her breath was caught in her throat.

Eric feathered kisses across her cheek and down to the edge of her chin, allowing his tongue to dart licks across the pulse of her neck. “Do you want something?”


“Tell me.”

“I want…I want you.”

Her words encouraged him and he slipped his hand between the material of the dress and her lacy bra. “You’re so sexy.”

Jessica’s fingers clawed his arms as the trickle of fear fluttered through her mind. “Eric.”

“Shhh…” Undaunted, he found his way past the sliver of lace to her breast, feathering his long fingers back and forth across her tingling nipple until it became diamond hard.

“Oh yes…Eric.” She closed her eyes and felt her legs tremble as every part of her flesh ached from need.

“So hot, baby.”


Eric moved back from the kiss and stared down at her with hazy eyes and Jessica responded by grinding her hips into his. In her mind she knew she should make him stop if for no other reason than they were in an elevator, but it wasn’t every day fantasies came to life. How could she dare stop this? Her heart racing, Jessica snaked her hand across the broad width of his chest, admiring his hard physique.




Anastasia Rathbone has the craziest friends in the world. Each very accomplished, these women relish games of the heart. One sultry afternoon they gather for a bridal shower complete with a wicked contest to tempt their sinful hungers…Spin the Wheel of Lust. The fantasy each woman lands on is either ripped from the headlines or nothing more than someone’s wanton desire. And such a fun filled romp is just what Stacy needs after her long time, conservative boyfriend recently dumped her for a younger version.

The first woman successful in fulfilling the game requirements gets to pen a story for the bride’s publishing house. Stacy’s fated selection? Find two island men on her vacation in St. Maartin that speak no English and perform the art of submission.

One moonlit night, two French dreamboats in dark chocolate and mocha flavorings and a naughty tryst of sex and domination later, Stacy and her lovers find themselves at a boiling point. The trouble is, they barely know each other’s first names. When the saucy event comes to an end, Stacy’s men pull away, a heavy dose of deception of their own threatening their happiness. But a plane ride, an overheard conversation and some intense sleuthing finally brings them together and their sizzling story becomes an overnight success.


She sighed and milled back through the crowd trying to control her ragged breathing. Thoughts racing through her mind, she stood at the railing for a moment and somehow the lagoon became too inviting. Easing her way down the rocky stairs carefully, she stood in front of the most beautiful darkened enclave of flowing water she had ever laid her eyes on. The iridescent water was accentuated by the luminescent lighting but she imagined the way a natural lagoon would look as the wind lapped under a crystal blue sky. The shimmering movement of the waterfall splayed a fine mist of dancing beads that reached her polished toes and for a delicious moment, she was lost in the carnal scene wanting to find the gorgeous chocolate laced man who was nothing but white-hot and stunning. Stacy stood in the same spot as her mysterious dark stranger and sighed. Fantasies were a wonderful thing and they never lied to you.

The wild noises of the crowd above her were drowned out by the wicked thoughts racing through her mind as Stacy stood quietly sipping her wine. There were no sounds indicating anything was amiss. No tell tale indications that told her someone had approached. Yet she knew they had. He had. Her entire body tingled sensing his presence behind her. Her mystery man was waiting as if willing her to glance but yet, not to see him until he was ready. The rush of a heightened breeze blew the silky strands of her hair around her tense shoulders and at that very moment she caught a whiff of his sultry scent. The cologne was exotic and bold, spicy yet sweet. Stunned by the way her pussy tingled, she breathed in deeply. Every part of her was desperate to turn around yet she held her ground. Her nipples scraped against the thin material of her dress causing a whimper to escape from her pursed mouth. Oh dear God, she was hot and horny all over.

He made the first move, gliding toward her. Every movement was powered with masculine sensuality. As the hint of his fingers touched the side of her face gently, he allowed a single breath to dance across her neck. Brushing the strands of her hair from her mouth, he whispered a few words of French, the timbre low and husky and laced with desire.

Stacy felt a series of cascading sensations shimmer across her skin as she held her breath. She need not see the man to know what she wanted and what her ravenous mind could already envision. She wanted him, every sweet lick of him, and there was no doubt she craved the taste and feel of his carved body against her breasts and the edge of his cock slicing into her ass. And she could just imagine his hands brushing down her from her long neck to the swell of her breasts as he licked the edge of her chin. Every part of her body shuddered and she knew damn good and well he felt her burning desire and could sense the rush of moisture between her legs. The wafting scent of female sex and need, blatant with wild hunger, forced shivers down her spine.

