Rebel Elite – Suzzana C. Ryan

We’re continuing with our very sexy Holiday Blog Hop with the Rebel Ink Press Elite writers and proud to present a dear friend of mine and a very talented writer…



Blurb: Aurora’s Ghost and Excerpt

Carl Peters lived two lifetimes and one young woman was responsible for his unpredicted journey through time. Aurora fell in love with the wrong man at the wrong time. Her mission was predestined and unknowingly she defied her destiny.

Through a series of events and one lovely entity, a drifting soul had taken love and given it back. Then one Christmas morning, Aurora set all the events back in place.

Have you ever wondered how many lifetimes a soul has seen? Have you ever wonderedSuzzana AurorasGhost_Cover (169x250) (169x250) (1) what a person experiences in the deep sleep of a coma? Have you ever felt a presence and brushed it off?

Love knows no boundaries and neither time nor space can never crush the strength of it. True love endures the test of time and reappears for those who believe.


Chapter Seven

Aurora moved in his arms, she’d never been so happy or content. She nuzzled close to his sleeping body when the small, bright aura entered the room.

“No,” she whispered. “Please.”

The light grew stronger and haloed out at the foot of the bed.

“Please, I did nothing wrong. Please let me stay with him, I love him. I know this wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m sorry, please don’t do this.”

The light shimmered and dulled.

“I beg of you, you can change things, you have the power. Please don’t do this. Why? You created us, to come and help them and now you’re not happy with me.”

The aura shimmered again then brightened and became sharp.

“I’m sorry I disobeyed. I’m after all only human.”

It dulled again.

“You promise? You know I’ll hold you to it, even if it takes an eternity. I’ll obey and you will make good on your promise.”

The soft light mellowed and came to her.

“He’s a good man. I fell in love, silly me,” she said softly.

The warmth of the light encompassed her, she smiled, it was all good.

“Thank you. I’m eternally grateful.”

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4 Responses to Rebel Elite – Suzzana C. Ryan

  1. Donna Steele says:

    I’m intrigued! That’s my kind of story – going to to top of the wish list. I need to retire just to catch up on my reading – forget the writing!


  2. LaTanya Lawson says:

    Sounds like a very interesting read…


  3. pc says:

    Sounds like a wonderful story…I’ll check it out!


  4. Mary Preston says:

    I have always enjoyed ghost stories. This looks wonderful.



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