Just What Do YOU Do Under the Mistletoe?

Oh come on – do you JUST kiss? Or do you fondle and taste, lick and perhaps suck? Get your mind out of the gutter – candy canes of course! MUAH. I had a little piece with Naughty Nights Press last year and it’s a HOT m/m yummy I think you might like snacking on. Come take a taste.


Brendon Cannon was ready to make a New Year’s Resolution early and it included seducing one hot chocolate bartender under the mistletoe. Making a proclamation in the middle of a bar to his best friend, too bad Brendon didn’t have to guts to follow through. Recently divorced and hiding behind a mask he was unable to admit to himself he was gayMR-MISTLETOE-small let alone to his family and the big Christmas event was just days away. But after a flirtatious night Brendon found himself embroiled in a moment of heated passion that set him on fire. Terrified of his reckless behavior he pushed away from Kris completely.

More than intrigued by the man Kris had no idea what to do until a little elf decided to intervene. A plan formulated it was going to take more than a bit of Christmas Magic to give Brendon the courage he needs to be himself. But as luck and bit of holiday spirit wraps around Brendon reminding him of what he desires the most, he’s given a special gift and one he will never forget.


Kris Jacobs stood behind the bar wiping the top as Brendon’s friend walked in. Hopeful he gazed around the man wondering if Brendon was behind him. As Jay closed the distance to the bar Kris let out a long sigh. Whatever happened that night between he and Brendon he’d probably never be sure. Granted he didn’t know Brendon’s phone number but he had gone by the man’s townhouse more than once and even eaten three meals at the corner restaurant. There was no sign of Brendon.

Hissing, he nodded to Jay. “You alone tonight?”

“Well let’s just say I am but I came for a purpose,” Jay said grinning.

“A purpose?” Kris could easily see there as something up Jay’s sleeve but the almost evil glint in the man’s eye. “Okay. I’ll bite.”

“Good. You up for playing a little magical elves?”

Narrowing his eyes Kris laughed. “Sure. What do you have in mind? A special little gift of some sort?”

Jay pointed to the mistletoe hanging at the end of the bar. “Has to do with the naughty plant, one man who wants you really really badly and a very shameless plan I have in mind for the holidays.”

“Hmmm… I like the sound of this more and more. Tell me.”

“You bet. How about a frosty concoction of yours and I’ll tell you all about it?”

Two men kissing“Okay,” Kris smiled.

“I have to make a phone call. I hope you don’t have any plans for Christmas?”

Kris shook his head and walked to the back of the bar to make a drink. Overhearing some of the conversation he remained confused but intrigued as hell. As he finished the drink and slid it in front of Jay he watched Jay’s eyes twinkle like a little kid opening a present at Christmas.

The phone call went on and Kris didn’t want to intrude so he cleaned the bar and served several drinks but he kept hearing parts of the conversation and curiosity was killing him but it was obviously about Brendon. God he’d wanted to talk to Brendon and explain that he wasn’t always so forceful. While he craved being the dominating one in a relationship he certainly wasn’t going to shove it down anyone’s throat. That’s what scared off Brendon. Kris knew it. He could tell easily by the hurt look on the man’s face. He’d gone too far.

Sighing, Kris continued his tasks until he could tell the call was almost done.

“That’s great. I knew after I completely explained it to you that you’d understand. No. I don’t really think it’s that as much as he needs to come to terms with it and he’s afraid of your reaction and everyone else’s.” Jay took a sip of his drink and gave Kris a wry smile. “I know. Preaching to the choir which is why I was determined to play Santa Claus. Okay. I sure will.” Hanging up his phone Jay grinned from ear to ear.

“I’d know that kind of look anywhere. Feisty.” Laughing, Kris leaned over the bar.

“You have no idea. You up for a somewhat risky game involving Brendon?”

Kris shook his head until he could tell the man was serious. “Whatya have in mind?”


“I thought you would never get here!” Julie snapped as she opened the front door.

The scents of cinnamon, vanilla and a crackling fire assaulted Brendon’s senses. As he gazed around his sister’s shoulder into the love cabin style living room complete with what had to be a twenty-foot tree he smiled. “I know. I just had to pick up a few more things.” Carrying in a load of presents he gave her a quick kiss before heading for the tree.

“Wow. You went nuts this year,” Julie grinned.

“I have a huge family so sue me,” Brendon laughed as he inhaled and smiled. He had to admit he loved being in her house. The entire setting was simply breathtaking from the mountain views and the lake bordering the back of their property and the sunrises were sensational. She and her husband had several acres surrounding the property and Julie was as settled into being a mama as he’d ever seen.

“Speaking of huge. Bob and the rest of the crew, the wayward one is here.” Her crisp voice carried past the sounds of Bing Crosby crooning about yet another White Christmas.

Placing the gifts under the tree Brendon stepped back as the squealing little girls rushed into the room.

“Unkie Brendon!”

“Oh my you girls are huge!” Brendon laughed as he hugged the three golden haired beauties. The spitting image of their mother he was instantly reminded why having a Sexy Santa 3family was a wonderful thing. Eyeing his brothers he smiled.

“There you are, brother,” Randy quipped.

“You know how he is, too good for all of us,” Stan chuckled.

“Yeah well we can still beat the crap out of our baby brother.” Michael rolled his eyes.

Brendon eyed the three muscular blond men who flanked the doorway, beers in hand. “What you started without me?” Grinning, he gave the three men a bear hug before easing back. “Good to be here.”

“Uh-huh. It was like pulling teeth,” Julie said as she slapped Brendon on the ass.

As Julie’s husband came in wearing a shit eating grin he had a sinking suspicion his family was hiding some girl under the tree for him. “Hey Bob. Thanks for the invite.”

“Yeah and risk my woman’s beatings if you didn’t get here? Ha!” Bob laughed. “You know we love having you.”

“Yeah we were going to get the rangers after your sorry ass,” Randy said as his eyes twinkled.

“It wouldn’t be a holiday without an ass kicking!” Stan burst into laughter.

“Language, boys,” Julie admonished. “Come on you. The real partying crowd is in the kitchen cooking up a storm.”

“Beer or bourbon?” Stan asked.

“Well it is Christmas Eve so bourbon with a beer chaser,” Brendon grinned.

“The boy’s in a party mood this year. Halle-fucking-lulah for a change.” Randy slapped Brendon on the back.

Mmm – imagine what happens now…

Merry Ho Ho




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