Can Two HOT Cops Tame a Sassy Woman?

That’s a sexy little question, eh? I love writing menage pieces and making the woman a bit sassy, mouth and in truth very willful. I also love writing fun pieces that have no other meaning than you make you feel sexy. That’s part of what I call the “Un” collection. Four short sexy pieces designed to give you a tingle or five. HOT off the presses today. Come take a taste of my interracial, multi-cultural piece.



Danni Fuller is a professional dater, at least she should be given she’d been on about a bazillion first dates in her life. Oddly enough they almost never made it to a second. Her UncuffMe_Cover-smallfriends told her she was too brash and far too wicked in her ways to garner a man in the very southern town of Macon Georgia, but she scoffed. She refused to follow the rules, no matter if they were registered with the Sheriff’s Department or not. After a particularly scathing date with a politician’s son, she called her best friend to commiserate and drag the guy through the mud over a bottle or two of wine. Then she received a reckless driving ticket on the way home and she knew all hell was going to break lose – by her hands. Didn’t matter she got to lay her eyes on two of the sexiest men in the world.

Officer Santos Garcia had it bad for the feisty Danni, a woman he would love to have in his life, but first he’d have to tame her. That is if he could even get close to the rather uppity female. After almost forcing her off the road to get her to stop before killing someone on the road, he was ready to tie her down and teach her a lesson about excessive speeding. When a call came out of the blue, asking for assistance in corralling the vixen, he enlisted the scandalous help of his partner in setting up a court of law of his own making. After all the punishment should fit the crime.


Shaking her head, she longed for nights in the Caribbean with hot male dancers and an even sexier man to slip under the sheets with. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d gotten to the necking part with a hunk, whether of her liking or not. Granted, she didn’t allow them to get but so close and she certainly had her types but… “Drinks, my house. You bring the booze and the porn movies and I’ll make us some wicked tacos. Deal?”

“You know you really need to tame yourself down, find a hot man who knows how to handle you,” she cooed.

“And you think there’s one in town?” Licking her lips, the vision of the one man who embroiled her senses to the point she was left breathless almost all the time, left her tingling all over. Swishing her ass back and forth in the seat she groaned as her pussy tingled just thinking about him – HIM! From his long locks to his stunning dark eyes and the color of his skin like burnished copper. Oh yeah baby she would do the mumbo Hottie in jeansbetween the sheets any day.

“You know exactly who I mean, you stubborn wench. God, I could spank you for being such an ice queen.”

“Ice queen?” Danni snapped.

“You heard me and as always you know I’m right. I’ll be at your house in thirty minutes and we’re going to talk some sense into you once and for all.”

Grinning, she brushed her hand through her hair. “I’m so glad we’re friends cause I might have to kill you otherwise.”

“Very funny. And I want to hear every detail of the date with the Senator’s son. Got it?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Snapping her phone shut she held the metal to her head and sighed. Why oh why was dating so damn tough to do very well? Maybe a girl’s night in was just what the doctor ordered.

Blinking against the harsh lighting of on coming cars, she wanted nothing more than to get home in a flash. Stepping on the gas, she leaned over and switched on the satellite radio, selecting the hottest alternative rock station there was. As the heady sounds of Rev Theory filled the compacted space she smiled, licked her lips and bore down on the gas pedal again, grinning as she shook her head. She might not have a boyfriend but by GOD, she had a hot sports car and an entire night ahead of her to be a very bad girl.

Singing along to the tunes, she maneuvered the Mazda like it was on rails, hugging every curve, her headlights barely illuminating the very dark stretch of road. The sound of screeching tires floated over the head banging music and she couldn’t help but giggle. Gripping the steering wheel she took a curve a little too fast and her back tires spun out, forcing her car into the other lane. Barely missing the only vehicle she’d seen on the road she groaned and then slammed her hand against the dashboard. “Get out of my way!” Giving the windshield a finger, she inwardly realized she needed to slow her ass down.

Acknowledging her problem with the need for speed, she huffed and then made a promise to herself she’d learn to be a good girl. Satisfied, she gave herself a mental high five, now grateful she hadn’t wrecked. That is until she saw the flash of blue lights in her rear view mirror. “Fuck!”

