Sexy Men and m/m Romance – Love is Love PERIOD

Good morning and just a reminder that we’re still celebrating Rebel Ink Press’ big TWO year anniversary or birthday. In honor of that all of our titles at ARe (All Romance e-books) are 25% off through today so grab a copy or ten!  LOL

I have been taking you down memory lane so here is another batch and these are all m/m. When I started writing in this genre neither did I realize how popular it is or just how controversial it remains. I can honestly tell you my m/m pieces are my best sellers and some people tell me I write the emotion beautifully. I like writing gritty and heart wrenching pieces normally. Here’s are the first three and their purchase links at the bottom so see what you think…


Dark secrets and lies…could two lovers survive?


Tony Dartanion relished his life but he kept his private life hidden from the majority of the world. A decorated detective in the grittiest precinct in the Philadelphia police department, he was hungry to make Captain and willing to do almost anything. Unfortunately the old boy’s school had a don’t ask, don’t tell policy that enraged him and yet he kept his sexual appetites concealed. The boys in blue believed that he was a card-carrying man that desired all things in a skirt and stilettos. The truth was that he was in love with a man and one that he barely acknowledged outside of their bedroom. Caelen Tomlin was tired of being a dirty little secret.

In the beginning they had savored a highly erotic relationship and now, they were barely more than friends. Realizing he was going to lose the golden haired model if he didn’t change his ways, he planned a naughty event to entice Caelen and remind him of exactly why they were together. Sealed With a Kiss was a scandalous secluded club that catered to all things kinky and Tony was determined to fulfill every fantasy his lover craved and change his ridiculous ways. Unforgiving, Caelen refused to accept and Tony was forced to make an excruciating choice.


“Why exactly are we here again?” Caelen Tomlin asked, grabbing the door handle.

“It’s called going out,” Tony Dartantion chuckled, yet he knew exactly why Caelen was apprehensive. He had been nothing more than a brooding and very boring life partner for months.

“That’s what I’m talking about. We never go out.”

“I told you, that’s changing.” One way or the other their stilted relationship had to.

“We’ll see,” Caelen huffed and crawled out of the car.

Tony climbed out of his corvette and inhaled deeply, smelling the sweet scent of Italian food and the stale stench of the inner city. While he loved living in Philly, the bowels of his hometown were gritty and dirty. For some reason Caelen continued to stay with Tony while he stuck his head further into the sand, denying who he really was. But now Tony knew the truth. He was going to lose his lover if he didn’t rid himself of the ugly demons. “I want to start going out like we used to.”

Caelen sniffed and shook his head. “Okay. If you’re sure you can handle anyone seeing us together. I’m your dirty little secret. The one you keep tucked away. You know, that delicious little game you like to play in the dark recesses of our home.”

Ouch! The dagger hurt but was more than justified. Game? That was more than true. They’d been playing more than one game since the day they got together. Opening and closing his fists, Tony fought a retort because Caelen was indeed nothing more than a boy toy Tony kept hidden away. Tony sucked in his breath and eyed his lover of eighteen months who was dressed to kill. Blazing a trail down the length of the sun kissed blond, Tony savored the way the leather pants fit Caelen’s form, accentuating his small waist, chiseled hipbones and the delicious bulge throbbing between his legs. He had to admit the candy-coated treat was nothing short of spectacular. Licking his lips, Tony brushed his hand through his long midnight hair and sighed. What Caelen didn’t now was that tonight was going to be dazzling. At least that’s what Tony was praying for anyway. “Look…I want to apologize.”

“Apologize for what?”

“For being a dumb son of a bitch who’s taken you for granted. That’s for what.”

Caelen gritted his teeth but said nothing.

Hey, I heard we have some faggots in the department.” His chortled laugh flowed down the crowded hall. The overweight detective preened, sniffing as he eyed the beat cops, his look full of disdain. Grabbing his hat, he nodded toward the second man and slammed the locked door.

     ‘Faggots? Not in this precinct!’ The second detective barked, as they strolled down the hall. If we do, they better keep their shit to themselves.

     ‘Yeah, but we could have fun with them!”

     The second man burst out laughing. “You mean just like we did with those boys last year? I tell you what, that was fun.”

     “Don’t think they’ll ever look at fucking in the ass the same way again!”

