How Many Men Under Your Tree?

That is can you handle? You know we’ve all been to one of “those” holiday parties. The ones where you are forced to deal with co-workers and drink bad egg nog. What if the white elephant gift this year was more than just crappy crystal filled with bad candy? What if you had a chance to snack on two of your favorite men and one just happened to be the boss? Hmm…. Take a taste of a favorite piece…


Sabrina Spencer hated her job as a PR Executive for Troubled Waters, a ruthless acquisitions firm that took over companies on the verge of bankruptcy. It didn’t matter that her boss, sexy Nick St. Peter, was her dark fantasy. She considered him the enemy StNicksXstasyCover-smalland the ultimate scrooge. Responsible for her mother’s caretaking, Sabrina had no other employment options. Forced to have dinner with the boss one snowy evening, she couldn’t remember any of the details the next day except that after too many drinks, she thought she told him about her kinky desires to be dominated. Mortified, she could barely face him the night of the holiday party.

No-one knew that Nick and the corporation’s attorney, Cord Jenson, were involved. They had everything in life that money could buy yet neither man was happy. They craved a third, the woman of their dreams and both were determined to win her heart. On the night of the party, a man in a Santa suit gave out scores of presents to the employees and a secret invitation to a scandalous erotic club to the woman Cord and Nick adored. Finally succumbing, Sabrina enjoyed a night of passion and complete domination at the hands of two men while secrets in every dark corner threatened to nearly destroy them. Shaken, Sabrina was unsure she could completely submit until a naughty elf came to the rescue.


“Why? Why? Why?” Sabrina Spencer beat her head onto the ebony bar as the luminescent LED lights pulsed with the music. The memory of the previous night’s activities, or lack there of, didn’t do anything with her raging hangover that thrashed into her head like a drum beating to an ill begotten disco song. The shameless group of women singing It’s Raining Men, wearing nothing but skin tight red and green leotards refused to leave the back of her mind and for long moments she almost belted out the snazzy little tune. The saddest thing of all was that it was a very drunk group of older women from her office singing the tune.

“What, not in the mood for entertainment or just resting on your laurels again?” Tyler teased.

“I don’t care if you are my best girlfriend and one wicked margarita maker, you are not going to tease me tonight. I feel too wretched.”

Tyler chuckled. “You do look a bit rode hard and put away wet, Spice.”

Sabrina groaned. When Tyler Barker used her nickname, she knew she was in trouble. “And you know, I wish to hell I knew what happened to make me feel like a drag queen.” The chirping sounds of the women attempting to climb onto the bar drew her attention up from the cool wood. She took a sip of her screwdriver and shivered.

“Wait a minute, didn’t you have dinner with the boss last night?”

Sabrina turned her head slowly to gaze at the scandalous look riding her friend’s face. sexy santa 5”I know that tone and no, I did not have sex with Nick St. Peter!” A momentary hush from the partying crowd forced her to realize her voice was at a dangerously high level.

“Who ya trying to convince, me or the rest of the crowd?” Tyler swirled her martini. “So if you didn’t do the nasty, what did you do to make you forget?”

“Ugh!” Sabrina closed her eyes and held the hefty glass to her cheek, trying to calm her ragged nerves, remembering or forgetting. Damn it girl, what happened? “He asked me out to dinner to go over the plans for next year and for the last acquisition of the year, the fucking bastard! Cannot believe he is going to take Sampson Manufacturing down. They are good people just trying to get ahead and he is…a jerk. No, a fucking jerk!”

“God, you really hate him, don’t you?”

“Hate is a relative term. I don’t know the man. I do know what he does to all those poor people he steals from.”

“Steals from?” Tyler laughed. “Honey, he buys companies that are going under. He at least gives them fair market value for them. Otherwise they might lose everything they have.”

“Tell that to the poor people that were crying in my office last week begging for two more weeks to come up with a lousy twenty thousand dollars,” Sabrina snipped.

“You don’t know all that you are talking about girl. Twenty thousand dollars is a lot of money, especially given the economy.”

“Look around you Tyler, how much did this party cost?”

Tyler sighed and shrugged her shoulders. “Good point, but he’s trying.”

