Hungry to Share a Third?

I enjoy thinking and giving you a bit kinky so I had another thought and whether this is about a D/s relationship or in your vanilla life, I think it’s very sexy indeed. Imagine seducing a third, whether for a night or for a lifetime of sharing.

Mmm… Doesn’t the thought evoke all kinds of raging emotions and hormones within you? I know it does me. What is it that just seems so darn tasty about the concept? For me it’s about the allowance of being completely uninhibited with the assurance from my significant other that I don’t have to worry about my behavior. I’ve talked a lot in the last year or so about alternative lifestyles and one of these of course includes a polyamory situation in which you have a third or even more in your every day life sharing everything together form the workload of the house to care of the children. For this piece, that’s not what I’m talking about but…

There are some very uninhibited couples, who enjoy a little playtime and are secure enough in their relationship to allow something a little kinky to be introduced. What am I talking about? A threesome. As an author of erotic pieces, I get to explore every kind of heat level with regard to romance, passion and sex and from what I can tell, the idea of having a threesome or ménage is still one of the hottest aspects and discussions out there. We love the thought of being allowed to taste either someone we’ve pined away for or a complete stranger who together you and your partner select.

Let’s take the concept of making sure you’re engaging in safe sex off the table completely. Okay? I never want to allude to the thought that you should practice in any kind of dangerous behavior but… There are times you know a person, perhaps a friend or you certainly know about an acquaintance’s behavior that would allow you to partake in something very sensual, or even sexual. This is indeed something many couples relish together. I have talked with many couples, who every once in a while do engage in something wicked. They have talked and feel very secure in their togetherness and know the petty jealousy has to be left off the table. They’ve also completely discussed what type of person, including the sex, they are both comfortable with.

Guys, don’t shy away here. We all know the true fantasy of pretty much every red blooded male is to be allowed to have another woman in their bed but you also have to understand a woman would enjoy another male. In certain D/s situations the D generally practices in this quite often. I’ve talked to many a Dom who would allow the woman to have a male in their bed, but often they don’t want another strong male. They’d prefer a submissive one. That might mean both are enjoying the other male or perhaps just the sub is. Every relationship is different. But what’s so wrong with the concept?

Let’s just take this as more of a vanilla relationship situation. You’ve decided together you want to enjoy a night of passion with a particular lovely lady and she’s very much on board with sharing. You perhaps meet her out one night at a snazzy nightclub and dance the night away. For me there is nothing more sensual than a heated bar, wicked dance music and dancing close together in a crowd of people who are already jazzed and ready for almost anything. Both women have a sexy dress on with too much skin showing and the man is very happy to be sandwiched between them. The dancing turns into kissing and touching and perhaps a little playtime in one of the bathrooms. You know how I enjoy a bit of public display and for me there’s nothing that can turn me on any faster.

Now, the situation can be reversed and I know ladies the thought of having another man touching you and pressing wet kisses along the back of your neck as his hands roam the length of your body is a huge turn on. I’m getting a little hot and bothered just thinking about it. So the night ends with going home to your bed and a long time of exploring each other’s bodies. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you know what’ll happen in the morning. Then again, maybe this will become a regular practice in your house. You never know. If you as a couple are very confident and comfortable with your life together, why not engage in something to keep the passion sizzling?

For me the couples who can not only share what they want, discuss the concept openly and then perhaps ease into trying something are the ones who are going to stay together. Let’s face it – a lot of traditional marriages simply aren’t working. We could spend days talking about why but I honestly think so much boils down to communication or the lack there of as you grow together – so many grow apart because they’re concerned they can’t tell the other something they crave. Give it some thought. Isn’t there something you’d like to tell your partner you’d like to try? What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Aren’t you hungry to try something a bit kinky? You know you are. Just remember that if you can talk to your partner you might add some sexy spice in a brand new way. I don’t think there’s anything wrong, do you? Purr babies.

Are you ready to be a very bad girl yet?

Kisses   xxx 





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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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1 Response to Hungry to Share a Third?

  1. Kathy Lewis says:

    Cassandre, you are so right. I can’t think of anything more sexier than a menage, well maybe being dominated but isn’t that every girl’s two fantasies. Yes, you are right we need to communicate to each other what we want. In my case, it’s baby steps but progressing.


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