Gritty & Dark…and Terrifying

That’s how I see some of my pieces. For so many of you who know me, you realize I write in several different genres and subgenres. What exactly does that mean? I write everything from horror pieces to campy erotic, paranormal to crime thrillers and of course all methods of BDSM and D/s relationships. I write same sex and ménage, group sex and kink clubs. That’s the fun of being a writer. None of my worlds are ever the same. I do get a lot of questions as to how I can write so many characters and varied methods of sex, passion and storyline. Perhaps it is because I’m a little bit nuts. I say that Punish Mewith tongue in cheek, but then again, not really.

You’ve probably heard people talking about musicians or actors in that they have a very different “bent” on life, love, sex, jobs and most importantly their passion. I think writers have a truly wicked imagination and one that can keep them up at night, furrowing into the minds of their characters. You might have heard some writers say their characters actually talk to them. It’s funny for me – I tell MY characters more than they speak to me. I admit I’m the kind of person who can think of a story line in the strangest places, but some writers can write a passionate sonnet or a broken hearted song in a flash. Writers do the same thing. If you challenge us, we can write a HOT story about anything. For erotic writers, you mix in kinky sex in the same setting and you just might have a winner.

I was watching what has to be my new favorite show last night – The Following – and realized just how much the show made me want to write really bad things in a flash. For those of you who don’t know what the show is about. It’s about a group of cult followers – the man they are following is an author, one who writes extremely gritty and brutal scenes in his book. He, of course, is a serial killer and while he rots in prison, he’s manipulating his group of followers to do his biddings, finish his book chapter by chapter but in real life. And with real slaughters. Now, you can imagine my rather tilted mind grasped onto that like flies to honey, baby. I spun off about a  bazillion new books in my head, each one more brutal than the one before it.

I mentioned on Facebook last night how very excited the show made me and I have NO doubt some people were thinking…”what’s she thinking?” Well, I love writing thrillers more than the love stories. I love the complexity and the way people think – especially deranged killers and other madmen.

I know what some of you might be thinking, could I do some of the things I write about? Speak no EvilWell, no… Not in that manner. But I do crave the very aspect of getting into people’s heads, finding out what makes them tick in every way. There are so many fine lines in our sanity and notions of what we would versus should do. This can mean sex to breaking the law, treating or mistreating people and animals, hiding things from our boss. I think for a lot of us we enjoy getting away with a little bit of mischief. The pages of a book allows us to dream of being the bad boy biker and the rogue man, willing the women to his bed. There’s nothing wrong with longing to taste the concept of being a vampire or clawing your way through a body. Humans are incredible beings and able to comprehend many aspects of humanity, or the lack thereof, with our vivid imagination.

A good writer takes you into that world, spins the tale of horror or romance, good versus evil. I think one of the sole reasons we love characters like vampires and other creatures of the night is because they don’t have to follow the rules. They don’t have to be the good guy or gal all the time. They get to be monsters – literally. They are allowed to enjoy ripping out hearts, drinking blood and yes – slaughtering people. And we eat it up. Don’t we? Haven’t you watched a slasher film lately, perhaps one of the love to hate Saw movies or even the good old fashioned Friday the 13th? Come on, you know you love the stuff.

What many of you might not know is that writing good sex, for me at least, is EASY in comparison to writing about monsters – whether human or those created from early story tellers. I have told people before I can write a hot sex scene in the middle of a raging storm, by candlelight, or when I’m outside watching a ballgame. I love writing hot sex, can do it all day long. BUT… There’s something so invigorating about their methodologies of kills, getting into their minds and feeling out the way they are going to hunt down their victim. However, writing about torture or other crimes is draining. When I’m writing one of my paranormal pieces or the erotic thrillers, I’m also writing a more frivolous fun piece – like a Dirty Little Lunches. I have to or my mind might burst haunted_forest__-smallinto flames.

I need the release of both and that’s one way, I think at least, to keep my writing fresh. I don’t simply concentrate on the details about a crime scene. I move into a piece where I’m only worried about how best to seduce the cabana boy. Don’t laugh. Try it some time. The variation truly helps keep me as a writer well rounded. Funny, certain pieces of mine cross over from being romance to pure horror and romance reviewers have a tough time taking the savage murders along with the scenes of passion. They just have a tough time thinking we can love and have murder in the same piece.

I love gritty and dark pieces – sometimes the darker the better. I also include the very aspect even in my most heartfelt pieces. You’re going to find some kind of angst in my stories, whether it’s a horrific divorce or perhaps a family type kidnapping, death or a mental illness. I love delving into dark minds. As readers, what do you think – do you enjoy a story with a lot of dark sides to them? I love reading them. I couldn’t all the time but I do enjoy and crave the complexity. I’d be curious what you think. Am I a little bit nuts? Perhaps. But maybe being a touch well…”touched” makes me a better writer. Maybe…

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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