Aren’t We All Hiding A Burning Secret?

I think there’s something in all of us we long to keep secret, away from everyone else and their thoughts and perhaps ugly comments. We all have difficulties that we try to handle very much alone and then when you couple dark pain with everyday strife, life can get difficult. In honor of a spanking new cover from Naughty Nights Press, I wanted to give you a first taste of on of my favorite MMM pieces I’ve written. It’s extremely poignant so don’t read without a box of tissue but it’s also fun of fun and a touch of kink.

Take a taste and enjoy the cover…



Cole Dumont, Dylan Wyler and Brandon Foster were old chums who decided just out of college to open Forever Green Lawn Care and enjoyed every aspect of their decision. Their business catered to the wealthiest families in Fort Lauderdale, their pristine reputation allowing them the lifestyles they enjoy. Between boating, scuba diving and jet skiing, their weekends were filed with all the toys a successful business offers. But their nights were embroiled in heated passion. Unable to disclose their gay lifestyle, they sequestered their dark desires. Toying with thoughts of love and marriage, all three refused to give up their lifestyle for a promise of forever. And yet each man hungered for a more permanent relationship. Terrified to admit their needs, they all hid behind a mask. The reasons were too damning to admit – at least for one of the men.

When a horrifying accident nearly claimed Dylan’s life, Cole and Brandon could barely contain their sadness going about their routines with little hope Dylan would survive. Lying near his death, Dylan had one last request and one that would bring both men into the light with everyone they knew, jeopardizing everything they held dear. Dylan wasn’t the man they thought him to be and as his mysteries dragged them all into a private hell, the three lovers were forced to face their inner demons. Making a daunting decision, the three men took a chance and entered into a pact, determined to honor Dylan’s request. What other festering secrets could destroy the friends, who were bound by an honor of their own making?

EXCERPT – Unedited

No matter where you run or how you try and get away from me, you never will. One day you will learn what you did to me, what you forced me into. One day you will suffer as I have and then you shall understand what it means to be damned. Just like you should be. You’re the monster…


Dylan Wyler tapped his foot to the sexy dance music and sighed as he glanced around the neon infused perimeter of the club. The words were there, rumbling in the back of his mind, and then they were gone almost as fast. Had he even heard them or were they merely a product of his subconscious reminding him he should be damned for all eternity?

Swallowing hard, he tried to concentrate on the activity surrounding him, but the sickening feeling of being watched remained. Get a fucking grip on yourself. You’re losing your Goddamn mind. But was he or was this his destiny finally jerking him back into reality? Gazing down at his shaking hand, he clenched his fist and groaned. This was nuts. Concentrate. Enjoy. Yeah right. Look around you at the energized people and have fun for a change. Breathing in and out, he felt a little bit better yet a haunting feeling remained buried in his gut like a knife cutting through his intestines.

Sighing, Dylan hadn’t seen this many wild and wanton women in a solid five weeks and he had to admit to himself coming to see Brandon dance was a damn good idea. After all, he’d been embroiled in working long seven-day weeks since the growing season began. Then again, when did the season really slow down in Fort Lauderdale? Never. Shaking his head, he smiled thinking about his over sexed and very sensual roommate. Brandon Foster was a ladies’ man. There was no doubt. Too bad the raven-haired hunk wasn’t into the fairer sex ever.

“You look fucking thrilled to death. What the hell is going on in that blond head of yours?”

Giving Cole the middle finger, he had to grin. The brooding hulk of chocolate mass was not only playful but a damn hard worker. Cole Dumont was also part owner of their very successful landscaping business, Forever Green Lawn Company. The man was sharp, well dressed, desired by every woman in the festive city and a sought after catch. He was also Dylan’s lover – or one of them anyway. “I can see what kind of mood you’re in tonight.”

“Me? If you could see the rather dower look on your face. Seriously. You’ve been very quiet lately, almost distant. Are you okay?” Cole asked as he took as gulp of his beer. Sniffing, he glanced down the length of a red haired beauty and blew her a kiss.

“Purr, big man,” she meowed, running her fingers down his back as she walked by. “Anytime.”

