BLACKOUT…and Seduction

Mmm – what do you think? Little did I know when I sat down to pen a sexy collection of four books about a highrise condo smack in the middle of Chicago in a raging snowstorm that we’d have such terrible weather. My heart goes out to everyone. This is all about what you might do if you were trapped in a building with nowhere to go and only the heat of your bodies to stay warm. The first is m/m and laced with a bit of the past angst we’ve all felt and being forced to face out inner demons. I hope you enjoy…



As the first snowstorm of the season grips the city of Chicago, few anticipate the severity. Only a few inches forecast, no one was prepared for the evasive two feet – or the rolling blackouts ripping through the darkening streets. But as they say, burning desires refuse to be denied. Anything and everything can happen in the shadows and some things are best left to the imagination – especially in close quarters.

Join the tenants of Riverside Plaza, a luxurious and very exclusive high-rise nestled on the banks of Lake Michigan as they engage in a night full of passion, the close quarters and near lock down event only proving to ignite their most uninhibited and sometimes dark cravings. Each story will leave you breathless…


Decker Blackheart was a ladies man and one who was the talk on the Billboard circuits as the up and coming musician of the year. As the reigning rock star legend for the band, Blackheart Doom, he was considered to be one of the most accomplished guitar players in the industry. Landing in Chicago for a gig, he was incensed how few people showed up. Somehow it didn’t matter a raging snowstorm was pounding the city. All the hotels booked because of the impending weather, he was forced to take refuge at an old college buddy’s apartment. Instantly anguished memories resurfaced, ones they’d both tried to block.

Jonas Shannon was a stockbroker by trade and a budding cinema man at night. The concept of filming erotic stories was his dark desire and one few knew about. Passion was something he longed to achieve, both in front and behind the camera. Sadly, he knew little about indulging in his kinky fantasies – until Decker arrived on his doorstep and sparks flew instantly. As the lights went out for the final time, both men were left with questions regarding what happened on a similar night in New Orleans. This time the term blackout meant more than just seduction. This time it meant unleashing boundaries.



“Come to me. Now!” Decker commanded as he twirled the long tailed whip into the air. Looking up and down the length of his submissive, he growled slowly and waited until the stunning blond inched toward him, his eyes twinkling in the dim lighting.

“Yes, sir,” he breathed as he stopped a mere two feet in front of him, his eyes unblinking.

“Let me look at you.” As he dragged the leather tip of the whip back and forth across the man’s thighs, he allowed a slow breath to escape. With his other hand he brushed his fingers across the man’s broad chest and around his back, caressing the strong muscles he found there. “You’re going to be good to train, to teach how to please me. You’re also going to be good to fuck.”

Crack! Pop!

Snapping his wrist, he cracked the tail across his backside, savoring the way red welts instantly surfaced.

“Fuck!” the man hissed through clenched teeth as he struggled to keep his footing.

“That will cost you.” Continuing his exploration of his sub’s body, he slid his finger up and down the crack of his ass and then pressed his finger just inside the man’s puckered hole. “You’ll get used to me taking you savagely.” Thrusting the entire length of his finger into the man’s dark cavity, he licked his lips in delicious anticipation of driving his cock deep inside.

Sucking in his breath, the sub clenched his fist as he closed his eyes. “Yes, sir.”

“Very tight. We’ll have to loosen that sweet ass of yours up to be able to take my dick. We’ll begin tonight.” Inching around the front of him, he eased his eyes down very slowly from the sub’s sensuous and full lips to his long neck, broad chest and washboard stomach. “Hot. You’re hot indeed. I’m going to have all the men in my club craving every aspect of your body. You’re going to become the perfect slave. Won’t you?” Continuing his inspection, he eased the flat of his hand down to the man’s throbbing cock.

“Yes, sir. I will, sir.”

“Of course you will. I have the most incredible cock ring waiting for you. I simply can’t wait to begin.” Wrapping his hand around the base of his sub’s cock, Decker chuckled darkly as he squeezed the man’s shaft, pumping up and down. He relished in the man’s reaction, growing hungrier as he stroked roughly.

He shuddered and blinked furiously.

 “I can tell you enjoy this. Do you want more?” While he didn’t need to ask, he took what he wanted, Decker enjoyed the blonde’s reactions.

“God, yes sir!”

“Good. Assume the position I taught you. You’re going to suck me. Now!”


Slamming the tip of the whip across the floor, Decker tipped his head back and allowed a keening howl to erupt past his lips. This was by far the best choice for a submissive he’d ever found. Long and lean, the man was stunning and in his resolve to please a Master was second to none. Together they were going to enter into a journey, one of passion and control.

Obeying instantly, the sub dropped to his knees, his back straight as he kept his hands to his sides and opened his mouth.

Fumbling with his button and zipper, Decker freed his throbbing cock and immediately shoved the entire length into his sub’s throat. As the man closed his mouth and used his strong jaw muscles to clamp around him, he sighed and lowered his head. With one hand he pushed the submissive’s head down and with the other he swirled the leather up and down the man’s naked back. “You’re going to be spending a hell of a lot of time on your knees doing just this.”



Jerked awake, Decker Blackheart panted as his hands clawed something and he tried to figure out where the hell he was and why he was having such a damn vivid dream. “Shit.” Sweat pouring down his back, he blinked furiously trying to  focus and figure out where he was. As he looked around, he realized he was on a plane and the full realization of where the hell he was and what he was doing dawned on him.

He’d spent more time growling during the flight and the subsequent time spent sitting on the runway than anything else. Even being bumped out of First Class had enraged him to the point the sad looking woman behind the ticket counter burst into tears. The morning hadn’t been his finest and the rushed booking by a manager he might have to fire when he returned from Chicago had caught him off guard. The jerk off actually said some shit about believing in the fates of God. Snorting, he continued to laugh at the thought. In his mind he didn’t believe in fate. At least the damn show paid well enough.

Unfortunately Decker was doing the show solo, the other band members already off for some much needed R & R. Maybe falling asleep for a little while was a Godsend to the entire flight crew and passengers.

He shook the cobwebs out of his mind and sat up in his seat, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Why the hell was he dreaming about owning a man again?  Jesus. Sucking in his breath, he tried to rationalize the intensity of the visions. Hell, he’d been spending a lot of time searching the Internet, reading everything he could about BDSM and a D/s lifestyle. For the freaking life of him he had no idea why. The one time in his life he’d actually indulged in something more than fantasy had cost him. Yeah, too much. But damn if he wasn’t hungering for something completely out of his comfort zone. Something he doubted he’d ever find, fate or no fate. Pushing aside the ugly thought, he sniffed and darted a glance out the plane window.

“Some dream,” a quiet voice said from beside him.

I hope you enjoyed…

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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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