Ssshhh… What if Santa was Really a Dom in Disguise?

Isn’t that a sexy thought? Hmmm… Well I wanted to take that thought out for a HUGE swing so I did LOL. I am in a room on Facebook etc with a group of very sexy writers. We call ourselves the Wickedly Sexy Writers and well we got to talking one day in the summer about Santa and his reindeer and what if Santa was much more than you thought and the reindeer were actually shifters. That’s how Reindeer Games was born. We took a vote on which publisher we would try and see if they wanted and Secret Cravings won so… Releasing tomorrow – my sexy story about Blitzen. AND trust me – this boy ain’t vanilla. Take a long taste of…


Blitzen Garcia had it with snow, men, Christmas and Santa Claus. In truth all he wanted was a warm beach and two or five frisky creatures to play with. Craving sun and sand beneath his toes, he garnered a tasty idea. So it was against the rules – so what? Somehow his secret held hostage by his best buddy’s girlfriend wasn’t the best way to sstart, but her terms he couldn’t resist. After all, he was a badass rule breaker. Driving down to Key West in his spanking new convertible, he headed straight for the End of the World Bar. The smoke-filled saloon was the perfect way to start his vacation.

Settling into the seedy joint he was prepared for a night of people watching until two sun-kissed Gods walked in wearing a dangerous look and Blitzen was more than intrigued. As they engaged in casual conversation over several drinks the hunks suggested getting a little kinky and Blitzen knew he was going to get very lucky. Unfortunately the boys had something else in mind entirely and he was lured into performing in front of the customers. A steamy night filled with BDSM and a ménage ensued. Sated, Blitzen knew he’d found a slice of heaven – until the blackmail notes arrived.


“It’s snowing again. Jesus Christ, when will we see the sun?” Blitzen Garcia growled as he stood staring out the window at the blanket of white. There was no doubt he was starting to loathe even the concept of snow. Rubbing his eyes, he longed for something more tropical and very warm, instead of the blizzard-like surroundings he lived with the majority of the year.

Granted, he did live at the North Pole.

“May I remind you that snow is part of the reason why you have a job?”

Hearing her oh-so-chipper voice gave him the desire to lash out uncontrollably. He usually wasn’t so grumpy, but the holiday season had been particularly grueling due to several more sleigh runs over the course of a time-warping twenty-four hours. He was beat and ready for sand and surf. The thought alone was scintillating, desirable, and something he’d longed for on so many frigid nights.

“Don’t you have some frolicking to do with Comet or something, Viola?” Grinning, he gave the buxom blonde a salacious smile before heading for the bar. Liquor was in order. No matter how angry he was with her, he couldn’t help but flirt. She brought out the bad boy in all the male reindeer shifters.

“Drinking so early? You know what Santa would say about your behavior. You’ll be on the naughty list for the rest of your life.” Cooing, Viola gave him her best Marilyn Monroe imitation, poofing her hair and pursing her lips as she allowed a husky purr to float into the room.

“Uh-huh. I am the resident sinful boy, but you are one very bad reindeer. You do know that, right?” But Blitzen loved the hell out of her spunk and the fact that she could handle his best friend with a sensuous flair unlike any he’d seen before. The two were the perfect couple.

sexy santa 5Perfect. Was there any such thing? Not for him. He preferred his meat thick and rough-hewn and there was no one at the North Pole who fit the bill or his rather kinky needs. Sighing, he poured a stiff drink and swirled the liquid in the glass as he contemplated whether he really could escape for a couple of weeks.

“What exactly are you plotting, shifter boy?”

“Shifter boy?” Choking, he fought to keep the glass in his hand. “Why do you think I’m plotting anything?”

“Because I know your antics too well and so does Santa,” Viola stated as she held out a single finger, wagging it back and forth.

Taking a gulp of his drink, he envisioned sun kissed days spent on a long, white beach and nights in a kinky joint where he could finally be himself. The thought forced his swollen cock hard against the tight confines of his jeans. “You know I like to be a rule breaker.”

“You mean the black sheep of the entire group of reindeers, don’t you?”

“Who me?” Blitzen teased.

“Uh-huh. You never follow the rules and even though we’re all like family, you push against every rule. You know, if Santa finds out you could be kicked off the team. Where are you going to look for a job, 1-800-Rent-a-Reindeer?” She sashayed closer to the bar with a giggle and gave him a heated look. “But I won’t tell anyone about your scandalous plan if you do something for me.”

“If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you were blackmailing me.” Leaning over the bar, Blitzen fingered one of her curls before brushing the tip of his finger up the side of her cheek. As he inhaled her exotic perfume, he wished for once that he enjoyed the taste of women. Sadly, the fairer sex just didn’t do anything for his raging libido.

Viola licked her lips before wrapping her hand around his wrist and bringing his finger to her crimson stained mouth. As she eased the long digit inside, sucking and mewing, she batted her eyelashes.

“Nice try, but you of all people know your feminine wiles won’t work on me, so spill it.” He jerked his hand away. While he knew Viola enjoyed flirting with all of the reindeer, there were times he wanted to chastise her vixen like methods. Oh who was he kidding? They were all shameless flirts. The fact she seemed to be overdoing her sensual behavior today meant she wanted something and would stop at nothing to get her way. The woman’s favorite method of getting everything she wanted? Blackmail.htt

She growled, allowing her beast to slide closer to the surface as her eyes flashed. “Fine. You take all the fun out of a dirty deed.”

“Uh-huh. What do you want in order to keep my secret between us?” He tipped back his drink, sucking down half the glass of bourbon. God, he loved being mischievous, breaking the rules. Sadly, the truth was, if Santa found out about his preferences he would be tossed out on his ass and finding another job in this economy wouldn’t be easy. Sure, there was the pole-dancing job at the local kink club and shifters were all the rage, but he wasn’t certain he’d look too sexy in backless leather chaps.

“I love toying with you.”

“I know you do. Tell me what you want now or I’m going to tell Comet all about your excursion to New York City and finding you with that bear shifter doing the nasty on top of the pool table.” Blitzen couldn’t resist. While he knew Viola hadn’t been doing anything every red-blooded deer wouldn’t be doing on a weekend getaway with the does, he couldn’t help but tease her. Tipping the glass in a toast, he knew she was going to cave. He kept his eyes pinned on her glistening face as he took a sip of his drink and could see her weighing the odds.

“You evil, vile man. I want a permanent boy-toy for Comet and I to play with. And he has to be well hung, extremely muscular, and prepared to be a slave for the rest of his life. Comet not only knows, but also approves, of all my kinky needs. You’re going to have to try harder to find some scathing information on me.”

He spewed the entire mouthful of hard liquor all over her chest and gasped before he burst into laughter. “What the hell did you just ask for?”

“You heard me, boy wonder.” Jerking a towel off the top of the bar, Viola grumbled as she sopped up the liquid before turning her frosty glare in his direction.

“Are you serious?”

“As flying reindeer. You bet. I prefer a chocolate skinned and rugged man, but any man with a thick dick, all carved and yummy, will do.”

“Naughty talk from such a lady,” Blitzen growled.

So what do you think?  I hope you enjoyed

Kisses   xxx


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