“Tempt me further and I might take you up on it,” Cole growled and then issued a single bark.

Leaning over, the red haired girl stole a glance at Dylan before whispering something in Cole’s ear.

Grinning, Dylan watched the love fest continue as he sipped his beer and thought about why he was in such bad spirits. The phone call. Of course that’s why he as in a foul mood. He shook his head and turned his attention to the stage just seconds before an announcer took the stage.

“Ladies and well…ladies. Now the man you have all been waiting to see. Give it up for Brazen Brandon!” A bolt of blue lighting showered down over a lone figure standing in the middle of the stage, his head lowered.

“Brazen Brandon?” Wrinkling his brow, Dylan burst into laughter. “What the hell?”

“Take it off!” Several women screamed as whistling rolled from the back of the crowded club.

“Show it all to us sexy man!”

“Let me see that pretty cock of yours!”

“Jesus Christ and I thought men were bad,” Dylan chortled as he narrowed his eyes. “And what the fuck is he wearing? Holy shit the man looks like something out of a Mel Gibson flick. What the fuck?” The outfit could only be described as bad boy wanna be meets street glam.

Cole scooted his chair closer to Dylan’s and slapped the man on the back. “You know our boy, Brandon. He had to made an entrance everywhere he goes.”

“Yeah, but this is outlandish even for him.” The suave brunette made more than just an entrance. He made bold statements few other men could ever do. By far Brandon Foster was the most gregarious, opinionated and over heated of the three friends and co-owners. He wore his passion on his sleeve, or lack thereof, and flirted outrageously everywhere they went, enticing more than a few hungry men and women. Between the two over inflated egos and testosterone levels both Cole and Brandon emitted on a daily basis, Dylan felt like the bastard stepchild between them.

“There you go with the wrinkled face again. What is with you? I thought coming out tonight would drag you out of whatever freaking funk you’re in.”

“Freaking funk? Didn’t you go to Harvard? What’s with the mouth?”

“Incorrigible and I might have to tie you down and fuck that pretty ass of yours tonight for insolence if nothing else.”

Instantly a single bead of sweat rolled down the back of Dylan’s neck. Cole always managed to get him hot and bothered with his words alone. Shifting in his seat, he casually cupped and squeezed his throbbing cock, needing more than just relief. Before he had a chance to retort, the music was kicked up several decibels and a series of luminescent lights began to swirl around and around the perimeter of the entertainment area, the effect causing several women to rush the stage. “Un-fucking believable.”

“Let’s face it. The man has the perfect body to be a stripper,” Cole yelled above the screaming crowd.

That was an inaccurate statement. Dylan eased forward in his chair and studied the man on stage, licking his lips in appreciation. Brandon was a muscular, six foot three inch, raven haired God as far as he was concerned. From his smoky midnight blue eyes to his deeply tanned skin, the man made him swoon at least once every day. As the sexy creature strolled around the stage, parading his wares in front of the ladies, Dylan thought about their relationship and smiled as his dick continued to twitch.

The three had been buddies since arriving at Harvard, lost and out of their elements. All three came from entirely different backgrounds and yet found a kinship in their desires to own business, fast cars and all things male. They had talked for hours, planning strategies for opening and running a successful business and after a while realized they could actually work very well together. Forever Green was put together with monies they earned during two summers and when they’d graduated, they’d been torn about where to open their shop.

Dylan grinned as a large woman attempted to climb on stage. Three brawny guards, who still had trouble jerking her away from Brandon, immediately thwarted her actions, but they were sweating like pigs when the finally dragged her to the floor.

“That woman can throw a punch!” Cole burst into laughter.

The action forced a huge grin from Brandon’s face and as he began gyrating to the music, Dylan had to look away. Closing his eyes briefly, he could see the night they’d been drinking. Their usual game of darts had turned into using the game as a method of selecting where they were going to open shop. Four throws into the Atlantic Ocean and it had been Dylan’s single connecting dart, pinned into Fort Lauderdale that had made their decision.

I hope you enjoyed!

Kisses   xxx


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