Indulging in Your Fantasy – Twisted Christmas Anyone?

It’s that time again – a bit of indulging in your fantasies. That’s when I have you go down memory lane with me with my writing. It’s the holidays and I have several hot little pieces out but one was with an anthology collection with Naughty Nights Press last year and I am proud to say it’s a hot special this week – the purchase link is at the bottom. have you ever heard of the Twisted Christmas CD? It’s a CD based on Christmas songs and then really twisting them up in all kinds of ways. I just love the title and decided to build a story around the very thought… Enjoy



Wynter Mclean was very good at her job as a legal assistant for a prominent law firm in Baltimore. Conservative and quiet, no one knew she had a wild and kinky side. When her boss decided to kick up the heat on their holiday party making it a bit twisted she was determined to finally “come out” to her colleagues. Pining away for the two hottest attorneys in the office, not only did they not know she existed but they were in lust with each other. Purchasing a sexy outfit as required by the rather sinful invitation, she was ready for the event. Granted a glass of wine and a sex toy certainly helped ease her tension.

Cody Wallace and Daman Miller were lovers and well respected attorneys but they had a dark side that no one knew including sharing a D/s lifestyle. Longing for a third they just happened upon a rather kinky sight coming from a condo across the street and a sinful plan of magic was put to action. Enlisting the help of one elf who had rather shameless designs on the Christmas event the three engaged in a little wicked heat of their own. While the game was fun – what about the rest of the season?


“Twisted Christmas?” Wynter asked through clenched teeth as she eyed the nametag again. Yep, it said Wynter Mclean right on the festive gold foil. Eying the cover of the CD she sighed. There was nothing like seeing a goofball dressed up as Santa Claus on the cover to start her day off.

“Kinda cute, isn’t it?” Sitting on Wynter’s desk she kicked out her leg as she glanced around the office. “Don’t worry, we all got the same thing, girl. Don’t you just love our boss?”

“You know, Kylee, if I didn’t know any better I’d say our boss was a bit nuts.” Sighing, Wynter stole a glance at her Michael Saunders’ office door and wondered what he was up to. He’d always been playful but somehow the 80’s something wacko holiday song collection was a bit dopey even for him.

“What, you didn’t look at the card yet?”

“Card?” Shuffling through the colorful bits of paper scattered across her desk she caught a glimpse of the red envelope. “Should I be scared?”

“Let’s just say that Mr. Saunders must have been drinking either too much eggnog or mulled wine this year but I’ll give the man credit, it sure beats the tickets to the Baltimore Orioles home games,” Kylee grinned. “Now I just have to figure out what to wear.”

“To the office party?” Opening the envelope slowly she half expected it to blow up. Seeing the beautifully designed card she was surprised.

“And you are coming, right?”

“I’ll let you know after I read this.”

Kylee jerked it out of her hand. “Oh it’s a lot more fun if I read it out loud. Saunders and Thompson PC cordially invites the staff to the annual holiday event on Saturday, December tenth from seven p.m. until and while you’re allowed to invite guests you’re encouraged not to. This time we plan on having a wickedly good time involving a bit of elf magic. What to bring? Nothing other than your inhibitions at the door and the understanding that fun will be had. Oh and forget the formal or business attire. Only shameless velvet, satin, leather and lace will be allowed in the front door. Don’t be late or you just might be paddled by Santa.”

Wynter blinked furiously and gazed around the room like an elf was going to jump out and say April Fools. “I don’t think I understand.”

“You and me and the rest of the office, sugar. If you ask me though it might just be fun. I guess listening to these songs might give us some idea what to expect.”

Wynter burst into laughter. “Have you ever heard the CD? It’s wild and wicked.”

“Then it fits the party. Shame we can’t bring anybody though.”

Shivering Wynter opened and closed her mouth as she felt heat built from the tips of her toes up to flush her face.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. You have the hots for two sexy attorneys. Let’s see. What are their names again? Hmmm. Does Cody Wallace and Daman Miller ring a bell? Maybe you can have your chance at seducing them in the kitchen area or perhaps in a locked down elevator. Getting all hot and bothered?” Chuckling, Kylee stood and wagged her finger.

“A little louder please so the cleaning staff can hear you!” Wynter snapped and groaned. Hots? Hell if you called them red hots with a soft gooey center then you bet. Her greatest fantasy in the world were the two hunks who filled every dream leaving her wanting nothing more than one man filling her pussy and the other shoving his cock deep into her ass. Absently she wiped a bead of perspiration from her forehead. “Too bad they hunger for each other.” Was her voice actually croaking?

Leaning down Kylee raised her eyebrow. “Honey girl, your naughty thoughts are showing and besides I have it on very good authority that they’re bisexual, safe and it is almost 2012. I think you can handle a very steamy and unconventional relationship. Don’t you? Oh and your nipples are hard.” As she moved away from the desk laughing she nodded toward the two men in question.

As Cody and Daman walked down the long hallway Wynter inhaled and wrinkled her nose. In truth she didn’t care if they fucked racehorses in their spare time but they weren’t going to notice her. She was plain Jane as the day was long and very conservative.

“Hey,” Cody said as the two men breezed by.

And she just about melted into the floor before she pushed her glasses up her nose and pressed her hand down her crisp white and very boring shirt. Something had to give. Conservative wasn’t her. Granted, she’d fallen into the trap because of trying to get ahead but she was the resident wild girl in college. Too many years of wearing her long flaming red hair in a bun and basic blue outfits and she wasn’t sure she knew how to entice a man or look sexy any longer.

But damn it she craved the ying and yang of the two men enough so she kept a drawer full of vibrators and ass plugs. One was a blond God with turquoise blue eyes and a carved butt and the other was something out of an Italian Stallion dream and boy did she want to be ridden. Realizing her leg was tapping against her desk she tamped back her raging desire and went back to work but somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she was going to give herself a little naughty gift early.

I hope you enjoyed and um buy many copies – Santa will put you on the nice list!

Kisses   xxx



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