When She Asks for You to…Unwrap Me

It’s getting to the holiday season and I love all things about being wicked under the Christmas tree. Come on. Isn’t there something so much fun about wrapping gifts, listening to holiday music and simply playing with your significant other? Now imagine having the house to yourself – just you and your guy and you allow him to unwrap a package under the tree – YOU. Mmm… 

I wrote a snazzy little piece last year that was in an anthology collection and now it’s just been released as a stand alone. It’s all cougar with the man being a hot young hunk and her best friend’s little brother. I hope you like a little taste.


Cristal Collier was hungry for a man, but her cheating ex husband had left her for a blond twenty-something vixen and her self-esteem was shot. Her friends were tired of putting up with her hiding in the dark confines of her home and were determined to ignite a fire. During a sinful Christmas party, a naughty rouse was put to the test and her best friend Wendy knew exactly how to jump start Cristal’s love life, or at least garner her a wicked tryst. She knew her brother was Cristal’s secret fantasy and one she refused to explore. During the sinful white elephant gift exchange, the cards were stacked.

Thorne Mitchell was sixteen years her junior and had a serious crush on the stunning copper haired beauty. After a shared kiss years before, she had pushed him out of her life and he had fled the state. Now, he was bound and determined not only to seduce her, but also win her heart. After engaging in a shameless round of sex including a moment in front of their friends, she refused to see him again. Planning a scintillating game of his own, he pulled out every stop, but Cristal couldn’t take the heat. As an early snowfall blanketed the twinkling lights of Baltimore, he finally gave up, going home to soothe his soul. He knew Santa Claus wasn’t coming to his house that year. Would he ever be able to unwrap the precious gift again?


A harried squee dragged Cristal’s attention away from the slice of pure vanilla chocolate hunk.

“Oh my God!  Look at the candle and the bubble bath. My hubby is going to be happy tonight!” As the excited blond showed off her gift, the grunts and moans of the crowd filtered into the dense air.

“Me, really? I mean…it’s been what, six years?” Cristal watched him place the shimmering foil package under the tree, nod to Brenda and saunter their way. And he only had eyes for her. Dear fucking God, she was going to faint. The stunning six foot four inch blond man took sexy and gorgeous to an entirely dangerous level. Licking her lips, she nonchalantly gazed down the length of his carved body. No man ever filled out a pair of tight black jeans like Thorne. A blazing scarlet silk shirt hugged his chiseled pecs and he looked good enough to be a calendar cover for Chippendales. The years of maturity had turned him into one delicious treat for the eyes.

“Five, but who’s counting and I think he’s a very happy man seeing you.” Bubbling with giggles, Wendy wiggled her finger, pointing discretely to the thick bulge between his legs.

“Wendy!” Cristal chastised but holy fuck, the man was hard and horny. Was it really because of her?  She remembered the lanky boy had grown into a stunning man right before her eyes and intense desire burned within both of them for years to the point he eventually surprised her with a passionate kiss. The memory sweet, she licked her lips envisioning the sticky summer day, the large oak tree and his hard body pinning her to it. While she wanted nothing more than to make love with him that day, she’d been trying to rekindle a dying marriage. The guilt continued to ride her even through Cory’s copious affairs.

“Hi ya, baby brother.” Rising onto her tiptoes, Wendy kissed his cheek.

“His ya, sis.” Turning his gaze, he blazed a long slow trail down the length of Cristal. “Whew! Damn, you look hot.” Thorne grinned. Taking Cristal’s hand, he brushed his lips across her palm and darted a series of licks up and down her fingers. “Mmm…I’ve missed you.”

Did he just lick me? A screaming echo pulsed in her ears as jagged shimmers of fuchsia and tangerine stars floated in front of her eyes. “Thorne.” Her voice barely audible, sensations rushed through her body that she’d never felt before. Her pussy clenched as a trickle of honey slid into her panties. “I didn’t know you were back from California.”

“Seems like someone kept my arrival a secret,” Thorne gave Wendy an evil grin.

“Number forty six!” Brenda called. “Now don’t forget, you can snag another gift if you don’t like what you get.”

“I’m glad…to…um…see you.” Damn it girl! You aren’t in high school. He’s just a man. Cristal smiled. Thinking he was just a man was a woefully ridiculous statement. He was the man of her fantasies every single night of the week. Thorne was sixteen years her junior and for some reason it always bothered her. While she’d never told anyone of her brazen hunger officially, Wendy knew stone cold Cristal had the hots for her brother. She’d followed his career in the magazines, even cutting out her favorite pictures. An aspiring model and actor, his savvy business sense afforded him all the perks and toys a man might crave. And as he undressed her with his eyes, she knew he wanted her naked, lying on silk sheets.

“All right Bart, your turn!” Brenda waved to Thorne.

“I can’t wait to see what you have for a famished male.” His voice gravely, Bart whistled into the crowd as he grabbed the elf figurine coated bag.

“Would you consider having a drink with me?” Thorne asked. “Maybe we could go somewhere quiet.”

“I’d…I’d love to,” Cristal breathed, feeling her confidence building. She glanced at the group crowded around the tree and grimaced. Her foil bag had been pushed right to the front.

