Thoughts, Fantasies and HUGE Thank You’s

What makes me tick? What are my wild and wicked dreams at night? Mmmm… You’ll have to get really close to me to find out. Let’s just say I dream in very vivid colors and my imagination is quite um…. Naughty. I would honestly say I’m on the naughty list this year times ten. But playing nice isn’t fun all the time, is it?

We all have fantasies and I think I’m very lucky because as a writer I get to play them out on the pages of my books, teasing and tempting you into either hungering or believing in something magical. You get to escape for just a little while. In turn I receive the joys of hearing from readers who find inspiration, thoughts about strengthening their own relationship or just ideas to spark their love life. It’s been a great thrill for me. I’ve had an incredible year and between the three pseudonyms, I currently have 92 books in publication with many more to come in 2013. I am often asked – how do you do it? Well, I do write very fast and ideas come to be from the wackiest moments in my regular plain ole, vanilla life. LOL. Is there anything plain about life? In truth, NO. I can create a book or a hot story out of anything. Trust me. And in truth I’m going to ask you as my readers to think of something – a situation in life, or a profession – where you don’t think an erotic book has been written around and challenge me. If I select yours then you’re getting a huge nod in my book when it’s published AND you get to name all the characters. So come on and play with me…

I have had a great year. What’s happened? Well at the very last of days I was nominated as the author of the year with The Love Romance Café and won an honorable mention. I had a book nominated for the 2011 Erotic Romance of the Year by The Romance Reviews. I’ve had several books selected at the Reviewer’s Choice by both Night Owl Reviews andParanormal button for nominee Talking Two Lips, multiple books on the Best Sellers lists, and I have a book up with the Paranormal Guild for Erotic Romance Book of the Year for Bad Things – Hunger. One of my other pseudo’s was selected to be in the Elite Class of Rebel Ink Press – a true honor for the top writers. I am also the President of the Passionate Ink Chapter of the RWA in 2013. All in all my accolades are incredible. And trust me I am thankful to my publishers – Rebel Ink Press, Naughty Nights Press, and now a single title with Secret Cravings Publishing for everything they’ve done. Without their love, editing and support (hint editing LOL) I couldn’t be where I am.

BUT… There’s always a but, right? BUT I am most grateful for my readers and the true friends I’ve developed in the social media world. I call many of you my true friends. I can’t name them all but Suzzana C. Ryan, Savannah Chase, Michel Prince, Julez Morbius, Christen Jensen, Beth Ann Beuhler, Gina Kinkade, Sharita Lira, Mary Wehr, Mark RIP_ImagelogoThompson and Chris (a truly inspirational man) – among others trust me – you guys rock my world. And yes there are so many more – it’s Saturday morning and my brain is muddled so forgive me if I didn’t mention some of you here. You are in my heart. It’s funny about social media, isn’t it? You develop such close ties with people you have and may not meet but you learn about them and their lives. You cry with then and share the good, bad and ugly about the publishing business and the real world and after awhile you can’t go a day without talking with them.

I’ve had a difficult year personally, struggling a bit with my writing techniques and with some relationships involving trust that were more than challenged. So many of you have looked past the “wicked girl” persona that I give myself inside the real woman and have shared the trials and tribulations with me. You’ve shared the accolades with joy and cried with me during times of betrayal – as I have with you. You’ll never know how much it means to me. As I sit here today I can’t say enough positive things about life and love, writing and good friends. It’s the time of year when we reflect and in my worlds I only want to look forward to the future. I truly want to move forward and have an incrediblennpbanner 2013 with more books, lots of laughs and gaining new friends. I hope you feel the same. Don’t be a stranger – stop by any time. As I tell ALL the people I know…I only bite when requested.

Take care and enjoy and remember – Love has no Boundaries.

Kisses   xxx


Oh and if you are so inclined, please vote for me for Bad Things Hunger. Here’s the link. I would honestly appreciate it more than you know…

Bad Things Nominee Banner

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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. suzzanacryan1Susan Ryan says:

    its that time of the year….for thanks..and thank you Lady for a friendship…..that will last a lifetime


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