Would You Ask a Man to “Uncuff” You? Hmmmm

Well, for me I think it would be the other way around but… I do love the concept. When I wrote a sexy little piece called Unwrap Me – I never know how HOT it was so I developed the “un” concept. This one is the second in the piece. I simply wanted to create something fun and tasty…



Danni Fuller is a professional dater, at least she should be given she’d been on about a bazillion first dates in her life. Oddly enough they almost never made it to a second. Her friends told her she was too brash and far too wicked in her ways to garner a man in the very southern town of Macon Georgia, but she scoffed. She refused to follow the rules, no matter if they were registered with the Sheriff’s Department or not. After a particularly scathing date with a politician’s son, she called her best friend to commiserate and drag UncuffMe_Cover-smallthe guy through the mud over a bottle or two of wine. Then she received a reckless driving ticket on the way home and she knew all hell was going to break lose – by her hands. Didn’t matter she got to lay her eyes on two of the sexiest men in the world. 

Officer Santos Garcia had it bad for the feisty Danni, a woman he would love to have in his life, but first he’d have to tame her. That is if he could even get close to the rather uppity female. After almost forcing her off the road to get her to stop before killing someone on the road, he was ready to tie her down and teach her a lesson about excessive speeding. When a call came out of the blue, asking for assistance in corralling the vixen, he enlisted the scandalous help of his partner in setting up a court of law of his own making. After all the punishment should fit the crime.


Danni Fuller gazed at the hulking blond mass of a man and while he was indeed hot as shit, all she could think of was running into the wilderness. While Mike or Mark or Matt droned on about his mother being his best friend, visions of a long session in the dentist chair, complete with a root canal, coursed through the back of her mind. Maybe if she had several teeth pulled, sans Novocain, she could actually handle telling him in no uncertain terms she would NEVER go out with the drab man again. Dear God were all men this boring? What she hungered for was something kinky, perhaps being tied to an iron bed and flogged mercilessly for hours. Then mystery man would force her to pleasure him, sucking and licking as he teased her relentlessly. After he exploded in her mouth, the dominant male would tell her in no uncertain terms exactly what she was going to be doing for the next week, maybe ten days. And the majority of the sin filled days she would be completely naked, doing his bidding.

Didn’t a single man in the entire world exist who could satisfy her dark cravings? Granted, there was something about what she considered the backwoods town of Macon, Georgia that dragged out all the stuffy and yet redneck kind of guy. And the sad part was she was supposed to really like this bozo. He was, after all, Senator Billingsly’s son and a young man on the fast track to stardom. Yeah right and pigs flew big ass time. Huffing, she plucked an olive from her martini, nibbling fiercely until she couldn’t take the drudgery any longer. Throwing back her drink and gulping, she gave him a heated grin and then shook her head. “You know what?” she asked, allowing her exaggerated southern accent to slither toward him.

Woman with handcuffs“What, darling?” His eyes narrowed and then headed straight for her chest as he licked his lips. “Are you hungry tonight? Perhaps ready for dessert? Something slippery and wet?”

Dessert? Hell, she was longing to join a Monastery. Yep, for the first time in her life she was ready to purchase a Mumu. Raising her eyebrow Danni leaned over the table. “Sorry, sugar. I don’t think you can handle me. In fact, I think it’s time to leave.”

“Leave? But we just got here,” he whined.

“Yes, but quite frankly I’m bored to freaking death and if I have to spend another moment with you I’m going to either puke or kick your ass. Got it?” Jerking to her feet, she was damn glad she’d driven her own car.

“But Danni! I really think we could have something special!” Blushing, he struggled to get to his feet, knocking a glass of water to the floor in the process.

As she watched the crystal tumble to the floor, shattering into several dozen pieces, she yawned and then grabbed her purse. “You are obviously a fantasizer. As I said, you can’t handle me. I’m way out of your league.” Unable to resist she eased her hand out, cupping his crotch and groping, just like her mother had taught her to do. Danni shook her head over and over again and raised one eyebrow.

