I’m asked all the time – do I get turned on by what I write? Sadly, the honest truth is no. Don’t scoff. I’ve told people that I can write erotic scenes, whether they include spanking, licking, tasting, touching, making love, flogging, figging, ménage or any other combination in a hurricane. It’s simply true. I can. I treat writing erotic romance as a business. Now that doesn’t mean OTHER things don’t turn me on. I am an extremely passionate woman after all. I enjoy everything kinky and wild, intimate and romantic and yes, I do purchase a lion’s share of my things at Victoria’s Secret – just to enjoy feeling A new kind of business manlike a sinful woman.

But… The writing is something else. I don’t make love to my pages but I do bring the passion I feel in my bones to them. I love men of all flavors – most of you know that about me. I don’t mind sharing my fantasies and desires smack on a page. I was thinking about how and what I write this morning as I opened up Facebook and answered a few messages. I love to go to certain pages I’ve “liked” and share a sexy picture or two. I tend to share my hot as sin black men and pictures about domination and submission because I find them incredibly attractive and yes, story inspiring. I also don’t mind looking at “eye candy” of course! What isn’t a better day started than a picture of that hot man who you can just see lying naked across your bed. Come on ladies, you know the one I mean.

I’m a huge flirt and of course that enables me to have some sinful conversations with men on line. I use a lot of what I indulge in when I write – not names or the actual experiences of course. Or do I? Well… In posting a picture today, one in which a woman was inhaling the scent of her man on his suit, I couldn’t help but garner a whole new round of what I call sinpiration. This can be anything from a visual experience to a brushing touch, a light

fragrance to the way wine feels as the liquid trickles down your throat. I am a very sensual person and I love tantalizing the five senses. So what does make me tick and what do writers try and convey on a very black and white page?


The scent of a man for me is like nothing else. From the musky fragrance of his body, the touch of testosterone mixed with that very natural smell of HIM. Every man is distinct and if you don’t think so, inhale deeply around a few. You’ll notice a subtle difference in each one. Go into your man’s closet and take out his favorite leather jacket. Bring the soft material to your face and close your eyes. Now imagine him hovering over you as he brushes soft kissed across your lips just seconds before sliding deep inside. Can you jason van oijen1gather a whiff of his cologne? Can you smell the light beads of sweat covering his body? Mmm… Now THAT’s sinspiration.


I shiver ever time I touch a man. Touching him doesn’t have to be just sexual in nature. I love the feel of his muscular back when I press my hand across and the way he feels when I kiss his cheek. I love to brush the tips of my fingers down his arms and smile as I see the goose bumps. When he touches me, the simple gesture reminds me that he loves me, that he craves me. I love holding hands and think its’ so much of a lost art. I love to bump against him when we’re walking, just to be playful. I love leaning across a table during dinner and tracing patterns on top of his hand. For me the lightest touch gives me the most dazzling sensations.


Mmm… One of my favorite topics. The taste of a man is something that drives me wild. I love kissing his lips, the texture and the feel is incredible but the taste of him as I press my tongue inside his wet mouth – whoa. Shivers are racing down my spine right now. There is nothing quite like dragging your tongue down from mouth to his chin and then slowly moving down his neck to his chest. Taking his nipple into my mouth and biting down is a powerful aphrodisiac. Don’t you think? Are you turned on right now? I love licking and tasting and yes ladies, I love to suck as well. Mmm… There. I’ve said it. I’ve crossed that bad girl line. So spank me. I can’t help it. I love pleasing a man and I think the concept of giving a massage and kissing, tasting and licking can be much more intense than the act of making love. Then there is the art of sucking. Mmm… But that’s just me…


The look of a man whether in rough and tumble jeans or in a power suit is just delicious. There is nothing quite so stimulating as seeing a man in tight jeans, a leather jacket and a two day beard. Right then and there I want to drop to my knees. I just love rugged men, ready for a hard day’s work. But then again, I love an Armani suit, a silk tie, a starched white shirt and a look on his face full of confidence – ready to kick some ass in the most subtle of ways. Eyes for me are the true window to a man’s soul and I can look into them and tell what he’s thinking. Is there nothing better than the look of mischief on a man? Mmm….


The deep timbre of his voice as he beckons to you or tells you in no uncertain terms whatSexy black guy in bed he’s hungry for. Stop for a second and think about the last time he issued a command or a request. Wasn’t it powerful? Weren’t you all wet and tingly inside? Perhaps your man has a sensuous voice and when he sings, traffic seems to stop. What about his laugh? I love a man who has a deep laugh. I love the way he whispers my name just before he eases into bed or thrusts me over a counter. I love the soft sounds of growling when he’s full of need. I crave hearing dark commands and requirements. I love…

Well, I think you get the idea. I always say I love the flavor of a man – but I guess I simply crave and hunger for men. Now tell me, does that come across in what I write? I hope so lest I’m not doing my job. Oh, and I’m not having sinful fun either.

Be wicked for me today…

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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