So What’s All This About Santa, Sex & Sin?

Is that possible? Well, he is Santa after all right? I have been writing about mixing up the holidays. It’s not all sugar canes and mistletoe. In my words its more like handcuffs, floggers and spankings. I had to write a HOT little story for my Dirty Little Lunches collection so here’s one that just might indulge in your greatest fantasy…something like two hot men and a round with Santa himself.


For best friends and lovers Justin Wells and Brandon Decker, life together is full of passion. Co-owners of a highly coveted advertising firm in Richmond, they live the highlife, indulging in every toy money can buy. Unfortunately they are also missing what they consider to be a necessity in their lives – a third and a woman. Without a doubt they have the perfect sultry vixen in mind. Tawnie Porter is sweet, adorable and their very best buddy, but she had no clue they hunger for more than just her friendship. As the holiday season approaches, the men have to finish a campaign complete with Santa ClausDLL_SantaSexCover-small and his reindeer. After a costly mistake, they were without one coveted model to seal the upcoming deal. Garnering a sinful thought, they set up a shoot in the local mall during the middle of the day, determined to win her heart, secure the campaign and entice her out of her conservative side. Little did they know that Santa had ideas of his own for the three and suddenly a dirty little lunch is the perfect candy coated treat. Then again, Tawnie is already on the naughty list…


“By showing her just how much we give a damn about her the woman and not just the sports fanatic and by plying her with gifts and treats. What woman can resist men bearing gifts at Christmas?”

“And then what?” Brandon asked, his voice filling with a quiet angst.

Wrinkling his brow, he decided to simply blurt out what they’d both been thinking for a damn long time. “Then we ravage her body that night and ask her to move in with us.”

Brandon spit out his drink, the liquid landing all over Justin’s face. “What the hell?” he choked.

“Thanks. Perfect.” He yanked a towel from the counter and wiped his face. “I’m serious. You and I both know that’s what we want. What do you think?”

“You’re really fucking serious,” he struggled to say as he breathed in and out.

“Dead serious. You and I want her and we can’t seem to make her see anything different about us. My guess is a little holiday magic, a lot of showmanship and a nice and very festive moment for the lady sitting on Santa’s juicy lap and we’re good to go.” Grinning, Justin licked the rim of his glass.

“Santa?” Brand asked as he raised his eyebrow.

menagePatting his belly he ho-hoed. “You bet. I have more than just good looks you know. You game?” As a full minute and then two sneaked by, he was certain he’d lost the man’s attention at least.

“Hhhhmmm… You know? I think this could win. I like it. She’s far more beautiful than any model we could hire and in the end we could have a hot woman as our third. Yep. I love the idea.”

“You’re sure?” Justin asked, trying to gauge his reaction. Was the man joking? Seeing his cock pushing hard against his pants told him several things. This was going to be hot.

Brandon nodded. “This is damn far fetched and I hope like hell the entire thing doesn’t smack us in the face, but yeah I like a hell of a lot.”

“See. Now get ready to suck my cock,” he said as he tossed the towel and grabbed his cell phone from the kitchen table. Punching in the speed dial to Tawnie’s number he anticipated getting voice mail. When her sultry voice came on the line he smiled and then licked his lips. The woman could always make them both pant like wild dogs. “Miss Tawnie. What are you doing day after tomorrow around noon?”

“Hmm… I hear the mischief in your voice. Big game? Hockey event?” Tawnie purred.

“Well, Brandon and I really need your help. How about a little shopping trip with just Brandon and I and maybe a wine infused lunch afterwards? A little pre-Christmas Christmas shopping?” Winking at Brandon, he could hear a catch in her voice.

“Help? I know you both but let me think. All right. I need to pick up a few things for some very naughty boys I know anyway. No peeking or Santa will be pissed,” she teased.

Hell, Santa might be pissed already. “Good. Brandon will pick you up around eleven thirty?”

“I’ll be ready. Kind of hungry for a good time, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh I do. Thanks for your help. Think you’re going to have a fabulous time,” Justin breathed. More than just fabulous. Saucy. When he hung up the phone he twirled in a full circle. “Time to rent a Santa suit.”

“And how are you going to knock off the one at the mall?”

“Cold, hard cash, my friend. The truth is everything is all planned for the photo shoot anyway. Our male model was going to be the big man for the event. I’m just going to take his place.”

Brandon laughed. “This I can’t wait to see. Justin Wells playing Santa. Might just make me believe in fairies and magic again.”

“Uh-huh.” He nodded toward the floor. “Now on your knees.”

“Yes, sir.” Setting his glass down, Brandon dropped to his knees and crawled forward. man in red towelSliding his hands up the inside of Justin’s thighs, he inhaled deeply. “You really think this will work?”

“You bet.” Dear God he hoped so. Grinning, he brushed his hand through Brandon’s long hair and tilted his head back. “Just suck me for good luck.” He sighed as he partner unfastened and unzipped his jeans. There was something decadent about being sucked in the middle of the afternoon on a workday.

“Oh I will and then I’m going to take you into the bedroom and fuck the hell out of you.” Taking Justin’s dick into his hands, he swirled his tongue around the tip as he issued a short growl.

His eyes already unfocused, he gazed down and then licked his lips. “You know how I love the rough stuff.”

“Yes, I do.” Engulfing his cockhead, he sucked the tip as he eased his hands between the man’s legs, caressing and squeezing his balls.

The feeling was so damn good he sighed and for the life of him couldn’t get the thought of having Tawnie in their bed and their lives forever. Could there be a little Christmas magic in the forecast?

MMMM… – Now just imagine when she gets involved…

Merry Ho Ho



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