Can You Handle the Invitation?

Women are very sensual creatures. They love passion and intimacy. They crave the touch, a feathered kiss, a longing look in a man’s eye. They also long for the intimacy of conversation. That’s why women share so much with each other. Women are also very sexual creatures – no matter what you men think. As such they will sometimes allow themselves to cross the line with another woman. I think women are beautiful and sexy and…

In penning Blackout – my little collection about what happens when a snowstorm blankets a city – I wanted to do another f/f piece. It was just a powerful thing for me to do. It’s sexy and sensual and yet not something women seem to want to read about. Come on ladies. We’ve all had that one fleeting thought about what it would be like to be with another woman. So I’m indulging in your fantasy. Come take a taste and perhaps accept the invitation.


As the first snowstorm of the season grips the city of Chicago, few anticipate the severity. Only a few inches forecast, no one was prepared for the evasive two feet – or the rolling blackouts ripping through the darkening streets. But as they say, burning BlackoutInvitation_Cover-small
desires refuse to be denied. Anything and everything can happen in the shadows and some things are best left to the imagination – especially in close quarters.

Join the tenants of Riverside Plaza, a luxurious and very exclusive high-rise nestled on the banks of Lake Michigan as they engage in a night full of passion, the close quarters and near lock down event only proving to ignite their most uninhibited and sometimes dark cravings. Each story will leave you breathless…

Jessica Farthing was finished with dating and perhaps even men, seeking solace in a collection of kinky sex toys night after night. After a series of failed relationships and utter lies, she realized love might never come her way. On a frigid Friday night, she was determined to soothe her soul with a collection of girl flicks, a few bottles or wine and a tub full of chunky monkey ice cream. Calling her best friend to help her wallow in her sorrows, the girls camped out for the evening as the storm of the century raged on in the Chicago night.

Belle Fontaine had always had a penchant for women and one in particular – Jessica. She’d hungered for her best friend for years and never admitted her true feelings for fear of pushing the woman of her dreams out of her life completely. As they settled in front of the television, she slipped in a very seductive movie for them to watch. Just as sparks began to fly, suddenly there was a total blackout. Undaunted, Belle decided to give Jessica the very night she’d been longing for and the darkness only aided in giving them the very reason to explore their darkest fantasies.


Belle Fontaine sighed as she hung up her phone and rose to her feet, grabbing her glass of wine off the coffee table. The invitation was delicious indeed. “Mmm… Now this could be very interesting.” Smiling, she pressed the tip of a single finger back and forth across her mouth. Taking a sip of cabernet, she swirled the liquid in her mouth as she turned to stare out the window, remaining unblinking. She’d heard the new weather reports and they had changed significantly since the morning. The storm was supposed to be one of the Century — whatever the hell that meant. She’d lived in Chicago many years ago and only moved back about two years before. While she knew the snows could be nasty, the early in the season ones could indeed be rough.

The storm really didn’t matter to her. She had plenty of time to take off and snuggle in. However… She wanted to snuggle in with someone special. Licking the rim of her glass, she thought about the night and the movies she might select to take over to Jessica’s condo. She took another drink of wine, enjoying the smooth yet tangy slight burn sliding down the back of her throat. Karma was so fascinating at times and when you coupled that with Mother Nature, maybe just maybe she could win a craps shoot game this weekend.

By the windowShe walked closer to the window and palmed the frosty glass, gazing down at the harried commuters trying hard to get home before the big snow fell. Chuckling, she inhaled the rich aroma of the wine and turned her thoughts to Jessica and the evening. For the first time she allowed herself to think about her best buddy in an entirely different manner. Jessica had been the first woman she’d shared all her woes and happiness, her triumphs in business and failures in friendships with. There was and had been something about the beautiful voluptuous redhead who had intrigued and tantalized her with her completely uninhibited behavior and attitude.

Belle was the brazen hussy Jessica longed to be, but somehow couldn’t allow out of her padlocked cage. No matter how hard she pushed and encouraged the far too conservative woman, Jessica remained hard headed. They’d met at a conference almost ten years before, striking up a rather casual friendship until they both happened in the sensational town of Chicago. One drink, including dirty talk about men, and two hours they’d become fast friends.

Taking a step back, she smoothed her hand down the front of her dress, her skin-tight scarlet dress, and smiled. The day had been damn good with signing not just one but two huge clients. They were both added to her bottom line list of credits and no one could say otherwise. Still, many in her office weren’t happy with her one time fling with the boss. Not her best day all the way around. Draeven had been tasty, but too much to deal with, and after one night they decided there wouldn’t be a second. Somehow the rumor mill had gotten ahold of their shameful tryst and refused to let it go. She couldn’t help but chuckle since the awkwardness of having his employees seeing him tied up behind his desk had too much to bear. And the worst part of all was that the sex had been down right terrible.