“Nick St. Peters doesn’t have to try. Nick has everything money can buy, a big house in a gated community, a Ferrari and a boat in the Keys. You honestly want to tell me that he couldn’t wait until after freaking Christmas?”

“Have another drink. You need one and calm down. This is a Christmas party. I know you hate him, but some of these other people need this job, so don’t take away the one day of frivolity that they get.” Tyler motioned to the bartender. “Handsome, two more.” Fanning her face, she waited until the blond had walked away. “I think I might just have to go home with him tonight. Whew baby, look at those long legs and that perfect ass. I could chomp down on that purty thing and suckle him for days.”

Sabrina burst out laughing. “Okay, you are right.”

“Not gonna share crumbcake there. That boy is all mine.”

“Not about the guy and boy is the operative word here. I mean yes, no…no! Hell, I mean about tonight. Last night just threw me.”

“Oh fine, break my naughty little visions of seeing golden boy tied naked to my bed. What do you remember about last night?”

What did she remember? “The restaurant was wonderful, the wine flowed and we talked business.” Sabrina cocked her head as a few memories fluttered into her mind.

You look stunning tonight. Nick’s eyes sparkled in the candlelight.

     Thank you, but we’re here to talk about business. Sabrina gazed around the restaurant, avoiding his imploring eyes. She had never been inside the five-star resort before and the thought of how much dinner cost made her shiver.

     I understand. Nick sighed and poured a hefty glass of wine. Business before pleasure.

     Words to the effect of no pleasure period floated to the tip of her tongue but she refused to say them. She palmed the wine glass with a death grip and brought the dense crystal to her lips. The instant the succulent spicy liquid flowed past her ruby stained lips, she knew she was in heaven. The bottle of wine had to cost more than a week’s salary. What is it that we are going to talk about?

     Well, I thought I would very much like to get your idea of how the company should change and grow.

     Almost spitting out the hefty sip of wine, Sabrina stared at him in amazement. What did you say?

     Nick slid his hand over to cup hers. I mean it. I have been neglecting all your ideas for years and its more than time that I hear them. I want to implement some changes next woman with cigaretteyear.

     Sabrina jerked her hand away. Changes?

     Yes. After all you are my Director of Public Relations and you keep reminding me that I need to play by a different set of ground rules. I think you called me a flagrant asshole the last time I walked down the hallway.

     Oh fuck! He had heard her. I don’t know what to say.

     Nick laughed, his deep baritone overpowering the conversation at the next table. You are incredible Sabrina and I adore you for being honest with me. I just want you to tell me that to my face.

     As she gazed into his cerulean blue eyes, allowing the hungry look to inch down to his long curly midnight locks and creamy alabaster skin that had the most delightful flush of manly heat, she knew damn good and well she was in trouble. Sabrina had from the first instant she felt a trickle of her pussy juice slide into her tiny crimson thong.

Sabrina shivered after she relayed the story, blinking furiously as the memory sent a flush up from her shoulders past her next to the rose shimmer of her cheeks.

“Whew, that’s pretty damn hot girl.”

“Hot? The man is incorrigible!”

“Uh huh.” Tyler toyed with her drink and the blond hunk walked in their direction. “Wait a minute, Nick thinks that calling him as asshole is incredible? I think I’ll call him a dickhead the next time I see him and see what he says about that. I’m thinking raise.” Tyler grabbed the martini glass, almost tipping it over as the tall muscular surfer boy winked. “Shit.”

“Well, he was serious too. Crazy. That’s about all I can remember.” Sabrina strained and could see them in her mind eating dinner and talking, but she remembered nothing more about their business conversation.

“Let me get this straight, Nick St. Peter wants you to weigh in on his business, the very company that does make a fortune, and he thinks you are a special lady for being able to speak your mind and you still hate him? Did I miss anything?”

Sabrina shrugged as Cord Jenson the third, as she always said under her breath, cruised into the room catching every woman’s eye and quite possibly drenching their pussies. He was tall, rugged, well tanned and sadly rumored to be involved, with another man. “What a shame. He is one hot male.”

Mmmm…  Right?

Kisses   xxx



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