Order Anything Sexy Lately?

It’s just past Christmas and time to get back to sexy, heated, wild & Wicked. And Indulging in your Fantasies. That’s what I’m bringing you every Thursday. So today is a sexy m/m piece and some say one of my best. I honestly have had more people BEG me to have the back story written so this single piece is going to become a trilogy. Take a peek where it all started…



Razer Willis was used to being exploited. Forced to work as a model after losing a high paying marketing job, he was close to being broke and homeless but no matter how desperate his situation he refused to succumb to being yet another boy toy. After rejecting sex with a man that could make or break him, Razer buried himself into his paintings for release. His lover and best friend knew about the damning secret in his past and became determined to drag him out of his personal hell at the expense of their relationship. Blake’s gift? Membership into an elite club that brought men together for Mail-Order-Cover-smallbusiness and pleasure and the contract was for life. Male Order was discrete, on the up and up and screened applicants carefully.

Trenton Masters held ugly secrets of his own. In the same position as Razer, a comforting but loveless relationship, his man gave Trenton the same gift. Selected by the owner of Male Order, they quickly embarked into a passionate relationship exploring domination and submission only to have their damaging pasts haunt both verging on the point of insanity. Horrors forced Razer and Trenton into facing reality. Finally uncovering the truths, both felt a heightened level of betrayal yet there was something else pulsing just under the surface — real love for the first time since their private monsters had kept them captive. As their respective pasts slammed into their comfortable lives, could two men forgive the demons that had dragged them into hell or lose the only means of salvation?


Blake swam around him in circles, splashing water across the surface. “Do you want me?”

“Uh-huh.” Razer tilted his head, hunger racing through his body. Blake knew how to push every button.

“Then you’re going to have to come and get me.” Chuckling darkly, he kicked his legs out, spraying a wave of water over Razer.

Wiping his face, Razer growled and took off after him. The stronger swimmer, he had Blake in his clutches in seconds. “You’re mine.” Dragging Blake’s body to his chest, he moaned as he crushed his mouth over his lover’s, tasting the sweet essence of the man.

Blake wrapped his arms around him and ground his hips back and forth across Razer’s close kissgroin until the friction sent a series of waves over their heated bodies. He entwined his fingers in Razer’s long hair and yanked his head, breaking the kiss. “You’re going to have to fight to get me,” Blake breathed as he nipped Razer’s bottom lip, drawing the tender flesh inside of his mouth.

Razer kicked out hard in the water, the momentum building until he pushed Blake against the side of the pool. “You belong to me tonight to do exactly what I say.” Barely able to recognize his husky voice, he tipped his head back and howled quietly, telling the world around them Blake was his for the taking.

“What do you want?”

Razer studied Blake’s sensuous features and pressed his thumb across the seam of his mouth before pressing it inside. “What do I want?”

“Mmmm….” Blake sucked Razer’s thumb, dragging his tongue across the tip as he slid his hand down to cup Razer’s cock, caressing and tugging the base as his body shivered.

Razer savored the feeling as he breathed in the heady scent of the man before removing his finger and lowering his head to lick the side of Blake’s cheek down to his chin and further down to nip his Adam’s Apple.

Blake moaned and tilted his head back as he grabbed for the edge of the pool, trying desperately to keep his head above water. “Fuck! You’re on fire tonight.”

“I want to fuck you hard,” Razer growled and licked down further as he pushed Blake’s body out of the water. With one hand he kept him aloft as he brushed the other over Blake’s chest, pinching his nipple until his lover groaned. Leaning forward, Razer licked the hard bud before biting down.

“Shit!” Blake struggled to grab his arms, his breath coming in strangled pants. “You…shit…”

Razer moved to his other nipple, licking and sucking before biting down harder this time, knowing how much Blake enjoyed a touch of pain with his pleasure. “Are you ready for me to fuck that sweet ass of yours?”

“I…oh…” Blake panted as he tried to move away from the wall.

“You ready for me inside your tight ass?” It wasn’t a question as much as a statement of what would happen.

Purring, Blake gazed into Razer’s eyes. “You can’t handle me.”

As the mischievous glint in his eye shimmered in the moonlight, Razer growled. “Oh no?”

“No.” Blake pushed solidly against Razer’s chest and maneuvered away from his body, swimming quickly toward the other end of the pool.

The cat and mouse game was nothing more than a delicious show and Razer licked his lips before kicking out from the wall and swimming toward his lover, his powerful legs Kissing stomachpumping hard.

Blake managed to make it to the end of the pool and to the gentle sloping of wide stairs before Razer grabbed him. “Ooooohhh!”

“You’re not getting away.” Razer lifted Blake’s body out of the water and onto all fours. “I mean it.” Placing the tip of his cock at Blake’s dark entrance, he impaled his ass in one long plunge. “God I love making love with you.”

Aaaaahhhhh!” Blake threw his head back and yelped before cutting off the sound. Clawing the cement, he sucked in his breath and lowered his head in complete acquiescence to the man that had been his lover for so long.

Razer kicked out Blake’s legs and gripped Blake’s hips as he began driving into him in slow, deliberate strokes forcing the man to accept all Razer had to give. “Does it feel good?”

“Yyyyyeessss…” Blake hissed. Arching his back, he struggled with his position as the water lapped around them.

Razer plunged in and out of his tight ass as Blake’s muscles clamped around him, milking his seed from the base of his cock. His balls ached with the need to cum and as he continued thrusting in frantic motions, the water created a wave over their heated bodies, pulsing against the side of the pool. The sound reverberated into the night sky, fluttering into the cool breeze. “More?”



“God…yyyyeeeesss!” Blake could barely speak, his words nothing more than scattered pants.

Mmm – I think ordering something on line is seriously HOT, don’t you?

Kisses   xx




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