Ready for a Sinful Feast?

A Feast of Fantasy perhaps? I wanted to give you a taste of my Dirty Little Lunches Collection and the brand new piece nestled inside. It’s taking hot lunches and doing all kinds of sinful and wicked things. Thing menage and BDSM, Domination and bondage, spanking and interracial. Think everything…



(Including Striking Midnight – a new m/m piece)

Just how hot do you like your lunches? Do you prefer a little sizzle instead of the same greasy cheeseburger day after day? Now imagine if your next lunch included a taste of passion, a moment of lust or perhaps a kinky adventure – involving the man or woman of your most sinful fantasies. If you’re stuck in a rut, venturing to the same venues for a quick bite, think about doing something completely wild. You know you hunger for the voluptuous vixen in the office next door or desire the guy who delivers all those A Feast of Fantasydelicious slices of pizza. From a burger joint serving up the finest in juicy meat with BDSM on the side, to an elevator ride where going to the top takes on an entirely new definition, and a sexy maintenance man who is determined to fix more than your pipes, these stories are designed to kick up the heat. Lose your inhibitions for at least a day and come take a taste, maybe a full bite. If you do, you just might find a Dirty Little Lunch in the making, a feast for the soul.


“What are you planning on doing this New Year’s Eve? Hopefully you’ll be snuggled up with your significant other, enjoying the second the new year begins. Romantic? You bet and we’re going to be here to share all the joys as you toast the future.”

Glaring at the television, Cameron Stinson jerked to his feet, gave the way too happy looking announcer the finger and flicked the switch, thanking God there was an off button to the damn frivolity. “Fuck you!” Feeling a hell of a lot better, he flipped on the CD player and turned up the volume. He hated holidays. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. He just hated the fact so many people were all love and kisses around the holiday, sharing special moments and photographs, enjoying eggnog and cookies, swilling champagne and fucking like bunnies. And he was going to be doing what had become a bad habit lately. Nothing.

Snarling, he leaned back in his office chair and wrapped his hand around his glass of wine. Then he broke into a smile as he swirled the cabernet before taking a sip, savoring the rich taste. “Time for a change. Time to take a chance. Time for love.” Love? Hell, lust and a sinful tryst were all he needed. Who care what the pompous jerk said on
menagetelevision. Love was highly overrated.

He chuckled as he read over the ad one final time. Leave your inhibitions at the door and prepare for an adventure. No matter what you desire, everything can be fulfilled – with the right person. Are you that person? Are you ready for something out of the ordinary? If the answers are yes, then email me. I just might have what you’re looking for. So he was pushing more than just the envelope but he had to think of something creative. Hell, after Mike had mentioned the damn concept he started investigating what everyone else was doing in their rather creative attempts at finding the perfect match. Dear God how many nights had he sat with his best buddy sharing more than a couple of drinks with him whining about the perfect man, all dark and dangerous. Whew. He knew the perfect guy, the one who’d remained in the back of his mind since forever, and could literally draw the sexy hunk. Like the man really existed. Sadly, Cameron wasn’t certain what he could really offer that hadn’t been done but one thing he knew, he should be able to use his creative marketing background to get a leg up.

“Leg up? What are you thinking?” Chuckling, he swung around in the chair and tilted his head back, groaning to the world. What if a man called his bluff? What were his limitations? Then again, would he have any if he indeed found the right man? The truth should probably be shocking but he knew better. He was more than ready to push every button, go to any lengths to find passion and perhaps have a little taste of something wild and wicked. “Mmmm…” Every minute that went by made him hornier. Shit. He was more than just horny. He was about out of his mind with lust.

What he was thinking about doing was certainly unorthodox but he was damn tired of spending every holiday completely alone. His last heated round of anything resembling sex had been before God was a baby. The thought making him groan, he took a gulp of his wine and then shook his head. He needed one incredible night of being slightly kinky and totally out there. Yep, one night on unbridled fucking. A lifetime he’d given up on. Shifting in his chair, his cock was aching from the thought alone. Damn it he was turned on as hell. How come there wasn’t a 1-800-call-stud line?

This was either the dumbest idea he’d had in a hell of a long time or one for the record books. Either way, he was committed now. Right? The truth was his buddy at work had given him the suggestion after nagging him relentlessly for weeks on end about finding a date – the fantasy dude, as Mike now called him. Who could date in a town full of beautiful people? He was nothing special, in his mind anyway. Well at least he had his hot guy in sheetsfigure and a full head of hair. God, he was pathetic.

Sliding his finger back and forth across the enter key, he chuckled and then scooted back in his chair. Somehow the rockin’ sounds of Bon Jovi weren’t getting the job done tonight. He needed something much darker to suit his mood, the same one he’d been in for a solid four months. Intolerable. Time to start living again.

As he flipped through his odd collection of CD’s he selected Kamelot and the second he hit play he felt a hell of a lot better. He allowed the sounds of the dark Goth music to filter into the room and hummed along as he turned back and glared at the computer screen, glowing in the early evening light. Sadly Cameron felt like this was his last resort. New Year’s Eve was coming up and he wasn’t going to sit home alone eating cheese puffs as he drank beer after beer and watched the ball drop in Time’s Square. This year was going to be different. Damn it! Raleigh might not be New York City but he could certainly entice a stud muffin for a night on the town, right?

I so hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx



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