Rebel Elite – Meet Eden Glenn

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(Character Interview)

Interview with Raynia Castellano from “Raynia’s Magic”

Raynia looked at the imposing questions on the list. Eden Glenn had convinced her to do an interview for Cassandre Dayne’s website. The quiet hours of early dawn gave her a few moments to look over the list.

She did her best thinking here at her desk. Convenient that the offices of Thompson, Thornton, and Castellano, Attorneys at Law were on the ground floor of the old Eden 1 blog 200x300RayniasMagicVictorian she, Peter and Chase called home.

She tapped her pencil against her bottom lip. She always thought better while writing things down, the old fashioned way. She read the first question.

What’s something you can’t live without for your career? Hum, easy peasy, she answered the question. “Two sharp number two pencils and a yellow legal tablet.” The items were stock and trade at their law office.

She pushed her blonde hair off her shoulder and concentrated on the next question. Why oh why had she agreed to this interview? Well, she owed Eden, big time for the life and happiness she enjoyed now. So, best to get it done.

Favorite color and does it suit your personality and why? “Purple.” Definitely, purple. “All hues of violet became my favorite color last year…”

That amethyst necklace started everything. She felt the heat rise in her cheeks thinking about the moment when her law partners became her lovers. She made herself continue, “when Chase and Peter and I negotiated our joint merger.” She grinned.

The interview caused her to think back on the memories of those moments when Peter and Chase first seduced her.

If you had to use a food or drink to entice your love, what would it be and how would you use it? Humm, She remembered the food they’d shared that afternoon they first had sex in her office, perfect answer. She wrote. “Pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives and a bottle of red wine.”

She read the next question, Eden couldn’t be serious, could she?

Well, it was an erotic romance website after all. She laughed.

What’s your favorite seduction song? “Anything with drums, and a strong thrusting beat.” Shaking her head, she erased the part about thrusting. Good Grief!

What does your family think about your partners? Ahh a knotty problem, her aunt’s shrill voice in her memory, from their last phone conversation, “and tell those sweet boys hello for me. Such a shame they’re, you know, gay.” She’d finished with a whisper. Raynia leaned her elbows on the desk and covered her face with her hands. “Oh, what have I gotten myself in to?”

Peter and Chase entered the side-connecting door into her office. Peter spread his hands over her shoulders and massaged easing the tension from her neck. She couldn’t hold back a moan of ecstasy from his ministrations.

He whispered against her ear, “The bed got cold without you in it with us.”

She sighed, and nuzzled against his kisses on her neck.

“You need to come back to bed. We missed you.” Chase leaned over her desk looking at the paper, “Hey, whacha doing?”

They loved her into a state of blissful comfort at every opportunity, insatiable men. She’d become quite insatiable herself, since accepting their place in her life.

“Oh, I’m working on an interview, Eden Glenn talked me into.”

Peter looked around her, reading the next question aloud.

“What would you consider to be the most romantic place on earth and why?”

She stood, her satin bathrobe parting open and took Chases hand in her right one, pulling him close to her hip. Peter eased next to her on the other side. Raynia slid her arm around his waist circled in their embrace.

“That’s an easy answer. The most romantic place on earth is right here with both of you.”

“Raynia’s Magic” vol 1 of the Amethyst Desire Collection. Vol 2, “Beverly’s Secret” TBR Mar/Apr, 2013 Rebel Ink Press

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4 Responses to Rebel Elite – Meet Eden Glenn

  1. pc says:

    Loved this character interview…I’ll check this book out! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Donna Steele says:

    Great interview – never erase thrusting – LOL!!


  3. I love learning about characters. Thanks. This is on my wish list!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com


  4. edenglenn says:

    Thank you PC, glad you enjoyed meeting Raynia and her boys. Hahaha Donna. Raynia for all her saucyness can blush furiously. Hiya Mel I hope your wishes come true! I apologize for not poppin in yesterday. I had a long long shift at work. Thank you again Cassandre for inviting me to your blog, for the Rebel Elite Holiday Blog Hop Tour. Follow me along to tomorrow’s stop.


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