Tony cringed. He’d been a fly on the wall that day and yet the words burned into the distant recesses of his mind. Being a top ranked police detective had its perks and its issues. It was an old boy’s school and times weren’t changing rapidly enough for anyone that lived an alternative lifestyles. Everyone thought Tony was a burly man that hungered for pussy. Married when he joined the force, he spent many days cruising bars with guys, drinking beer and whistling at pretty girls. He’d been lying to himself then and Tony realized he was doing it all over again as he stood staring at the crisp  note Caelen had left him two weeks prior. Tony was one sorry sack of shit. “You okay with this?”

“Going out?” Caelen sliced him a cautious look and gazed around at the dark buildings.

“Yeah. I know I haven’t been into it much lately.”

“Look Tony, I understand what you’ve been going through. In my career, I don’t have to deal with the kind of caustic problems surrounding Being gay that you do. I get why you’re hiding.”

No, he really couldn’t get it. Tony never talked about the gay bashing he heard every day. Caelen didn’t need to hear that bullshit, especially when he was more than comfortable with his sexuality. “Yeah, but I haven’t been fair to you,” Tony grimaced, knowing he’d been a shit. Granted, Caelen realized being a detective in a murder-riddled precinct in the middle of Philadelphia was tough enough as it was. Throw in the fact that Tony was gay and he’d learned through more than one series of hard knocks that you didn’t actively promote that little fact and it was no wonder he’d been pushed into denial. If Tony had any hopes of making Captain, something he’d applied for more than once, then he had to be careful regarding every aspect of his behavior. The powers that be scrutinized everything. While he admonished his actions in hiding the fact he craved men and knew Caelen deserved more than just a secret play thing Tony kept behind closed doors, truth was Tony had simply fallen into a trap of his own making.

Caelen smiled. “It’s okay. I’ve been busy with work anyway.”

Tony walked around the car and brushed his finger across the shimmer of Caelen’s cheek, drinking in his exotic fragrance. “I want everything about our relationship the way it used to be.”

“I don’t know if it can be, Tony.” Caelen pulled away.

Tony swallowed hard and stole a glance at the sprawling brick building, remembering the first few months together when he was exploring his newfound sexuality. There was nothing they hadn’t tried, no kinky experiences they hadn’t explored. But one outright threat to his career and he’d refused to flaunt their relationship. Why had Tony hidden that from Caelen, he’d never know, but he’d wrapped a shell around him and refused to come out. “I’m going to try.”

“If you’re sure.”

Tony was more than sure. Tonight his ridiculous behavior was going to change. He was a damn good carpenter and would start his own construction firm if he had to. He knew exactly what Caelen yearned to taste. Fighting back a grin, Tony eyed his lover and realized he was hungrier than he’d ever been. It was time to throw all his inhibitions to the wind. He was going play hard tonight and remind Caelen why they’d been attracted to each other in the first place. “Mmmm…”

“The way you’re looking at me tonight screams that you’re very thirsty indeed,” Caelen cooed as he turned to face Tony, throwing his long hair back with a dramatic flair.

“Can’t pass anything by you, now can I?” Tony laughed, shaking his head.

“You’re insatiable.”

“And in control.”

Caelen gave him a mischievous gaze and shook his head. “Old argument. I’m in charge.” Pointing his finger, he swayed his hips back and forth. “Not only do you know it, you crave for me to take you over my knees to spank that Italian Stallion ass of yours. Whew, getting a little steamy out here.”

“I suggest you not tease me tonight or you will pay.” Yet Caelen was right. The decision about who was the top in the relationship had been an old argument since they’d gotten together. Sparring was the last spark in their wicked tryst.

“Are you man enough to take me?”

“You’re on fire tonight and don’t push me cause I’m gonna push back.” Tony hadn’t even been looking for a steady guy in his bed. Hell, he’d been just coming to terms with the fact that he embraced being gay and then Caelen Tomlin walked into his life.  The stunning cover model, dancer and aspiring actor was nothing short of perfection. Tony fought the possibilities then, knowing what he was going to have to face around the guys. So the two men toyed around getting together for three solid months, playing a sizzling cat and mouse game long enough for Tony to check Caelen out thoroughly. Perks of the career. Caelen was clean, he came from a good family and smokin hot. Standing six foot three with perfectly toned muscles, long shaggy blond hair and the most dazzling emerald green eyes Tony had ever seen on a man, Tony salivated thinking back to their first meeting.

