Ready to Unwrap Something Sexy?

Mmm – it IS that time of year. I have a sexy little piece I truly think is something yummy for all of us. It’s a cougar piece with lots of party fun, a bit of flirty action with an erotic romance reader’s club and there is one HOT HOT HOT younger male who very much wants to unwrap his big sister’s best friend. What’s not to like?


Cristal Collier was hungry for a man, but her cheating ex husband had left her for a blond twenty-something vixen and her self-esteem was shot. Her friends were tired of putting up with her hiding in the dark confines of her home and were determined to ignite a fire. UnwrapMe_Cover-smallDuring a sinful Christmas party, a naughty rouse was put to the test and her best friend Wendy knew exactly how to jump start Cristal’s love life, or at least garner her a wicked tryst. She knew her brother was Cristal’s secret fantasy and one she refused to explore. During the sinful white elephant gift exchange, the cards were stacked.

Thorne Mitchell was sixteen years her junior and had a serious crush on the stunning copper haired beauty. After a shared kiss years before, she had pushed him out of her life and he had fled the state. Now, he was bound and determined not only to seduce her, but also win her heart. After engaging in a shameless round of sex including a moment in front of their friends, she refused to see him again. Planning a scintillating game of his own, he pulled out every stop, but Cristal couldn’t take the heat. As an early snowfall blanketed the twinkling lights of Baltimore, he finally gave up, going home to soothe his soul. He knew Santa Claus wasn’t coming to his house that year. Would he ever be able to unwrap the precious gift again?


“So tell me, girlfriend. What is nestled in that saucy scarlet foil bag you have?”

“Handcuffs and a flogger.” Cristal Collier eyed the stunning raven-haired beauty and grinned. Somehow she knew the naughty bit of information would surprise Wendy.

“What? You have to be kidding me! The most conservative woman I know is bringing sexual toys as the white elephant gift?” Feigning shock, she fanned her face and blinked furiously.

“Uh huh. You told me to kick up the heat. And I’m not conservative!”

“That I did. I think you picked the perfect time to do it too,” Wendy breathed as she eyed the front door.

“Oh no you don’t. I know that wicked looked, my sinfully-mischievous-soon-to-be-ex-friend of mine. What are you hiding?”

“Just a little surprise and no, you won’t be able to drag it out of me. Put that under the tree and let’s grab a drink. The fun is about to begin.”

“Why do I have a very bad feeling about this?” Cristal laughed as she plopped the bag
under the garishly decorated Christmas tree. Trimmed in amethyst and gold, the twinkling multi-colored lights were almost blinding. Brenda certainly had vibrant tastes. Then again, all of her friends were highly opinionated and very intelligent socialites and while their tastes varied, they were the best of friends. She was the only one that had hidden behind closed doors for two long years. An ugly divorce could do that to you.

“Come on, slow poke!” Wendy dragged her toward the kitchen. “This is a party, remember?”

“I know,” Cristal shook her head as she brushed her hands down her recently sexy santapurchased hot little Victoria’s Secret dress. Little was the operative word. Never in her life had she owned let alone worn something so slinky and daring, but as she passed by the hall mirror, her reflection reminded her that voluptuous curves were all the rage. Yeah right! Hissing, she shook her head.

“Stop it! You look hot as shit,” Wendy chided. “If I were into girls, I’d do ya.” Her sparkling laughter pulsed down the hall. “The color is fabulous with your copper curls! Oh baby, va va voom!”

Cristal blushed and blew her a kiss. “Red is my favorite color.”

“You just need to stand in front of one sexy man and say, unwrap me stud.”

“That’s not gonna happen at this party.” Laughing, she eyed the crowd of already intoxicated revelers. While Brenda threw lavish parties, her guests weren’t what she would call scintillating, although the holidays did draw out a more festive crowd. Several couples were already half naked and it was only ten–thirty. “But the naughty show’s going to be fun.”

“Here, drink this before you turn into an old fuddy duddy.” Filling two crystal stems with merlot, she handed Cristal a glass before taking a sip of her own.

“Fuddy duddy? I’m wearing a skin-tight mini dress with no bra, four inch stilettos and a brand new lace thong. Does that seem old to you?”

“I need to think,” Wendy mused. “Yes.”

“Wretched bitch!”

“Let’s make a deal,” Wendy said, her eyes twinkling.

“What do you have in mind?”

“That you let Cory’s bad behavior stay in the past and enjoy all the little treats that come your way tonight. No questions asked. Have a wild and wicked time with someone. Take a walk on the wild side.”

“Have a one night stand?” Cristal eyed her best friend and groaned. Wendy Mitchell had been her support, her anger partner and her drinking buddy since Cory walked out several years before, seeking a new life with a blond vixen that was still in college. “You’re serious.”

“You bet. It’ll do you a world of good. You haven’t had sex in like ten years. Come on!”

“Why don’t you say that a little louder so the entire party knows about my miserable life?” Groaning, she new Wendy was right, but trusting a man again was almost beyond her.

“Just looking out for your best interests.  Sweetie, you look dazzling, you’re of age and you’re horny as shit. Find a man and fuck him hard. Hmmm…delicious idea.”

Cristal raised her eyebrow. Before she could retort, Brenda flanked the women, hands on her hips, her look nothing short of scandalous. The third in their three musketeers friendship was ballsy and brash and enjoyed all things kinky.

“You’re both missing the gifts and I agree completely with Wendy. Time for you to shed your inhibitions. Take a chance,” Brenda cooed.

Off to the side, Cristal stood with Wendy and watched the festivities. “I see you’re both plotting. That terrifies me,” Cristal chuckled, but damn it if she didn’t crave having a man in her bed pulsing his thick hard cock into her pussy. Whew. The thought along forced a tremor slicing into her wet, hot cunt. Her snazzy collection of vibrators just wasn’t doing it for her any longer. As s single bead of perspiration trickled down the shimmer of her cheek, she could see the mischievous exchange between the two women. Her hand shaking, she took a sip of wine as she was led back into the living room.

Brenda grinned. “More presents to give out. Okay, who’s next?” Clapping her hands, she sashayed toward the Christmas tree. “Number forty-five.”

“That’s me!” A woman stepped forward. Wearing little more than an elf suit, the buxom blond giggled like an imp.

“I’m giving you your Christmas present early this year,” Wendy whispered, pushing Cristal forward into the room. “A little holiday eye candy and hopefully more.” Nodding toward the front door, she purred softly and stepped away. “Merry Christmas lady. You deserve a wild and wooly tryst and he’s the perfect candidate.”

Cristal fought the white hot flash of blatant savage desire as Thorne Mitchell stepped down the single stair from the entrance foyer. Shaking, she heard her heart thumping into her chest in wild ragged pulses. “I…don’t understand. Why is he here?” Thorne, dear God.

“My darling baby brother just moved back into town and without that low life of a girlfriend he cavorted with for too many years, thank God,” Wendy purred and licked her lips. “What, I forgot to tell you that? Shame on me.” Barely able to contain her giddiness, she waved to Thorne, drawing his attention.

“No! No…don’t call him over here!” Cristal hissed, stealing a glance down at her dress. The memories flooded her mind of the boy…the man…the stud that… Pressing the back of her hand over her mouth, she thought for sure she was going to pass out.

“Stop it! All he’s done since he rode back into town was ask about you!” Wendy chortled.

Now just imagine what she’s going to do with that flogger!

Kisses   xxx




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