There Are Bad Things…Be Very Afraid

I love my were creatures and I was asked to mix in a little kink club and a Domme with my murdering creatures of the night. I bring back my white tigers but this time their curse is likely to white out the human race. And then you mix a little southern magical culture and voodoo and you know you’re in for a wild ride. I’m still participating in the sexy Howloween Blog Hop and today is all about another very sexy collection. Bad Things was inspired by one HOT song that alas is the theme song for one particularly wicked series but I knew it was perfect to give you the true initial taste of what my creatures are forced to deal with. Imagine religious fanatics – oh my.

Still having a contest so today is – what show has Bad Things as it’s theme song AND – after reading this excerpt what do you think should be the theme song for the collection? Don’t forget to leave your email address – oh and surprise – you get the first taste as a bonus of the upcoming second in the collection – all from Naughty Nights Press.



In the conservative southern town of Charlestown South Carolina no one knew what was hiding in plain sight. Bad Things was not only a highly kinky sexuality training facility catering to the upper echelon of bible thumping politicians but was run by a woman most would consider to be a monster. Anastasia Lucard was a tough taskmaster in business and in pleasure. A well-respected Dominatrix she indulged in the practice of owning two slaves who catered to her erotic prowess as well as those of her clientele. She was also a very powerful and dangerous Were-Tiger poised to take over her family’s legacy.

Healing Souls was a well-respected religious group run by a savvy man who had his sights set on the Whitehouse. Determined to rid the city of vermin such as Bad Things, Christian Sowers made no bones about the fact he was going to destroy Anastasia and all she stood for but he held secrets close to his heart. Unfortunately he underestimated her Pride and their need to keep humans in check. What no one knew was that an ancient group — believed to be direct descendants of the Devil were ready to take back their rightful claim and control of the city no matter the cost of human lives. As a series of horrendous mutilations put the city on notice of the evil swirling around them only Anastasia could stop the slaughters. Unfortunately a series of lies and deceit brought the two factions together in a way that could destroy all they knew. As a mystery slowly began to unfold more lives were lost and Anastasia was forced to face a dark horror kept from her for years.


I will hunt you down and finish what I started and this time you will die.

Anastasia Lucard’s breath caught as she stood glaring at the elevator, her hands shaking. This was the second time in as many days she’d heard the words. But had she really heard them? Turning her head slowly, she scanned the almost empty foyer of the steel
office building as a trickle of fear raced down her back. It wasn’t like her at all to be terrified of ghosts but this one was back with a vengeance and ready to take her on until she and her kind were forced into oblivion.

She inched toward the bank of elevators and could swear she heard a dark chuckle from behind her. As she emitted a low growl she could feel her beast rise to the surface. Now wasn’t the time to lose control with several clients still in the upper chambers. Still, she was tired of being followed and being taunted. Her heels clipping on the marble floor she strode toward the elevator, slapping her hand on the up button. She tried to put the pieces together and had a distinct feeling she knew why this was happening now, but she was more than weary of fighting her nightmares and the damning visions, which seemed to haunt her every day. This was no way to live. Out of the corner of her eye a lone figure grabbed her attention. Anastasia stole a glance and had to admire the sexy man who gave her a smile and a silent nod before heading out into the darkened night. Recognition set in that she’d seen him before. “Tall, tanned and handsome” must work in the building. Then again, there were several tenants, though none nearly as stunning. Why did seeing him unnerve her?

Come on. Hurry the hell up. Willing the elevator wasn’t going to do the trick. She contemplated using the stairs but refused to allow irrational fears to overwhelm her. After all, she was a creature of the night. Chuckling, she heard the ping of the elevator and for a moment could envision the sensuous creature at her beck and call. Her lurid thoughts of fucking him hard gave her a shiver.

Stepping inside the steel box she eased against the back wall, the cool comfort of the wood paneling allowing her to exhale. Unfortunately she knew she was going have to face her ugly demons soon enough but she was terrified of the end. Swallowing hard, Anastasia brushed her hands through her damp hair and stepped off the elevator into the quiet of no activity. Her firm took up the entire floor and the unassuming entrance indicated nothing provocative went on behind the closed doors. Bad Things hid in plain sight.

Oh what the good people of Charleston, South Carolina didn’t know wouldn’t drag them into the fiery pits of hell. Right? Licking her lips she pulled out her keys and was determined to finish out the night with a smile on her face –— even if it killed her. Entering the facility, she could hear the soft strains of Spanish guitar coming from the speaker system located in the main salon. Anastasia tossed her things into her office and thought about the guest list for the evening. Senator Pyle was among the top of the who’s who of the rich and famous venturing through her hallowed doors. Usually she maintained a low profile but given the recent turn of events with some veiled threats, she knew it was a good idea to make sure the powerful politician was aware that she controlled his destiny. Whether or not he liked the fact simply didn’t enter into the equation.