And their first hard fuck. Inhaling deeply, Tony could almost smell the scent of the Italian restaurant from their first date. By the time they finished a bottle of wine, they were so damn hot for each other Tony dragged Caelen into the alley.

You want me?” Tony hissed, licking his lips.

    “The question is, can you handle me?” Caelen preened, sliding his hands down his chest, teasing. Inviting.

     “I suggest you come here.”

     “Or what?”

     Tony eyed him casually, contemplating. Taking a long stride, he jerked the sexy blond to his chest, crushing his mouth as he cupped his chiseled ass. Forcing his tongue to the back of his throat, Tony tasted the sweet essence of spiced rum as his cock swelled. Then Tony pushed him hard against the brick wall and broke the wicked moment of passion, staring at Caelen wild eyed. “I’m going to fuck you.”

     Caelen panted and glided both hands down Tony’s chest to stroke his cock. “Why don’t I fuck you first?”

     “You’ll get your chance later.” Taking a step back, Tony unfastened his skin-tight jeans and nodded to him. “Better get ready or I won’t be gentle.”

     “Who says I like it gentle?”

     Tony growled. “Show me.”

     Grinning wickedly, Caelen began a little dance of lust, strutting back and forth as the shimmering moon cast a luminous haze down across the darkened space. Tugging his belt free, he swayed back and forth as he slowly unzipped his pants, grazing one hand under his body hugging violet silk shirt.

     Tony had never been as hungry for any human in his life. “Hurry, I’m famished.” He pulled out his cock and stroked in fevered motions as he continued to watch the shameless dance.

     Caelen opened his button fly, revealing the lack of underwear.

      Sucking in his breath, Tony narrowed his eyes as Caelen pulled out his cock. The long thick muscle was a thing of beauty and one Tony wanted to taste, but at the moment, it was Caelen’s lily-white perfect ass he wanted to take…hard. “Bend over and brace the wall.”


     Tony raised his eyebrow as he laughed. “You’ll learn.” Stalking him for several sinful seconds, Tony used the power of his upper body strength to push Caelen against the wall, forcing his legs as far apart as the dense material around his knees would allow. Glancing up and down the alley, Tony knew he was risking more than just getting caught. He was endangering his career but his hunger, his need was too great.

    “ Shit…you are…” Caelen palmed the wall and threw his head back, lifting his naked ass into the chilly air.

      Tony rubbed his ass cheeks, enjoying the way his hard curves fit into his hand. Running his finger up and down Caelen’s crack, he wet the fingers of his other hand and slid them to Celen’s dark hole. “Gonna take you hard and fast, brother. Sure you can handle what I can dish out?”

     “Try me.”

     Wasting no time, Tony sliced a single finger inside Caelen’s ass, pushing past the tight ring of muscles as Caelen groaned.

    “Shit!” He clawed the brick and dropped his head, arching his back.

     “God, so damn tight. Can’t wait to taste that sweet little rose bud of yours,” Tony grunted as he reached around and cupped Caelen’s fully erect cock. Every part of him tingling and he quivered as he inserted a second finger inside, pulsing in and out. As Caelen’s ass muscles gripped around Tony’s invasion, Tony closed his eyes and relished the scintillating moment of being with a man. He picked up his pace, the force pushing Caelen into the wall again.

     “God, fuck me. I…can’t…stand it.”

     His heart thumping wildly, Tony grunted like the caged animal he was and lifted his cock, placing the tip at Caelen’s tight entrance. “Oh yeah, you’re one delicious fuck. I’m going to enjoy this.” Pressing it inside, Tony threw his head back and roared as he impaled Caelen in one hard drive, nearly slamming his head into the dense bricks.

     “Fuck!” Caelen screamed, his body shaking violently.




Razer Willis was used to being exploited. Forced to work as a model after losing a high paying marketing job, he was close to being broke and homeless but no matter how desperate his situation he refused to succumb to being yet another boy toy. After rejecting sex with a man that could make or break him, Razer buried himself into his paintings for release. His lover and best friend knew about the damning secret in his past and became determined to drag him out of his personal hell at the expense of their relationship. Blake’s gift? Membership into an elite club that brought men together for business and pleasure and the contract was for life. Male Order was discrete, on the up and up and screened applicants carefully.