As his fingers danced over her shoulders, she sighed. Delicate and soft in his motions, he glided his fingertips down to her forearms and hands. Without saying a word he removed the glass and she had no idea what he did with the cheap crystal. Nor did she care. Her mind was frozen as their fingers entwined together, the hold secure as if they knew each other. This was a lover’s touch that no doubt meant both wanted so many things and could easily sense what they could have together.

Stacy shivered against him and his body moved to brush against hers, softly at first, easing his frame into her back. Melding his desires with hers, he sighed and pressed a single kiss across the shimmer of her cheek. A ragged whimper left her mouth and she closed her eyes allowing the feel of his muscular chiseled body to sizzle every nerve. His throbbing cock hit the small of her back, thick and hard. Her mouth was completely dry from the mere thought of touching him, tasting him. Dear God. What was wrong with her? A dark mysterious stranger was turning her on to the point of instant combustion. Her behavior was ridiculous. Dangerous.

His rough hewn hands moved ever so slowly to the front of her quivering legs and he tugged at the hem of her silky dress. His fingers caressed her inner thighs delicately, as if whispers of things to come and secret desires to fulfill. Stacy whimpered and placed her fingers over his. Her actions were tentative and afraid, yet intrigued. They stood molded together for a moment until he moved his head down to nuzzle her neck. His hot breath cast a sliver of heat against her chin. His mouth and darting tongue savored the rich taste of her skin, nipping and licking gently. Soft lips brushed over her shoulder ever so lightly, gentle and yet commanding in his sense of urgency.

Stacy was locked in the passion of the moment but she had to see him, her secret lover. “Who are you?” The whisper so light, the wind carried it away.

He kissed her neck with soft feathers and glazed his tongue down to her shoulder, dipping to taste her flesh. Suckling the soft spot on the base of her neck, he chuckled with a sultry bass and moved his hands to her hips. Turning her around slowly, he moved his hands to cup her ass and gently guided her hips into his, his erection straining to be released.

“Oh my,” Stacy gasped softly as she finally glanced at her fantasy man. A God stood in front of her. The stunning chocolate delight was the sexy man from before and yet he was so much more breathtaking. Blinking furiously, she realized he was the mystery lover who’d entered her wet dreams and fantasies every night. Towering over her, the white shirt couldn’t hide his muscular frame. She marveled in his broad shoulders and a carved chest, a slender waist and long legs. Everything about his physique screamed athlete and she licked her lips in blatant desire. And then there was his face, perfect and chiseled in the creamiest shade of dark chocolate. His sensuous features said nothing but model with his high cheekbones and luscious skin the color of rich mahogany mocha. His midnight eyes were dazzling in warmth and something else…lust. His full lips were made for kissing in long sensuous hours of nothing other than lying together, exploring each other.

He pressed her back away from the heat of his body only long enough to cast his eyes down the length of her body and back, hovering over her breasts and finally slicing a lust filled glance into her eyes. His smile told her one thing very clearly. I want you. “Tu es beau,” he whispered.

Stacy’s eyes were marred from the showers of vibrant light that danced across her vision, casting a warm glow. French. He was French. Holy shit! She knew she’d died and gone to heaven. While she knew very little in French and only a few in Spanish, she understood the word beautiful. Pursing her lips, she exhales slowly. “You are…gorgeous.”

He seemed to understand and a sparkling smile lit his entire face.

How she wanted to brush her hands through his braided hair in long sensuous movements as she kissed his full ruby lips. How can I be thinking this way?

He lowered his head to her face and as his lips brushed against hers in such a sensuous and hungry manner, they both sighed. Stacy melted completely into his body and wrapped her arms around his neck. His kiss was a sensuous breath at first and then his need to taste her overcame his gentle demeanor. Soft whispers of a combined hunger shadowed their movement as they stared through the darkness until neither could take any more. He crushed her mouth with his, parting her lips with his tongue, exploring her mouth. Drinking in her taste, he purred and she was lost in the man.

Stacy couldn’t get enough of his mouth, his lips. The feel of his heated skin against hers fueled her fire and sizzled her quivering cunt to the point she was terrified she would fall to the ground. Her mind tried to rationalize her needs. She wanted this man like she had no other. As his hands roamed her lower back and his firm fingers kneaded her buttocks, she closed her eyes and allowed the fantasy to come alive.

He broke the kiss and whispered, his tone a husky velvet glove. “Je te veux.” Waiting for a mere moment as if to see if she understood, he gently took her hand in his, kissing her fingers with a soft caress.

She didn’t need to understand the language to know what he had said to her. I want you. Shuddering, she knew somehow she’d accept his request. Are you out of your mind?

