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Continuing on the holiday blog hop today and I have another wonderful friend – the very lovely and talented Michel Prince! Check out her work – she is awesome.

Being found worthy

You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat me? –A Knights Tale     

Feeling worthy…we all want it right?  To not only to be wanted, but to feel equal to those around us.  In traditional love stories we have the hero striving to not only become worthy, but in some small way to be worshiped.  The desire filling her to capacity as each person yearns to feel more.  What if they just want to be seen as an Blog 6 Michel TheFrozen_Cover-1sm

In The Frozen Nye is a former slave who committed suicide.  His strong sense of self worth, that cost him quite a bit of the skin on his back, finally broken.  Always seen as a dumb Mandingo buck, because bigger is dumber, he suppressed his knowledge that he was equal and in some ways superior to those around him, white or black.

We all want that.  To be acknowledged as someone worthy of another; to be a human being of worth.  We see it everyday as a child struggles, maybe not trying to be the ‘coolest’ kid in school, but just not to be invisible as they walk down the hallway.  For them a simple nod of a head or “Hey Charlie” is enough to let them know they have purpose and value in society.

Nye was born in a time when he was considered little more than chattel.  Even among his contemporaries he was seen as less than a man.  He made choices to protect himself from the pain and they never went deeper to get to know him.  In only a few hours Kiri has found reasons beyond personal safety to learn about Nye in the excerpt below you’ll see how her speaking to him as she would anyone else changes his whole perspective.

Excerpt The Frozen Ó Michel Prince 2012 

“Do you believe in the butterfly effect?”

I paused, trying to think about what were the chances a butterfly in Japan flapped its wings making the air around Dilana’s first arrow arc and miss the bantling only to hit Kiri.

“Do you know about that?  You said you don’t get out much.”

“Yes, I’ve read about it.  It’d take a lot of butterflies to get us to this situation.”

I had to chuckle a little thinking of hundreds of butterflies over the years each adding to the situation.

“Could it be destiny or fate?”

I sat on the end of the bed and a conversation began that lasted two hours.  We discussed destiny, fate and the butterfly effect, Kiri came to the conclusion we were supposed to meet to open up each other’s life.  I didn’t want to argue with her theory that somehow our lives were destined to be interwoven from the moment of both of our births.

Then she started in on reincarnation, since I confirmed her suspicion it existed.  That opened up a whole other can of worms.  It was the first intellectual conversation I’d ever had.  When I was alive it wasn’t allowed.  When I became Frozen, we relegated ourselves to our rooms and never crossed paths unless necessary.

The best part was never in the conversation did Kiri act surprised by my response.  She didn’t think my ideas were odd or that my thoughts didn’t have merit.  We debated and talked as equals.  In many areas, she even conceded I knew more than she did.

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