Is It Hot In Here?

Well I did venture into the self publishing world a few months ago with the very personal On Becoming His story that turned out to be something pretty special and a collection was born. I had a little cowboy story idea that was going to be a short piece and it morphed as well into what will be a collection of at least three. They are stand alone now novel length books and they’re very sexy I think. So…hopefully I’ll have the editing done and the first Swelter out the door on Amazon this coming weekend. Enjoy a taste of my little cowboy menage plus one piece.



Betrayal? Monica Preston ate betrayal for breakfast and refused to allow the damning fact that the very man of her dreams had decided on a younger and thinner version of herself to stymy her heart. Everything would’ve been all right if her entire career hadn’t been riding on the fact she was sleeping with her boss. Somehow the perks seemed to have dried up in a flash. When an unexpected call from a family member came, she jumped at the chance of getting the hell out of Chicago. Unfortunately the sweltering heat of Phoenix Arizona didn’t suit her city slicker ways. That is until she met three of the most gorgeous cowboys this side of the Mississippi and her bad girl fantasies kicked into high gear. But she had a job to do and one that would stretch her boundaries. There was no time for a shameless tryst. In a move similar to selling her soul to the devil, she figured out a plan to save the ranch. Unfortunately the decision was one that might condemn her with the men she was falling hard for.

Thorne and Dylan Kemp were identical twins, but there was little about them similar in body or soul. Their beloved dude ranch, one that had been in their family for generations, was in threat of foreclosure and they had no clue how to change the inevitable. After all, a respected friend had squandered away their inheritance. When a voluptuous beauty arrived to change their lot in life, Dylan was incensed and committed to exposing her as the enemy. Determined to get to the bottom of the rouse, Thorne discovered every inch of the beautiful woman carnally and longed for more than a casual fling. As he and Dylan came to terms with their respective desires for the woman, both realized they wanted to share her for life. Just as they believed they could have everything they’d ever longed for — including a wife — her suspected betrayal resurfaced. And then tragedy struck, forcing them to question their deepest beliefs. When the truth behind the ranch’s demise was revealed, for one of them, life would change forever.


“Come here, baby. I’m rock hard and need to slip my cock deep inside of you.

Sauntering toward him, Monica grinned and licked her lips, freshly stained a deep ruby color and exactly the shade Mike loved. “Who me?” Wagging her finger, she swished her hips back and forth playfully.

“You heard me. I’m your boss in and out of bed.”

“I guess you are, but only here at the office.” Unfastening her coat, she eased the thin material off her shoulders, enjoying the soft sounds as it hit the floor around them. Now standing only in four-inch stilettos, there was nothing like seeing the way his hungry eyes drank in every inch of her curvaceous body. While this wasn’t her normal behavior, she was ready to kick up the heat in their relationship. There was truly something so exhilarating about being very naughty after hours. After all, her sexy boyfriend owned the posh business. They could afford to take a couple of sinful risks.

“I said come here or the birthday girl is going to be planted over my ass and receive a long, hard spanking.”

“Maybe I’d like that.” God, yes she would. She’d been craving more than just vanilla sex for so damn long.

Crooking his finger, Mike raised his eyebrow and huffed. “Now.”

Inching forward, when he reached out and yanked her forward, forcing her into the heat of his body, she gasped. When he crushed her mouth with his, pressing his tongue deep inside, she moaned. When he reached behind her and gave her a series of hard cracks on the ass, she melted.

Crack! Pop! Slap!

Shuddering, Monica closed her eyes and longed to beg him for more. Their tongues entwining, shivers skated down her spine and all she could do was place her hands on his shoulders, submitting to his desires. This just wasn’t her man at all. And damn, her pussy was clenching with desire. When he broke the kiss, she purred and inhaled his exotic scent that was all male. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Can’t I desire my woman?” His voice was gruff, filled with a lust filled husk. He pushed her back and nodded toward his crotch. “Take out my cock.”

