Sex, Sex and Well More SEX

I was talking with my good friend on Facebook, Suzzana C. Ryan, herself a talented author and probably my BFF, and we were talking about sex. Yeah, romance writers actually do talk about such things, but we may do it with just a sexier little bent than you do. We talk about the plots we have in books, just what makes a sexy and gritty man. We muse about what our readers find sexy and the fact I continue to get a little bit of grief over writing interracial pieces. So I’m a WW writing WWBM. Do you A touch of Redknow the acronyms yet? LOL Don’t feel bad. There are dozens of them. We also talk about relationships and what makes our characters romantic. We enjoy posting pictures of passionate couples and hot men on Facebook. We laugh about the men, in our case, who really think we’re moving to another country to be with them. NOT that some of them aren’t sexy as hell, but come on folks…

We also like to talk about real life couples and the lengths we or they will go to in order to gain or keep a current relationship hot, HOT, HOT. You heard me baby. Relationships aren’t easy and when you can find the right balance of intimacy with every day doldrums, then you might have the magic wand. Our readers want a HEA (happy ever after) and they want to see the couple fighting something to get where they are. Or, they simply want hot sex. Think about the last erotic romance book your read. What did you take away from the experience? The sex or the passion around the couple – whether same sex or heterosexual? I use the tag line, love has no boundaries, and in that I mean no matter what race, ethnicity, or sex you are, love is love and should be blind. Well…

Suzzana mentioned she wrote a blog piece about phone sex the other day. Now, we’ve all had at least a taste of that in talking with our significant other, but have you ever really had “phone sex”? Well, take it from one who used to be a phone sex operator – yes that’s telling, isn’t it? The very notion about what you say to your lover and what CAN be said are two different things. Or are they? It’s called talkin’ dirty lovers and there can be nothing that can get me turned on more than hearing my guy talk about doing really nasty things to my body when he gets home. Oh baby, gives me the shivers. Now imagine calling your guy or girl at work, smack in the middle of the afternoon when VS red teddythey least expect it and giving them some sugar, and in the most delicious of ways. Mmm… can you hear the little lines?

Comin’ home to fuck your sweet pussy, baby…

Gonna eat your until you scream…

I want you to ride my hard cock all night long…

So tingling yet? Oh come on. You’ve said these things and much um…dirtier in the bedroom, haven’t you? And if you haven’t, shame on you. Why not spice up more than just the bedroom? Why not make certain your lover knows exactly what you want to do to his or her body? My guess to you is that if you do something like this that VERY night is oh-so-gonna-be HOT. Funny, I wrote a sexy little piece for Naughty Nights Press called Phone Sex and yes, this one is ALL about what you think it is but with a twist. This is about a female operator and a female caller and well…sparks more than fly.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and its supposed to be the sexiest day of the year, right? I know more people that HATE this day than love it. So many of us see it as a poor attempt to simply have consumers spend more money. The flower costs are inflated, the candy the same – and given I’m allergic to chocolate, who cares – and going out to dinner is like taking your life into your hands. I mean come on. Granted, I’ve talked a lot on blogs and I use Victoria’s Secret in my sexy pieces. For those Brits and Aussies who read, this is a lovely lingerie store that has sexy, not slutty attire – mostly for the bedroom. You know the kind of crimson silk and black lace you really don’t want to leave on for long? That kind. Anyway, I do love lingerie but don’t just buy me something for Valentine’s Day. I like sexy things and perfume, a card or a single flower other times too. I am a girl after all…

What else can you do to spice up your love life? How about texting? I was doing a piece last night and I realized in two places I had him texting her exactly how she was going to be when he arrived home from work. In this case she was to be naked and waiting withPhone-Sex---Cassandre-Dayne-HOT-SHOTS-PG-small her nose pressed into the corner for him, spanking implements on the counter. Yes, it’s THAT kind of story. And I thought about sexting (the new term for being raunchy) and realized heck, I use sexting often in my books. What an attention grabber, both for the reader and the lover. Haven’t you done it? Haven’t you seen others who’ve gotten caught? Have you ever sexted the wrong person? Um…well…I take the fifth. But I can tell you I gained a new sexy friend out of my mistake.

It’s hot, it’s quick, it’s oh-so dirty and again, something out of the ordinary. What’s wrong with giving your man a little kick in the middle of the day? What’s wrong with making sure he’s all hot and bothered when he comes home? Imagine he’s out with his buddies at a basketball game and you simply remind him what he’s coming home to? Do ya think he’s going to linger but so much over boring beer and pizza? Hmmm…

Well, think about these two HOT little concepts the next time you need a kick in your relationship and you might just be surprised. Purr babies and get wicked for me today…

Kisses   xxx


Oh and here’s my synopsis for Phone Sex just to give you a naughty little idea…


Shannon Denton is a high-powered attorney by day and a phone sex operator at night fulfilling fantasies for men across the globe. The rush of doing something so sinful soothes the fact her clients are generally guilty as charged. Sadly, she’s alone and lonely and unable to fulfill her own hidden desires. When the owner of Eden’s Fantasies asks for a favor – requesting a woman become a client – Shannon realizes sex talk is just that. Allowing the call, there’s something dangerous and alluring about Portia and against company policy Shannon agrees to meet her. When the electric current sparks between them, Portia is determined to have Shannon succumb to her dark hungers. Unfortunately there’s a mysterious secret that could jeopardize their rather kinky adventure and force Shannon to face an ugly realization.

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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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4 Responses to Sex, Sex and Well More SEX

  1. tallulahrose says:

    Another ex phone sex op here… Miss those days so much…xx


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