Fluffing her hair, she tugged down her zipper exposing more of her breasts and headed for the man’s favorite room, the dungeon. As she checked her watch she knew he was probably just finished being flogged. And who was the Senator’s choice of employees to flog and fuck him? Kristoff Chenault, her personal man slave and current lover. He was also a member of the Pride but that was another nasty little secret the town didn’t know. How could they ever sleep at night if they realized an entire Pride of Were-Tigers lived in town and some were more than ready to snack on humans?

Anastasia opened the door and smiled. Eyeing Kristoff with the whip in his hand gave her pause. She loved the way the man wielded a long, leather strap. Then again, she loved almost everything about him.

Crack! Pop!

“Oooohhhh! Yyyyeeessss… God… oh God.” The overweight man was shackled to the “X” cross, his back and legs marked with red and purple welts. Panting, his scattered moans were doing nothing but fueling Kristoff.

Slap! Whoosh! Crack!

“I see he’s been a very bad boy tonight,” Anastasia cooed as she folded her arms and flanked Kristoff’s side. The rough-hewn blond was formidable, alluded sexuality and was one of her most sought after employees. For some reason men and women alike craved being flogged and used by the hulking man. Perhaps it was his brawn or simply his thick cock. Inhaling the aroma of both men she smiled. “Senator Pyle, I’m sure you’ve now paid your debt and realized the error of your mischievous ways?”

“You have no idea,” Kristoff stated as he cracked the whip across the floor.

Senator Pyle shivered and sucked in his breath. “I…oh Mistress, I so needed this.” His voice ragged, the sound of his chains scraping against the buckles of the cross mixed with the crackle of the leather and the effect was enough to force a bubble of saliva from his mouth.

“Yes, I can see you do.” Anastasia rubbed her hand down the length of the man’s spine and cooed. Slipping her finger down the crack of his large ass she winked at Kristoff. “I think he’s had enough and ready for what only you can give him.” Easing her finger just inside Senator Pyle’s dark hole, she wiggled the long digit back and forth. Taking her other hand she slipped it between his legs and cupped his already hard cock, stroking up and down. It was her way of reminding him not only why he’d come to Bad Things in the first place but also that she had his career, his future and his balls in the palm of her hand. “Yes, he’s more than ready.”

“Oooohhhh…” the Senator grunted as he clenched his eyes shut. Beads of perspiration trickled down the side of his reddened face.



Humanity for the citizens in Charleston South Carolina was all but over. The Crimson moon waning, the devil himself had returned to take back control of the earth and all creatures were required to obey. Only one human woman could save what had no chance of being saved — if the members of the Pride were able to find her. For Anastasia Lucard, the new leader of the oldest and most revered were-tiger clan in the world, the loss of one so precious threw her into a heightened stage of rage and damning hunger. Determined to locate the precious woman, one destined to be the mate of her son, she entered into a life ending war involving humans and beasts alike. As the bloody battle ensued, she had only one man to turn to and his very humanity kept her sane as brutal murders raced through the ancient city. One thing she knew, she’d give her life to protect the ones she loved.

Trenton Parker was succumbing to the savage beast he had no understanding of how to control. As the realization of what he truly was settled in, he fought his heritage, desperate to find his way. Caught between a world of good versus evil, he’s torn as he searches for answers, blamed by the very man he’s forced to call his father. His one salvation the love of his life, he fights to save her before she’s swept into a life of servitude to the devil himself, from which she’ll never return. With the ancient curse of his kind snapping at his heels, he creates a plan, one that could cost him his life and damn his soul for all eternity. Could his desire conquer the blackness enshrouding the city before the final turn or would he lose the most precious gift known – love?

One decision proved too costly…


And as the time of passing on the black night the new millennium of our kind the moon shall bleed upon the earth and those who are meant for the beginning of forever shall lead. And a child shall be brought forth to begin the next phase and the Kingdom shall be reborn. And the new King must take a bride and slip his seed into his rightful mate by the passing of the first Crimson moon in order to take back his place among the side of the Satan himself.

He stood on the banks of the shore, gazing out into the darkened night, almost soothed by the ocean’s gently rolling waves. Yet the wind was kicking up, indicating an approaching storm. Holding out his arms he inhaled the salty air as he thought about the weeks ahead. For better or for worse he was going to be the soul reason for changing the face of the world. Humans had no idea about the horrors they were going to face at his hands and those of the creatures who served his needs.