He pulled her gingerly along the barely illuminated stone path toward the waterfall under the moonlit sky and guided her behind the splashing water. The dimly lit cavern glowed from the sliver of the moon and pulsed from the dancing waters. The darkly shadowed alcove was directly out of her dreams, a secret cubbyhole to ignite their fire of passion.

Stacy shivered from every touch, every stolen glance and yet as the rational voice in the back of her mind was screaming no, it was the instinct, the desire that reminded her that she was very much a woman. Whether the mysterious stranger was dark and dangerous, her decision was firm. Without second guessing, she gave into temptation.

His body pressed against hers for a quiet moment of blissful temptation, telling her exactly what he wanted, what he hungered for. There was no doubt that he was going to take her roughly and as he thrust her body hard against the hard cold rock, he grazed the length of his hardness into her belly, reminding her that he was all male. The smile became a sinful dance of desire, waiting, yet his breath cascaded down across her cheeks as he whispered words of longing.

He was asking to become her lover, her midnight fantasy.

Stacy swallowed hard and as every rational thought about the insanity of being alone with a mysterious enchanting stranger flowed threw her mind, she threw it all away and hungered for more. She craved the man with the stunning mocha skin more than she had any other lover. Her pussy fluttered with an insane desire, an irrational need and a burning wildfire of electric current that had to be sated. Nodding, she palmed his chest. “Please.”



It was cowboy country in Colorado and while Julia Barnes loved her new home she had a job to do and one that would expose several prominent members of the protected ranching community. Several of the ranchers were selling their souls to the devil and allowing their cattle to be slaughtered for scientific experiments while they hid behind their laurels. She was incensed and her expose would surely stop the horrendous actions. Meeting the main suspect wasn’t what she’d expected and when she and the infamous Tray Masters had an intimate moment Julia was furious. It didn’t matter her best friend wanted the two of them together. Tray was the enemy.


Unfortunately someone wanted Julia dead. Threats had been coming for weeks but when they escalated to the point she was forced to turn to her sworn enemy for help she was left rattled. What neither of them knew was that there was a master plan in the making and one they had no control over. With the help of Tray’s best friend and the lawman in town, Steven Sanders, they were able to slip into hiding but both men held a terrible secret and one that threatened not only their livelihood but their very lives. Amidst a backdrop of lies and deceit Julia was faced with her ultimate enemy. As the three raced to find answers after finding a level of passion none of them realized, they were forced to face several ugly truths. In the end too many lives would be lost. Could they save each other or succumb to the madman who held the key to a tragic past?



Julia sipped her second glass of wine as she out the kitchen window eyeing the crowd. The party would soon be in full swing and she was standing frozen like a long lost schoolgirl. “All right girl time to stop being a wall flower.” She gathered her courage to meet and greet the world. Given her self-imposed work schedule she’d only been to one of Betsy’s parties before and that one had been tame but had heard about the normal debauchery through Betsy herself. A wild woman, Betsy didn’t care if her guests had sex on the front lawn. That naughty secret had caught her completely by surprise. Betsy had even hired male strippers for her girlfriends that included active groping and something Betsy called saucy…go figure. Betsy even sold sex toys occasionally. Julia hadn’t known that wicked side of her friend until she came into town.

Not that she cared or was a prude at all. Julia loved sex. Craved it. She needed it and even owned a vibrator but she wasn’t sure she was into public displays or voyeurism. Tonight’s party was simply a friendly barbeque on a spectacular cool summer afternoon into evening, or so she hoped. She sat down her wine and closed her eyes, willing herself to leave the kitchen and go into the crowd. “You can do this.” Turning around quickly she headed blindly out the kitchen door.

And straight into a hard body instantly happy to see her.

“Well, well. Look what we have here.” His ice blue eyes flecked sexuality and longing. His smile was nothing but naughty little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Julia tried to remember how to breathe as she stared up at his newly shaved perfectly gorgeous sex on wheels face. Holy shit. Here we go again. Not once but twice in one day. Her eyes darted down from his carved muscular body to the tightest set of jeans she had ever seen and the open shirt exposing the most sensuous pair of abs she’d ever laid eyes on. Yes, indeedy. He was one tall bubbling glass of champagne that she wanted to sip until he was consumed. Oh he was hot and she was bothered. “You!” Was that the best she could do?

Tray chuckled, his eyes flicking in appreciation as the heat filtered around her face and the flush ran down her neck. He blazed a sensuous trail down from her eyes to the swell of her breasts and down to the long slit in her dress. As he finally eased them back up he breathed in deeply. “My, My woman, you could take the breath away from any man. Even your sultry scent makes me a bit crazy with desire but then that’s what you were going for, wasn’t it – vixen in heat?” Tray sighed, his chest heaving and blinked several times as he licked his lips seductively.

