Has My Writing Changed?

Well, the obvious and quick answer is yes. Of course it’s changed since I really began to get back into writing now about two and a half years ago. I’ve written my entire life, but something broke inside of me that said “I have to write” and so I started in earnest and haven’t looked back since. I like to think I’ve gotten better technically, but in truth I want the style of writing and the depth of my characters to reflect the changing woman. As authors we are shaped by many aspects of our life, including aspects around us, experiences with friends and family and especially our imagination. We are very creative and passionate people. We can learn to love in kinky or sensual fashions, kill people with a flair that 007 would enjoy, and laugh until our sides split. We can play detectives and learn about poisons and crime scenes and on the flip side talk about the best usage of chocolate sauce. Oh and trust me, chocolate isn’t just used for ice cream any longer.

I think for me personally I have been able to get into the almost real life of some of my characters. Now for so many of you who know me, I write fast and write in several subgenres of both erotic romance and thrillers/murder mystery. I can’t really be put into a neat box with my style except that I tend to pull no punches. I’m not the flowery writer per say that’s going to share quiet fields and streams. My pieces tend to be in your face in many aspects and I love the shock and awe factors I use. I can kill my characters in the most intense ways, some of which you’d never think of in your life. I love being able to write on a silly piece about seducing your boss and then switch to a gritty piece that takes me full concentration to get inside the killer’s head.

Some people have given me advice that I need to concentrate more on one or two sub-genres, but the delicious fun about being an author is writing what floats into your mind. I dream in color and the ability allows me to have some of the kinkiest concepts for stories. Come on, you have to agree with me. I keep a notebook in order to be able to write down ideas. While some of them are simply fun and wicked, others make it to a basic outline and then a synopsis. Then I have a file I keep both on the computer and in a paper folder so that I can be reminded of what I might want to work on next.

I also take my notebook with me everywhere I go because ideas flash into my mind when I’m sitting at a stoplight or in my office churning out papers. You’d be surprised how I can make a kinky story out of almost anything. Yeah, challenge me LOL.

The other aspect about my writing is that I have been writing about more social messages and at times without really realizing it. I write about interracial couples all the time. For those of you know me hear my phrase – “love is love no matter what color, sexual preference or religious and cultural beliefs’. I also write about same sex couples having families and discrimination, bigotry and abusive relationships. In other words I write about real life. I think that’s what my readers want to see – because love and life aren’t easy. What we have to deal with is something perplexing and yet oh so beautiful.

We also need escape from these everyday horrors of strife and I think that’s why I write just fun pieces about passion and romance – because life is a blessed place full of magic and verve. We just tend to forget this at times.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. I thought I’d leave you with a little synopsis of an upcoming collection. I put together this sexy series of short pieces that are simply meant to shower you with joy and naughtiness. Dirty Little Lunches is just that – a blip around noon in which you allow your inner bad girl or boy out. The entire collection plus a new piece is being released on December 3rd and at a very special price.

I hope you’ll think very naughty thoughts.

Kisses   xxx



(Including Striking Midnight – a new m/m piece)

Just how hot do you like your lunches? Do you prefer a little sizzle instead of the same greasy cheeseburger day after day? Now imagine if your next lunch included a taste of passion, a moment of lust or perhaps a kinky adventure – involving the man or woman of your most sinful fantasies. If you’re stuck in a rut, venturing to the same venues for a quick bite, think about doing something completely wild. You know you hunger for the voluptuous vixen in the office next door or desire the guy who delivers all those delicious slices of pizza. From a burger joint serving up the finest in juicy meat with BDSM on the side, to an elevator ride where going to the top takes on an entirely new definition, and a sexy maintenance man who is determined to fix more than your pipes, these stories are designed to kick up the heat. Lose your inhibitions for at least a day and come take a taste, maybe a full bite. If you do, you just might find a Dirty Little Lunch in the making, a feast for the soul.

Enjoy a snazzy little video trailer



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