“What?” he asked, as he gulped and then slowly looked down at her action. A moment of agony crossed his face leaving him red and panting.

“Nothing. Very much a bit of nothing. They always say the ones with the biggest feet. Shame it’s isn’t always true.” Grinning, she gazed down at his feet and then back up into his bulging eyes before huffing. And this guy had pushed his almost celebrity weight in order to get her to even agree to a damn date. Asshole. Brushing her hand through her hair she hiked her flaming red mini-skirt up her thighs a solid three inches and took long strides away from the table. Danni couldn’t happen but think there was nothing quite like having the entire male population of the room follow you with their eyes, drooling as you swept by them. Holding her head high she made it outside the greasy spoon before she thumped hard against the exterior wall, kicking her stiletto against the course brick. “Fuck!”

Exhaling slowly she folded her arms and snarled as she glanced toward the full moon, Man and woman for Wicked wagerlonging for more than just a bit of black magic. Why they hell couldn’t she manage to get past a first damn date? One freaking date? For God’s sake dating a man wasn’t like rocket science. Was it? Growling and then stamping her feet in frustration, she was beginning to think she needed to pitch for the other team. Maybe at least she and some buxom blond would get to go shopping together, selecting slinky clothes and barely there lingerie before ripping them off in a flash of wanton passion. Mmm… She could envision two sexy vixens licking and sucking before pulling out the fake cocks. “Oh hell.” The ugly thought of cold rubber gave her the chills, not even if the hunk of a piece was thick and filled with powerful batteries, vibrating her into ecstasy. Nope. Danni loved men – no matter if they were mostly assholes and terrible in bed.

As she steadied her nerves and tamped back the ridiculous thoughts she headed for her car, ready to get home to a full bottle of merlot, a full selection of Luther Vandross on the CD player, a heated bubble bath and… Oh yeah, one thick vibrator, screaming with power. Wasn’t she just damn pathetic?

Her composure regained, she made it to the car without stumbling, making an additional fool of herself, or dragging some muscular hunk into the darkness. Without a doubt she was horny as hell and needed some relief, maybe a boyfriend. Well at least one wild night of damn good sex would do her world and perhaps her ugly mood some good. Maybe.

Sliding into the car she allowed her shapely and very naked legs to dangle from the open door just long enough a group of very young men whistled and gave her at least five carnal looks. Too bad they were young enough to be in high school. How to win friends and garner a romper room boyfriend in five easy lessons. That might just be her motto of the decade. When she started the engine, revving the super 8 for effect, Danni thought about her lack luster love life and groused over and over again.

Almost thirty-five and she’d had maybe one real relationship in her life. First dates were always coming and then nothing, not even a make-out session in the back of some cramped automobile. Nibbling her bottom lip she jerked the car into gear and screeched out of the parking lot. So toys would keep her company and fill her needs. Mmm hmm… For all her bravado she knew she was the reason men had issues with her or she had difficulties with every one of them. From studs to nerds, muscular giants with no brains to savvy businessmen, they were all made out of the same material. Ugly gingham.

Now she was cursing under her breath. Jerking her phone out of her purse, Danni almost careened into the oncoming lane. As the sounds of horns blasted across her hood, she rolled her eyes and managed to call her best friend in the world and the only woman she could commiserate with over several very strong margaritas. Brenda Yancy was smart as a whip and yet a real kinkster on the inside. There was little the woman hadn’t done. Damn, wasn’t Danni jealous? Hearing the happy chirp of the flaming redhead she couldn’t help but grin. Why the hell was the girl always in such a damn good mood? “Howdy stranger.”

Purr – want to be handcuffed purr-haps?

Kisses   xxx


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1 Response to Would You Ask a Man to “Uncuff” You? Hmmmm

  1. Thianna D says:

    “Yes, but quite frankly I’m bored to freaking death and if I have to spend another moment with you I’m going to either puke or kick your ass. Got it?” ROFL I like Danni already!


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