Trenton Masters held ugly secrets of his own. In the same position as Razer, a comforting but loveless relationship, his man gave Trenton the same gift. Selected by the owner of Male Order, they quickly embarked into a passionate relationship exploring domination and submission only to have their damaging pasts haunt both verging on the point of insanity. Horrors forced Razer and Trenton into facing reality. Finally uncovering the truths, both felt a heightened level of betrayal yet there was something else pulsing just under the surface — real love for the first time since their private monsters had kept them captive. As their respective pasts slammed into their comfortable lives, could two men forgive the demons that had dragged them into hell or lose the only means of salvation?


Blake swam around him in circles, splashing water across the surface. “Do you want me?”

“Uh-huh.” Razer tilted his head, hunger racing through his body. Blake knew how to push every button.

“Then you’re going to have to come and get me.” Chuckling darkly, he kicked his legs out, spraying a wave of water over Razer.

Wiping his face, Razer growled and took off after him. The stronger swimmer, he had Blake in his clutches in seconds. “You’re mine.” Dragging Blake’s body to his chest, he moaned as he crushed his mouth over his lover’s, tasting the sweet essence of the man.

Blake wrapped his arms around him and ground his hips back and forth across Razer’s groin until the friction sent a series of waves over their heated bodies. He entwined his fingers in Razer’s long hair and yanked his head, breaking the kiss. “You’re going to have to fight to get me,” Blake breathed as he nipped Razer’s bottom lip, drawing the tender flesh inside of his mouth.

Razer kicked out hard in the water, the momentum building until he pushed Blake against the side of the pool. “You belong to me tonight to do exactly what I say.” Barely able to recognize his husky voice, he tipped his head back and howled quietly, telling the world around them Blake was his for the taking.

“What do you want?”

Razer studied Blake’s sensuous features and pressed his thumb across the seam of his mouth before pressing it inside. “What do I want?”

“Mmmm….” Blake sucked Razer’s thumb, dragging his tongue across the tip as he slid his hand down to cup Razer’s cock, caressing and tugging the base as his body shivered.

Razer savored the feeling as he breathed in the heady scent of the man before removing his finger and lowering his head to lick the side of Blake’s cheek down to his chin and further down to nip his Adam’s Apple.

Blake moaned and tilted his head back as he grabbed for the edge of the pool, trying desperately to keep his head above water. “Fuck! You’re on fire tonight.”

“I want to fuck you hard,” Razer growled and licked down further as he pushed Blake’s body out of the water. With one hand he kept him aloft as he brushed the other over Blake’s chest, pinching his nipple until his lover groaned. Leaning forward, Razer licked the hard bud before biting down.

“Shit!” Blake struggled to grab his arms, his breath coming in strangled pants. “You…shit…”

Razer moved to his other nipple, licking and sucking before biting down harder this time, knowing how much Blake enjoyed a touch of pain with his pleasure. “Are you ready for me to fuck that sweet ass of yours?”

“I…oh…” Blake panted as he tried to move away from the wall.

“You ready for me inside your tight ass?” It wasn’t a question as much as a statement of what would happen.

Purring, Blake gazed into Razer’s eyes. “You can’t handle me.”

As the mischievous glint in his eye shimmered in the moonlight, Razer growled. “Oh no?”

“No.” Blake pushed solidly against Razer’s chest and maneuvered away from his body, swimming quickly toward the other end of the pool.

The cat and mouse game was nothing more than a delicious show and Razer licked his lips before kicking out from the wall and swimming toward his lover, his powerful legs pumping hard.

Blake managed to make it to the end of the pool and to the gentle sloping of wide stairs before Razer grabbed him. “Ooooohhh!”

“You’re not getting away.” Razer lifted Blake’s body out of the water and onto all fours. “I mean it.” Placing the tip of his cock at Blake’s dark entrance, he impaled his ass in one long plunge. “God I love making love with you.”

Aaaaahhhhh!” Blake threw his head back and yelped before cutting off the sound. Clawing the cement, he sucked in his breath and lowered his head in complete acquiescence to the man that had been his lover for so long.

Razer kicked out Blake’s legs and gripped Blake’s hips as he began driving into him in slow, deliberate strokes forcing the man to accept all Razer had to give. “Does it feel good?”

“Yyyyyeessss…” Blake hissed. Arching his back, he struggled with his position as the water lapped around them.

Razer plunged in and out of his tight ass as Blake’s muscles clamped around him, milking his seed from the base of his cock. His balls ached with the need to cum and as he continued thrusting in frantic motions, the water created a wave over their heated bodies, pulsing against the side of the pool. The sound reverberated into the night sky, fluttering into the cool breeze. “More?”