“Lordy, how did you know?” Bart’s booming laughter filtered throughout the room as he held up a baby pink women’s tee shirt. Covered with sequins, the material shimmered in the festive lighting.

“I think that’ll look great on you, Bart,” Brenda laughed as she picked up another package.

“Why don’t we sneak away? I need a drink and I’d love to get to know everything you’ve been doing.” Thorne grabbed Cristal around the waist and swung her around in circles. “I can’t wait to get to know you again.”

“Hey baby brother, just wait for a minute or two,” Wendy admonished. “You can’t leave the party just yet.”

Laughter filtered across the room as several guests clapped.

Brenda coughed. “We’re on a roll guys. “Number forty seven!”

Thorne winked at Wendy and pursed his lips. “Whatever you say, sis.”

“Thorne,” Cristal breathed. God, they’re all in this together. What are they thinking? Have an affair with a boy? But he wasn’t a boy. He was the man she dreamed about every night. She gazed into his eyes and felt every part of her body quiver for Thorne. He was the guy she longed for to fill her most secret fantasies. Her routine was almost the same every night. A glass of wine, a lovely vibrating toy and thoughts and visions of Thorne as the fuel she needed as she shoved a thick sex toy into her cunt. While the images were nothing short of stunning, she craved real flesh and blood.

“Yes, baby?” Thorne inched closer, grinding his hips back and forth across hers. Wrapping his arm around her back, every move was a sensuous dare.

“Squee!  Look at this tasty treat guys! Chocolates! I have all kinds of ideas how I’m going to use these and it has everything to do with my man.” The squeals jazzed the guests until they whistled and cat-called.

“Just a couple more. Bart, Samantha, do you want to trade your gifts for the last two under the tree?” Brenda asked.

“Not a chance!” Samantha cooed as she swayed her hips back and forth.”

“No. We’ll keep it. I think my naughty wife kinda wants to see me in pink,” Bart mused.

Cristal eyed the golden wrapped package as a single tremor of anticipation trickled down her spine.

“Number forty-eight.” Brenda grinned and gazed toward Cristal, her look nothing short of a kitten-caught-in-a-bowl-of-milk stare.

Cristal didn’t have to look at the tiny slip of paper to know her number was up. “You both set me up.”

Wendy pushed her with a single finger. “You bet. Call it an intervention.”

Brenda lifted the red foil bag and nodded toward Thorne. “That must make you number forty-nine. Why don’t you two lovebirds open your gifts together?”

Help me God, I’ve dropped into my own private moment of hell. Cristal felt every part of her body shaking.

“Hmmm, I think you might like my selection. I had a particular scintillating woman in mind,” Thorne breathed as he brushed a single finger down her bare back.

Chills danced down the length of her body and directly into her wet heat. Barely able to feel her legs, she glided forward. Why was it that all eyes were on her? As she slowly unwrapped the foil package, she attempted to control her ragged breathing but with every stolen glance at Thorne, she became lost in a sea of wanton desire. The Victoria’s Secret box was the first give away of just how far her wicked friends had gone to conspire against her. As she pulled the bright pink tissue paper away, she gasped.

“What did you get?” Wendy giggled.

“Pull it out,” Brenda encouraged as she strolled to the CD player. Flipping a switch, the sounds of Madonna’s Santa Baby floated into the room.

Swallowing hard, Cristal fingered the beautiful scarlet lace and shook her head.

Thorne inched forward and lifted her chin. “While I long to see you in this, I plan on stripping it off and ravaging your body. I’ve waited long enough to taste you.”

The words were a simple statement and for a moment Cristal couldn’t speak. Opening and closing her mouth, she gazed into his midnight blue eyes, mesmerized.

Leaning over, his long golden locks fell across her cheeks as he pressed his lips against hers. He swept his tongue across the seam of her mouth and breathed in deeply before easing back. “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Can we see?” Wendy asked, her eyes sparkling.

“Um…okay.” Her hand shaking, Cristal pulled out the corset and matching thong. Sighing, she felt all eyes on her and knew she’d be embarrassed but at that moment she was titillated from the wicked thoughts brewing.

“Now we’re talking!” Brenda laughed as she grabbed her glass of wine. “Thorne. Open your gift.”

“No!” Cristal gasped. Oh shit! He was going to think that…that… As she watched his grin turn mischievous she was torn between her concerns about their age difference and her guilt about their single moment of passion. Guilt? The asshole’s out of your life. Hearing the words of her friends racing through her mind, she realized they were right. It was time to live a little.

“Yes,” Brenda cooed as she handed Thorne the gift.

As if in slow motion, Cristal watched as he opened the bag and yanked out the contents. “Well, well, I know exactly what to do with these,” Thorne said as he locked eyes with her. Holding up the fuzzy red cuffs, he grinned mischievously and then jerked out the flogger. “I think I like this best and I know exactly how I’m going to use it.”


     Cristal jumped as she eyed his playful look, his eyes casting a long gaze down her body. Holy fuck! What had she gotten herself into?

“Now the fun really begins,” Brenda laughed.

I so hope you enjoyed

Kisses   xxx


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