Ready to Play a Game…a Spanking Game?

Well I wanted to bring you some good news. Not only is Spankdown, my very first release with Naughty Nights Press, going to be re-released in an even sexier and more polished form, but the old version is going to be at a very special price at the Naughty Nights Press store and its live now! A mere $2.99. I love spanking, as many of you know, and when you mix a wicked game together with say several men and one HOT HOT woman, then you have a wicked time in store.

There’s a real card game that many in the BDSM lifestyle play. When the sub picks two cards out of a deck, the number on the cards indicate the number of spanks she’s going to receive. The Dom gets to select the implement. Now if a two is selected, then the spanks are double. Sound like fun? I actually got the idea from a blog I follow and thought – what a great story. Well I’ve been a bit criticized that a woman couldn’t take but so many. Um, please. If you’ve been doing something like this you can take the spanks and a good Dom knows the limits his sub an handle.

I love writing about BDSM and this time the story is all about fun. Take a wild ride with me and I hope you enjoy.


Want to play a game?


Victoria Miller is a professor at one of the most prestigious schools in the country. She’s also the creator of several adult blogs about spanking and BDSM. Craving a man that can understand her kinky needs, she settles for enjoying her passion through her writings, but she admires one hot college student, Drake Myers. The God like blond fuels her every night fantasies, but he is completely untouchable. Or so she believes.

Stumbling upon her blogs by accident, Drake decides to turn up the heat between them. He adores the voluptuous red-headed vixen and enlists the help of a college buddy, developing a kinky plan to have her take a tumble with him in bed and perhaps more. As he begins sending her secret poems, indulging in her need to be dominated, he is unable to resist her and one day they enter into a wicked tryst smack in the middle of her office. The game still yet to be played out, he threatens to expose her secret. And just as he decides to stop his nefarious rouse, she turns the tables.


As she headed to class on Monday, she was sullen and angry with herself for losing two days over a guy, a person that knew her hidden desires. Granted, the blog while written in third person with stories from other lives, there was no doubt she was curious. Hungry. As she walked into her office, she made a promise that she’d go out on the blind date her best friend kept insisting she go on. A nice doctor would be a pleasant experience away from the morons she had dated in the past. Right?

She chuckled as she turned on the hard drive and monitor to check her mail before the busy day began. Rubbing her eyes, Victoria contemplated the day’s lessons and the rough week ahead. At least on Friday most of the kids would be gone, having left for the holiday vacation. Victoria grumbled, gathered her papers for the first class and finally sat down to answer emails with barely ten minutes left. Mostly mundane questions from students asking about the final exam, it was the fifth one down that grabbed her attention. Oh fuck!

Saturday night. Are you ready?

How the hell had the jerk gotten her work email address? It wasn’t posted anywhere. As the realization set in about her treacherous predicament a shiver raced down her spine. That could only mean one thing the guy knew who she was. Thumping back in her chair, she pressed the back of her hand over her mouth to hold in the scream. As dark flashes of lights surrounded her eyes, she instantly became light headed. Victoria shoved her chair back and dropped her head between her legs, moaning, her body rocking back and forth.

“Ms. Miller! Are you okay?”

Jerking her head up, she snapped. “Damn it, Drake! Stop coming into my office without fucking knocking! You know better than that!” Instantly she regretted her harsh tone. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so rough, but you need to knock before you just enter someone’s private office.”

“I heard you cry out. I was concerned,” Drake breathed, his face flushing. He pushed the door closed and moved to the end of the desk, his face full of concern.

Did I cry out? “I- I’m fine. Thank you for your concern. I just felt a little faint, nothing to be concerned about.” Victoria noticed the look on his face was interesting combination of uncertainly and…and… While she couldn’t put her finger on what he was thinking, she had the distinct impression he needed to say something. “Are you sure you don’t need anything?”

“No. I was just concerned. Can I help you to your class?”

“I’m fine.” Victoria jumped to a standing position, instantly regretting it. Gripping the edge of the desk, she swayed back and forth.

“Ms. Miller. Whoa. Let me help you.”

The instant he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her against the heat of his body, she swooned and every raging desire that she’d thought about over the last year exploded within her. Palming his chest, she licked her lips and tried to think of something to say, but as she gazed into his baby blues, she lost herself to the hunger. “Drake…I…”

Lifting her chin, he gave her a coy smile before capturing her lips. Drake yanked her body against his chest, brushing his hands down her back, cupping her buttocks.

The kiss gentle at first, full of pent up desires; it suddenly became a wild fire of passion as he pressed his tongue past her lips, drinking in her essence. Victoria was no longer his professor but a woman that wanted this man like she had no other in her life. The feel of his hard, throbbing cock, pressing hard against her groin forced a series of whimpers escape past the kiss. The taste of him, tangy and yet sweet mixed with the musky scent of his masculinity and her entire being became alive as electric jolts thrashed through her body.

Grunting, Drake turned her slightly, forcing her body against the edge of the desk. He slid one hand down the length of her arm to her waist and down further to the edge of her silk dress. Inching the material up slowly, he broke the kiss long enough to trace a circle around the edge of her mouth as he breathed in. “God, you taste so amazing. Just like I knew you would,” he whispered his voice husky. As he nibbled her bottom lip, taking the tender flesh between his lips, he moved his hand under her dress and pressed his leg between hers, kicking it out.

Victoria quivered and lolled her head back as she clawed the top of the desk, knocking a stack of papers to the floor. She grunted and realized that what she was doing was so very wrong but in that moment of utter bliss, she didn’t give a shit.

“I want you.”


“Say it. Say you want me. Say you want my cock inside your delicious pussy.” His voice stern, Drake eased his hand between her thighs, stroking her up and down as he licked down from her chin to her neck, pushing her hard against the desk.

The angle forced her to arch her back. As his hand neared her moistened thong, Victoria knew she should reach out and stop him. “Drake…I can’t…we can’t…”

“Say it! Tell me you want me to fuck you!” he demanded as he slipped a single finger under the thin lace of her panties. Licking slowly down the length of her neck, he placed a series of hot breaths across her skin. “Now!”

His commanding voice somehow unlocked the wicked girl that lived inside. Swallowing hard, she opened and closed her eyes, her lashes skimming across her cheek. Her breath coming in ragged pants, she stole a glance at the unlocked door. The dangerous feeling was exhilarating in a way she had never experienced before. Suddenly feeling more alive than she ever had, she gazed down as him just as he pushed the soft material of her dress off one shoulder, exposing her lacy bra.

Drake inched his head back and gave her a long pointed stare, his eyes darkened with lust. “Tell me!” Refusing to wait for an answer, he slipped his finger under the elastic of her thong, pressing it inside her slickened folds.

“Drake! I…” Losing the last of her self-control, she said the words, her voice barely a throaty whisper. “Fuck me. Please fuck me.” Closing her eyes, she heard the sound of her dress ripping as he jerked the other side down her arm until both breasts were exposed. The feel of his tough hands cupping and kneading her breasts through thin lace brought a series of quivers dancing deep inside her pussy.

“Fucking beautiful,” Drake breathed as he added a second and third finger, thrusting into her cunt as he flicked his finger back and forth across her nipple until it became a hard bud, begging to be plucked.

What do you think? Can you handle the naughty game?

Kisses   xxx




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