You can be such an idiot. His flavoring she simply didn’t care for and why she tried time and time again to be something she wasn’t she’d never know. Belle shook her head and walked away from the window. Few people, let alone women, had ever really gotten close to her. She’d only allowed Jessica inside to the majority of her deep, dark desires a few months earlier and after several rounds of margaritas. Now there were few secrets between them and even few discussions about sex but one particular side of her she’d left behind every time they’d been silly or serious.

What few knew was that she was a true and practiced Dominatrix and one who hadn’t had a submissive in almost four years. The reasons were all over the place including the fact very few men could handle a very tall and very vivacious black woman, let alone one who wielded a whip on a regular basis. Jessica had no idea how involved Belle was in the D/s community, including teaching at conferences and going to munches almost every weekend. The freeing feeling of talking amongst peers and others who were craving the lifestyle gave her the most satisfaction in her life, even over her high-paying job.

Satisfaction was very important to her as well as learning the craft of being a Domme, something she relished more and more every year. “Mmmm…” Her pussy ached with need.

The shameless thought giving her a series of hungry growls, she swished her hips to the sultry sounds of Usher and headed back into the kitchen to refresh her wine. She was walking tonight to Jessica’s place, not driving, so she could certainly afford to have another glass. As she tipped the bottle she envisioned Jessica’s creamy alabaster skin and ultra sensuous Aegean green eyes. The woman was damn sexy and didn’t even have a freaking clue just how much. The woman seemed embarrassed by her curvaceous body and the shame was something Belle was now more determined than ever to rid her of.

She gripped the edge of the counter and wondered how to bring the wildcat out of her friend. Hmmm… I could try turning her on. Inhaling deeply, she closed her eyes and envisioned the rather scandalous moment. What would happen if she did? There was no doubt Jessica wanted to allow her inner self out, being completely uninhibited, and Belle suspected the woman was a true submissive. She based the decision on the conversations that she’d nearly lured her friend into having about inner dark cravings sexy loveand sexual appetites. While Jessica was no prude, she’d been more than hesitant to allow her inner creature out. Then a few sparks of blogs and pictures Belle had selectively showed her over time had told her without a shadow of a doubt that the woman had a very kinky side, and one who needed a strong hand.

Giggling to herself, she took another sip of wine and then swirled the dark red liquid in the glass, wondering just how much discipline the woman truly wanted. The one thing she’d learned in her life over the years was that the majority of people who had a penchant for a D/s situation truly hungered for a strong hand of discipline, whether the method be handled by spanking or something else. Jessica was no different. The woman longed for something she had been craving the majority of her life.

The other aspect she knew without a doubt was that her best friend really wasn’t into men – at least not in the methods they teased about constantly. No, Jess needed something else, another flavor. Belle was bi-sexual but she preferred the intense and very heady taste of women. She also craved fucking one hard and fast. But the woman had to be very special and one who could handle her needs and her raging desires that seemed to grow every year. Belle wasn’t a sadist but she knew she definitely pushed the boundaries of kink and subspace, a submissive’s dream if handled by a Master, or in her case a Mistress.

She set her glass down and really thought about the weekend. Was it time to tell Jessica what she desired and what she knew she could bring to both of them? The thought was more than just daunting. If Belle was wrong, her frankness could mean the very end of their friendship. But if she was right then they could begin to truly explore something more extreme and incredible between them. What should she do?

She’d never been one to shy away from anything and maybe simply being alone with Jessica for at least a night they could relax and explore. Shaking her head she reminisced about all their conversations and knew her gut instinct was right. As she glanced at her watch she realized she had a little bit of time to get some things together. The movies she already owned, ones that were certain to drag the inner bad girl out of Jessica and ones she’d never shown the sometimes conservative woman. The rest of the festive goodies remained questionable. While she wanted to entice Jessica, she also wanted to stretch her boundaries a bit as well.

The question was just how kinky? Sauntering into her bedroom, Belle opened her closet door and walked inside the expansive space, inching toward the back. As the vision of her leather and lace outfits came into her sightline, she smiled. No one knew she’d actually performed in a club, giving patrons a taste of something wicked and wild. No one. Until now. Could Jessica handle the concept?

I hope you enjoyed

Kisses   xxx


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  1. Tonya Kinzer says:

    Hey woman! Love that excerpt! tsss! Ummm…how many woman will actually admit they’ve wondered about a close friend or been attracted to a gorgeous female stranger? The opportunities are endless! This one should fly onto e-readers everywhere….and probably be hidden in their ‘favorites reads’ folder! LOL Love it! Muah!


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