“God…yyyyeeeesss!” Blake could barely speak, his words nothing more than scattered pants.


When two rough-hewn men hunger for a new life – who’s going to be in charge?


Cole Stevens was an angry man. Being fired from the job he loved, he was only able to find work bartending at the Flamingo Rustler. And the experience left him hungry and in need of taking down a man, sexually that is. When Ryker Marks saved a sassy waitress from a badass group of bikers, Cole was intrigued. The sexy six foot seven man had a rough-hewn demeanor and a body that killed. In the dimness of Lucifer’s Lair, the man cave nestled inside the bar, Cole knew he had to have a taste of Cole and a sinful plan was born.

Ryker was in town as a respite for his ailing soul. After his fiancé pushed him aside for a stranger, he left his company in the hands of his employees and took a long drive on his Harley. After meeting Cole and realizing he was tired of hiding behind lies, he took a chance with the stunning slice of chocolate and a power struggle for complete domination ensued.

But in a series of betrayals, both men had to face their demons or one of them would be destroyed. As both Ryker and Cole travelled long and treacherous paths, neither knew the truth about the other. Could their relationship survive the deceit or would an unknown accomplice take them both down?


Steeling his nerves, he continued his quest and as he neared the entrance, he heard the subtle strains of music. The thumping of the bass fluttered into the dense space. He entered slowly and gazed around the perimeter of the room. Seeing no one in the dim shadows, he moved forward and walked toward the bar.

“Looking for someone?” Ryker purred as he moved out of the shadows. Hands in his pockets, he leaned against the bar and spread his legs.

Cole’s breath caught seeing his naked chest shimmering in the dim lighting. Ryker’s shirt completely unbuttoned, he’d pushed the flimsy material open. “I thought you left.”

Ryker shook his head and stepped forward. “No, I’m thirsty.”

He swallowed hard and walked behind the bar. “What would you like?” Pulling down a bottle of bourbon, he poured two shots without giving Ryker a chance to answer. Pushing the glass across the bar, he took his and lifted it to his lips.

Ryker nodded his head and caught the dense crystal before it fell to the floor. Narrowing his eyes, he threw back the liquid and slammed the glass on top with a resounding thud. “That’s good for starters.”

Cole licked the rim of his glass as he gazed down the length of Ryker. God, the man was built. His carved chest tapered into a thin waist and long lean legs. Finishing the rich biting bourbon in one swallow, he set the glass down carefully. “Tell me what you want.” Without looking at him, Cole walked around the end of the bar slowly and stopped two feet in front of Ryker. “Exactly.”

“What are you offering?” Ryker hissed savagely.

Cole shook his head and yanked his tee shirt out of his pants. “What you are willing to do for me?”

Ryker tipped his head back. Taking a single finger, he pressed it inside of his mouth, thrusting in slow and deliberate motions. Groaning, he pulled it out and traced a series of lazy circles around his lips before edging it across his chin and down to the nape of his neck. Sighing, he opened his legs further as he closed his eyes.

Cole watched in fascination as the man moved with the strains of the sultry guitar, swaying back and forth as he slid his hand inside his shirt, cupping and kneading his chest. In the quiet glimmer of the bar, he moaned softly as Ryker pinched each of his nipples before slowly brushing the palms of his hands down his washboard abs, rubbing the chiseled flesh back and forth. His breath skipping, Cole took a step forward.

Ryker gave him a wry smile and took a stride back as his continued his sensual dance.

Cole growled and took a long step forward until he was barely a foot away from the delicious creature. “Tease and you’ll be punished.”

“I’m in charge here. You’ll do as I say.” His voice clipped, Ryker’s low husky vibe was barely audible.

Cole snorted as Ryker grazed his hands down the front of his groin, stroking his cock in frenetic movements. Every part of his blood sizzled as the daring dance of lust continued. His heart beating raggedly, a slight tick appeared in the corner of his eye. He was hungry, horny and wasn’t going to take the torture any longer. Closing the distance between them, he jerked Ryker’s arm, yanking him into the heat of his body. “No, you belong to me.”

As the two men faced each other, their hot breath skipped across the wet shimmer of their bodies and Ryker swallowed hard. “Oh yeah?”