Oh this wasn’t going to bode well at all. Danni had enough parking and speeding tickets to line her bedroom and was lucky she kinda knew the local Sheriff in town. He’d been kind to her the last two, maybe three times he’d stopped her. Somehow this time she had a bad, bad feeling the sexy yet oh-so opinionated man wasn’t going to let her off but so easy. Growling, she found a safe place to pull over, but not before going at least a solid two miles with the flashing blue lights illuminating the entire road behind her.

Jerking to a halt she rimmed her mouth with her index finger, making sure she didn’t have any unseemly lipstick lines, and then rolled down her window. So, the man of her late night fantasies and the very one who’d kept in her a solid twenty dollars worth of batteries for her vibrator alone a month, appeared behind the car. Mmm…she knew the God like creature approaching had to be Santos. Shivering, she glanced at the side mirror and the not just one but two hulking masses coming toward her didn’t surprise her as much as piss her off. What the hell did they think they were doing, corralling the Terminator? “What the hell?” The thought giving her more than one salacious smile, she stole a quick look at her very low cut stop and forced the thin slick of material even lower, revealing the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra. This should stop the two men cold.

After a few seconds and the two officers weren’t hovering in her window, she stamped her foot and glared out into the darkness. “What the hell is taking them so long? What are they, stupid?”

“Good evening, Danni. How are you tonight?”

Okay so his ultra sexy voice did send a series of tremors into her already quivering and wet pussy, but that wasn’t any reason to show him the damn effect he had on her. “Well, hot black guy with tattoohowdy, officer. What brings you out this fine looking night?” Batting her eyelashes, she couldn’t help but stare at his crotch, longing to see what was under the way too tight uniform. She had to admit Santos was without a doubt the sexiest man alive. From his six foot three and something carved body to his chiseled mocha brown face, stunning bedroom eyes and the way he undressed her every time he saw her to the dimple in his chin, yep he was sex on wheels. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the way his partner, Officer Landon James was studying her car and for an instant she envisioned a sandwich cookie. One blond, one light chocolate and one deep dark sensual chocolate and the thought alone gave her tremors. Lordy lordy she could feast for days. Fanning her face, Danni attempted to look nonchalant, yawning for effect.

“That would be one habitual offender and another ticket for reckless driving,” Santos said calmly as he gazed into the front of her car. “Any reason for the big hurry?”

“Getting away from a useless male asshole, but neither of you fine fellows would know anything about that, now would you?”

Grunting, Landon leaned over the car. “Do you realize not only were you going in excess of eighty miles an hour in a forty five zone but you almost hit a car head on because of your excessive speed?”

Tilting her head, Danni knew she was pushing out her breasts and couldn’t help but chuckle. “I don’t think I almost crashed into them. They almost hit me coming into the curve. I managed to stay on the road and control my vehicle. It’s them you need to hunt down like a dog and give a ticket to, not me.”

Santos exhaled slowly and then turned his head toward Landon. “We have a rule breaker on our hands.”

“We do. Let me write up the ticket,” Landon said, his voice filling with a harsh quality. He slid his head inside her open window and tsked, giving her a rather self-righteous look. “You’re going to get yourself hurt one day, little lady. I think you need to calm yourself down.”

“Or be tamed,” Santos added.

Tamed? Who the hell did they think they were, Mutual of Omaha? Giving them both the sweetest butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth smile she nodded. “I strive to always be a very good girl.”

“Uh-huh. I can tell,” Santos breathed before giving Landon the send off. He tilted his head and then sniffed, looking into the night sky. “You know my partner is right. You’re getting to be an issue with your driving and the way you buck authority every time. There might need to be some clear intervention with you, a re-shaping of your values and methodologies.”

What the hell was he trying to say to her? Somehow she could see the clear gleam in his eyes, no matter the damn darkness. “And let me guess, you’re just the one to teach me, right?” Okay, so Danni knew her voice was laced with a level of sheer nasty, but she couldn’t help herself. They’d spared one too many times, usually on a roadside and almost always in front of people. Okay, so she also normally got the upper hand. Whew, she was tingling all over. Stop it. This is not going to happen. Her little voice was damn aggressive tonight. There was that one time in a bar, some dirty dancing and a lot of heavy kissing and then things got out of hand and she really wanted to go down on him and… Now she was panting. Forced to look away for fear of giving away her raging throw down fantasies, she made a promise to herself that she was going to learn to be a better driver.

“You’re a handful, Danni. I swear to God. What did your parents teach you, to be a pain in the ass however you can? What in the world caused you to be such a damn wild woman?”

I hope you’ve enjoyed

Kisses   xxx



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