“God, yes.” Fiddling with his buckle and belt, it took her two full minutes to free his throbbing shaft. Inhaling deeply, the scent of him, musky and exotic, filled her nostrils and she wanted nothing more than to suck him until he came into her mouth. Flicking her finger back and forth across his cockhead, she pursed her lips and cooed. “Should I suck you, baby?”

“Later. You can clean off my cock. I have other things in mind for you tonight. You’re such a damn bad girl teasing me all day long, coming into my office half dressed. I need to punish you for hours.” Chuckling darkly, he thrust her over his knees and began to spank her methodically and evenly from one cheek to the other.

Crack! Pop!

“Oooohhh…” Monica squealed as she wiggled in his arms and knew her juice was trickling down onto his pants already.

Slap! Crack! Slap!

“Your ass is going to be red and on fire for a very long time. Just like you deserve.” His voice growled into the oversized space.

She lay limp in his arms as the heated discipline continued and she was already sated from the dramatic change in his demeanor. “Mmmm…”

“Now I fuck you.” When he was finished, he yanked her up and in a split second forced her legs around his waist, impaling her in one deep thrust.

“Fuck!” Clawing his arms, Monica moaned and threw her head back. This was pure heaven.


Monica Preston adjusted her sunglasses as she climbed out of the rental car, studying the façade of the building with growing interest, and pushed back the same memory she’d been thinking about all damn day long. Hot sex. “Damn it!” There was no going back – not to Mr. Jerkoff anyway. Sighing, she furiously wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead before they trickled into her makeup yet again. Not only was it sweltering outside, but the air conditioning in the way too small car just couldn’t keep up with the damn Arizona desert heat. Why the hell she’d agreed to a temporary job selling timeshares for her cousin’s dude ranch she’d never know. Perhaps she needed a damn cat-scan. Even the name of the place seemed daunting or perhaps telling. Pensive Steed was at least catchy.

The thought giving her a needed chuckle, she glanced around the perimeter and had to admit the scenery was breathtaking. From the craggy mountains to the prickly cactus and brightly decorated wildflowers adorning even the highways, Phoenix was a beautiful city. Unfortunately along with hating extreme heat, she loathed being outside of her beloved Chicago – for any reason. Born and raised on a farm smack in the middle of nowhere, the minute she landed in the prestigious city she was hooked. Without a doubt she preferred being able to indulge in shops and clubs, donning her finest slinky dresses and heels rather dowdy attire.

Glancing down, she cringed and kinda had to admit her rather voluptuous body wouldn’t look good in faded blue jeans and some madras type shirt. However she did have an affinity for cowboy boots, or maybe just cowboys in general and preferably naked and hungry. Groaning, she dragged her mind out of the gutter and wiped her sweaty hands. This would be an interesting working respite.

Still, her cousin needed what he called her expertise and there were few in the family who could or would offer. Ricky wasn’t the type to ask for help either so the situation must be pretty bad. Then again running off to parts unknown chasing after a girl certainly didn’t help the ailing location. That was her cousin though, a wild and free spirit who drove his black sheep reputation into hell and back. Monica glanced across the desolate area and cringed. A solid month was going to kill her. Grabbing her suitcases out of the car, she headed for the main house and wondered if there was anyone staying in the vacation spot at all. “Where the hell is everyone?” A quiet floated around the ranch almost like a blanket of death. She was used to teeming activity and this tumbleweed mentality was going to try her last nerve.

Standing in front of check in, she waited as patiently as she could for any sign of a human as she eyed the old-fashioned bell ringer. Clearing her throat instead of slamming her hand on top of the well-worn wood, she turned her attention to the incredible interior and was more than impressed. From the massive stone fireplace nestled in a charming and down right comforting family room type area to the scattered and very vibrant artwork adorning the walls, the log style interior was gorgeous. “Wow.”

“Wow is right.”

Jumping, Monica slapped her hand over her mouth as she turned and faced the source of the kind, male voice.

I hope you enjoyed

Kisses   xxx


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