“Vixen in heat?” Her anger rising she swallowed hard and resisted slapping him. And then he flashed a grin boyish with just a hint of anticipation and longing. Julia almost melted.

“See something you like, Princess?”

“Princess?” Oh, he could so boil her blood. Hissing, she fought to regain any level of control yet failed miserably. Julia swallowed and stared at his crotch. Through the thin material of her sexy red and now too revealing dress, she could tell her nipples hardening instantly as her chest rose and fell as if on fire. Hmmm…from him or her distaste? Was he actually getting hard? Yep. He was. His bulging erection was easy to see through the dense fabric. It took everything she had not to reach out and grab his groin and feel all that yummy hardness through those exquisite skin-tight jeans. She heard a low moan escape her lips before she could stop it. Somehow her hand ended up palming his chest.

Before she knew it, his hand laid on top of hers instantly pulling her delicate fingers to his mouth. He laid a feathery kiss against the palm of her hand and with slow and sensuous motions began sucking one finger after the other, sending shivers racing down her back.

A tiny whimper bubbled at her mouth as he gazed into his twinkling eyes and was unable to breathe. Lord, the man was hot as hell. Julia could feel the last vestiges of her will power slipping away, succumbing to his passionate touches.

Tray reached out and grabbed her roughly. Jerking her body to his, he pulled her hair back with one hand and cupped her buttocks with the other. With one powerful motion he crushed her mouth with his and his tongue parted her lips easily but not gently. The kiss was hot and wet and filled with a hint of danger. He explored and drank the very taste of her as his hands kneaded her ass. Pushing her into the counter, he ground his erection into her belly.

Julia had never felt such instant heat vibrate throughout her entire body. She was on fire and the man was kissing her so vigorously that she felt the nip of his teeth on her tongue and the crazed action was driving her completely insane. Her own body betrayed her and she grazed her hands around his back, feeling his hard muscles through the silky shirt, caressing and stroking. God the utter touch of him was wonderful. Her fingers danced down every carved muscle to his small of his back and with a crazed abandon she didn’t know existed within her, her hands brushed down his tight ass. The mere touch of his hard body prickled her very heat, dazzling her mind with possibilities. Oh dear God how she wanted him inside her. Her pussy trickled juice her tiny lace thong as her nipples instantly swelled, hardening to the point of anguish.

The kiss took another turn and he broke it long enough to nuzzle down the side of her chin and lick his way down to the edge of her collarbone. He eased the fringe of her dress down past her shoulder. Licking and nipping, he slid the side down until the tip of her pink and swollen areola could be seen. “Sweet Jesus.” His voice was barely a whisper, hoarse and laced with lust. And as if the party didn’t exist around them, his mouth fell to her breast and he consumed her diamond hard nipple. Licking and laving first one and then the other, his huge hands cupped her breasts, squeezing and pinching, assaulting her tender flesh while she moaned and writhed in his hands.

Julia threw her head back and whimpered. Somewhere in her clouded mind she knew this was very wrong, but everything about his passionate embrace screamed so very right. She could feel his massive erection beating against her belly and she was as wet as he was hard. Now with wild abandon she tugged at his button fly, desperate to see all of him, but the angle was off. He was in total control.

Tray moved his hand to cup her ass, drawing her more tightly into his body and the dress fell further allowing him to stare at the sun kissed glow of her skin. Salty beads of perspiration formed tiny pools around the soft v of her chest. He licked his lips and grunted. “God you’re beautiful.” Easing his legs between hers, he kicked them apart as he glanced into her eyes. His other calloused hand moved under her dress, tickling the soft flesh of her legs. Inching slowly and softly, he caressed her skin until he reached the inner heat of her thigh. Gently his thumb traced a small circle over he softest portion of her skin as she quivered in his hands.

Julia felt every sensation in her body floating into another world. The man had the touch of a God and she never wanted anything so much in her life. “Oh. Ooooohhhhh…” She moaned as his fingers reached the lace of her panties, hovering over her, cupping her quivering mound. She was dripping from his touch, her juices threatening to trickle down her shaking legs. Her pussy was clenched so tightly she knew she’d cum instantly if he touched her most private area. But oh how she wanted him to. Oh yes, damn the rest of the world she wanted his touch. She’d never wanted anything so much in her twenty-eight years of life.

Getting a little hot in here?

Kisses   xxx



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