How Hard Do You Like To Play and How Sinful?

Now isn’t that a naughty question on this delicious Tuesday morning? What do I mean by that? Well, playing can mean so many things. You can play with your friends literally from tennis to football. You certain can play with flirting, indulging with your fantasies about the guy in the next cube. You can also play with your significant other in many ways and not just in the bedroom. You can tease and taunt, send text messages and leave little sticky notes where he or she can find them. You can leave a heated message at work, telling your lover in no uncertain terms what to expect later. As an erotic writer we tend to use our extremely vivid imaginations to set up everything from romantic to truly wicked moments with our lover or lovers – perhaps you enjoy more than one and even at the same time. Hey, it’s fantasy, right? I think that with many couples – whether you are married or simply in a long term relationship, we forget about playing. Let’s talk about what that can mean and how it might spice up the bedroom and then again, every room in the house!

I asked a group of my erotic writing friends what they thought and many simply said that all the kinky little ideas they came up with in stories were simply a part of their sassy imagination, but then I reminded then what that can mean. Imagine a roaring fire, the crackling sounds and the scent of the snowy woods – the moment takes you back to the very first time you and your lover had more than just a date. A bottle of crisp champagne and perhaps you are reading some very sensuous poems that one of you penned. You kick up the heat just enough adding a basket full of toys. A little vibrator perhaps or maybe some nipple clamps. Maybe you are in for tying your lover up and using ice or a bit of hot candle wax perhaps?

Don’t blush – those are toys and the kind that can give your relationship a dazzling boost. But toys mean other things. Think about that book that your lover wants or perhaps you have hinted around about having something new from Victoria’s Secret. I can tell you guys that there is nothing like opening a package with slinky red attire inside. Add a pair of stilettos and we are hot and bothered and feeling like a gorgeous naughty minx. The again ladies, why don’t you consider making him breakfast in bed? Slide into something sensuous, puff your hair and serve him strawberries and freshly whipped cream – just a dash of macadamia nut oil and add a bottle of champagne on the side.

Then perhaps you have strategically placed a scented bottle of massage oil and a stack of cinnamon flavored candles in the nightstand. Just imagine how naughty that morning might end up being? Spend the rest of the day lazing around watching an action flick (yes girls those can be hot too) and you have yourself the makings of a playful evening. Imagine waking up the next morning and together you take a bath, filled with bubbles and then you have nowhere to go and nothing to do but spoon feed each other in bed. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect Sunday?

    Do you go out and enjoy? Do you date your spouse? I can tell you from a girl that hasn’t for a LONG time – you need to. Kick up the heat. Find an erotic club where they cater to all things passionate, put on something particular slinky and rent a limo. I know, not only does that drag you out of your comfort zone, but the event could get to be a bit expensive. Okay, let’s ratchet it down a bit. A lovely evening of dinner and going to a darkened club where you can gaze into his eyes over the shimmer of candles and dance the night away to The Lady in Red. Oh, I have a feeling when you get home you might have a sinful night ahead of you.

I hope I’ve given you some delicious thoughts this lovely weekend day. Send me yours. What is something that you would like to try but are unsure that you can? I’ll walk you through it and perhaps give you ideas…can you dare to tell me? What turns you on the point you can’t stand not indulging in a moment of passion. I’d love to hear from you. Whether you like your playtime hard or soft doesn’t matter. The fact you can indulge in your fantasies is hot and might keep the burning embers sizzling for many years to come.

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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1 Response to How Hard Do You Like To Play and How Sinful?

  1. Alex Piffaro says:

    “About behalle
    I am a writer of paranormal and romance books”

    I think that needs updating because you’re also a writer of BDSM and a very good one 🙂
    Alex x


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