Tilting his head back he closed his eyes, visions of the past meshing together with the recent slaughters. There was no doubt he was ready to assume command, a place that had been foretold since the beginning of time. While he wasn’t a patient man he was one who realized the importance of prudence, something his maker had drilled into his heart and soul through centuries of brutal discipline. The intense preparations had honed his skills, making him the master he was today. Smiling, he continued to feel anger boiling just beneath the veiled mask of humanity he was forced to wear.

A snarl bubbled to the surface as he thought about the sequence of events, a moment that would possibly tarnish their efforts but then again one very necessary. Suddenly barely able to contain his building rage, he fisted his mouth and allowed the fleeting memories of his life so long ago to race to the forefront of his mind. He was through with being patient. He was done with heeding orders. Now was the time to take what he wanted, what was rightfully his.

Lifting his fist to the billowing clouds, the first lightning strike, slicing into the darkened waters, gave him a series of intense shivers skating down his back. As a second and third bolt flashed, current raced through the humid air, sending a spark of electricity down the entire shoreline. The storm was going to be damn intense and the very concept suited his mood. As the wind continued to pick up, grabbing grains of sand from the beach surrounding him, he made a promise to himself and the very monster that had created him. He was going to be vindicated and he would annihilate the entire human race. The thought was far too delicious and necessary. Some would fight him ferociously but no matter. This was going to go the way he wanted, no matter how man casualties of this great war there would be.

“Yes! You will belong to me.” The deep timbre of his voice floating into a swirl around him, he burst into laughter as he envisioned her face, her bright eyes and the very smile that had lured him in centuries before. She was going to belong to him and for the rest of her rather fragile life she was going to serve his every need, fulfill his greatest sexual fantasies. Their union had been etched in stone since the beginning of time. There was no way she could deny him any longer, no way he would allow her to. And then when he was through with her she was going to live in the fires of hell forever, serving the rapid dogs who serviced their masters. Then and only would she learn to pay for her sins.

His eyes flashing, he studied the impending storm clouds and nodded. “You already belong to me. Come my precious and take your place beside your rightful owner.” Dropping his head he allowed his body to shift, morphing into his true creature. He glanced down at his hands, merely a mask hiding the very savage beast lying in wait, and licked his lips. As his fingers became talons, holding razor sharp claws, he darted a glance back at the sky, mesmerized by the sheer beauty. Throwing back his hands he roared. “Soon you will belong to me!”


“I can’t believe you have a son and I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. Me, for God’s sake.”

Anastasia Lucard glared at Kristoff Chenault, her lover, submissive and co-worker in Bad Things, a kink club smack in the middle of downtown Charleston South Carolina. The conservative city was home to many things, including a powerful religious syndicate and one they would forever fight. The highly revered club provided every method of kinky fantasy for special clients, including many politicians and high powered business men and women in town. Offering anonymity as well as indulging in their particular proclivities, the business also offered her the ability to stay close to the pulse of the city while indulging in her own private hungers. But so many in the closely-knit town hated the secure and misunderstood club. People were fearful of what they didn’t understand. Now a madman was threatening everything she’d ever worked for. Lucas was going to stop at nothing to destroy her. Or take her as his bride, something she was prepared to die before allowing. Just saying the monster’s name gave her chills. Lucan Throne was her bitter enemy, one from her distant and very past. He was going to stop at nothing to destroy her and the people she loved dearly. There was no way she could allow it, not for her or for her Pride. Now was the time she had to take control, what so any had groomed her for and something she’d fought against. “What the hell do you want me to say?”

“The truth for once!” Kristoff snapped. “The truth. This is a nightmare and you’re smack in the center of it.”

“She didn’t know,” the aging man said quietly as he looked from Kristoff to Anastasia, deep creases lining his weathered face.

“It’s all right, father. Kristoff has every right to be angry.” Her blood was boiling as the realization of what had happened sunk in. Her wounds slowly healing, she gazed down at the cuts and bruises fading from her skin and sighed. The nasty battle in the middle of the woods had almost taken her life, as well as others from her Pride. Being attacked without provocation was something she should have seen coming. Then again, nothing was as it seemed any longer. She thought about her son, the one she didn’t know existed until recently, and fought the tears welling in her eyes. She suspected the man she knew as attorney Trenton Parker had no idea what was happening to him. As the full-blooded son of she and Lucas Throne, the child of the devil himself, he was going to need food soon. And that meant others would die viciously. Sadly his human side was waning. She had no idea what to do or how to control what was going on.

“Your fucking low life son has taken Jasmine! My God he’s going to use her and abuse her and…” Unable to finish, Kristoff slammed his hand down on top of the desk.

What do you think? Are you very, very afraid?

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