Cole slid his hands across Ryker’s carved chest and sighed. “Yeah.” Crushing his mouth, he forced his tongue inside, tasting a hint of tangy bourbon and a hint of cinnamon. The dazzling combination was a delicious reminder of how wonderful the flavor of a man could be. He pushed Ryker’s shirt off his shoulders and forced it to the floor, wrapping his arms around his neck. The feel of their cocks pressing together sent an instant slice of anguish deep into his swollen balls.

Ryker grunted, his hands brushing down the length of Cole’s back as he ground his hips back and forth. The kiss became a manic moment of heated passion as both men groaned, touching and feeling each other in a feral dance of lust. Animal against animal, the two savage men were unwilling to give up control, their actions growing frantic as each fought for complete superiority.

Refusing to give in, Cole’s heart beat hard against Cole’s chest as he forced Ryker back toward the pool table. As the wood sliced into his naked back, Ryker pushed him hard, breaking the kiss.

His eyes dilated, he nipped Cole’s lower lip, taking the tender flesh between his teeth. Growling, he bit down until Cole shivered.

His body shaking, he pressed his hands against his chest, creating a barrier between them. As Ryker continued sucking, drawing drops of his blood, Cole moaned. Entwining his fingers in his long golden locks, Cole jerked Ryker’s head back, breaking the strong hold. A single bead of perspiration trickled down his cheek mixing with the smear of blood.

Ryker’s eyes danced back and forth across his and slowly he leaned forward, gathering the sultry combination, rolling the droplets over his tongue as he hissed. “You taste sweet.”

Kneading his chest, Cole drank in the man’s sun-kissed skin that accentuated the series of vibrant tattoos that decorated the length of both arms. Detailed and highly artistic, even in the dim lighting Cole could tell the artwork was stunning. Cole leaned forward and nipped the cleft of Ryker’s chin as his slid his hand down to cup and squeeze his balls until Ryker groaned. “You want something?”

“Yes,” Ryker whispered.

“Then you have to give to get.” He licked down from his chin to the underside of his neck and down to dart a series of licks across his nipple until it peaked into a hard bud. The taste of him was sinfully delicious in a masculine combination of hard work and exotic cologne. He continued stroking Ryker’s cock as he felt his own pressing hard against his jeans, begging for release.

As Ryker tipped his head back and clawed Cole’s arms, a single moan erupted seconds before he closed his eyes and thrust his pelvis forward. “Damn!”

Cole moved to the other nipple, licking and nipping until he bit down hard.

“Sweet Jesus!” Ryker fell back against the pool table with a hard thud, his legs shaking. He fumbled with Cole’s belt buckle until he managed to undo it.
Cole purred and licked back up his chest, finally easing back to stare into his dazzling blue eyes. As Ryker deftly popped the button and lowered the zipper, Cole sighed and studied the man. Everything about him was hard and yet there was a simple grace about him as if his dangerous bad boy persona was just that. Cole could tell by his expensive watch and simple yet elegant gold chain that hung around his neck he had money.

Ryker smiled mischievously and freed Cole’s throbbing cock, licking his lips in shameless appreciation. “Perfect.”

“Then suck me.”

He raised his eyebrow and shook his head. “No.”

Cole laughed and using his military training, had Ryker over the pool table in two deliberate moves, knocking the breath out of him. “Do as I say.” Both men grunting, he ran his hand down to cup Ryker’s firm buttocks.

Ryker struggled as he laughed. “You will pay for this.”

“We’ll see.” Cole pulled his arms up and pressed them around Ryker’s waist, pulling him tightly against his chest. Perfectly sized together, as Ryker tipped his head back, leaning it on his shoulder, Cole kissed the side of his neck. “Suck me.” He moved back slowly and placed his hands on his hips. He’d won this round of the power struggle.

What do you think? 

Kisses   xxx



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4 Responses to Sexy Men and m/m Romance – Love is Love PERIOD

  1. meltz11 says:

    I love m/m!! I’ve read the first on this list and loved it. The others sound great too…will have to get them onto my tbr pile 🙂


  2. meltz11 says:

    I love m/m!!! I’ve read the first book on this list and loved it. They others sound great too…will have to get them onto my tbr pile 🙂


  3. theinnerwildkat says:

    I’ve always found m/m relationships to be very sexy. Some of these books will be hitting my must read list. Thanks! I’m beginning to believe Eventually I will be paying some Amazon employee’s paycheck.


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