Indulging in Your Fantasies…When You Have to be Extreme

It’s Thursday and you know what that means! Time to indulge in your most wicked fantasies. Well, it’s also time to take a step back in time and snack on a piece from my past. This time its all about aliens, hot menage plus one sex, m/m sex and oh yes, The Food Network. Intrigued yet? Come take a taste…



Was it really possible aliens craved the finest French Champagne and watched the Food Network or were the stoic men from the planet Zagan on Earth for another purpose? That’s what Deirdre Miller, a well-respected food and wine critic, was determined to find out. Stealing aboard their unattended ship for an exclusive interview, she was caught red handed. Undaunted by the four golden haired, sexy hunks, she jumped into her job, asking them questions. Unfortunately, she had no idea she’d just become part of their Adult version of Wolf PackFertility Festival on their home planet and there was a possibility she would never return home.

Kidnapped and heading into the galaxy, Deirdre was incensed until she heard their plea. Against all odds, she allowed herself a tryst with the men and Prince Dragar claimed her as his mate. A brooding man, he had the most to lose. Their planet barren, she was one of their last hopes to conceive and give their world an heir, but the weary warriors would have to win their yearly contest first or face losing her.

With a little help from their Chef, a decadent and very edible creation was prepared with her as the centerpiece.  But would it be enough or the beginning of the end? Unfortunately the creatures kept dark secrets, ones that could threaten their budding love and also destroy the man who would be King. With few choices, a battle ensued. Could Deirdre learn to forgive?


     Dragar’s long stride reverberated through the shadowed hallways. Seizing this moment and the woman as his last chance for redemption and the win, there was something about the female that electrified his very being. He had met many human women in his months on Earth and this one simply stunned him. While he realized the relationship had been established by the leaders of their world, they could not have known how perfect she was for their people, and for him and then again, how very important she was for all of Zagan.

     “You’re serious about this woman, this female?” Teman stood with his hands on his hips, the look mischievous.

     Dragar rubbed his eyes, weary from the months of stress. “I didn’t see that you were angry with the selection.”

     Teman chuckled. “No, she is indeed perfect. However, are you sure that we can provide Redhaired handcuffed womanwhat is needed?”

     “You suddenly doubt me?”

     “I suddenly doubt that we know what we are doing.”

     “You mean you are unsure of what I am doing as leader.”

     “Dear God Dragar, you speak to her as if we are primates.”

     “It is necessary! It is necessary until she can develop some sense of loyalty.”

     “Dragar the brega is not stupid. I could read her intelligence and wit easily enough with a single touch of her scintillating skin. As far as loyalty, that is earned, not taken.”

     Dragar snarled, his fists opening and closing yet he knew exactly what Teman was saying. His entire country was rattled around the fact that they had to succeed and in that moment almost lost, he was angry and perhaps a bit too wishful of the woman, but her taste was extraordinary. He had been trained by his father to find the one and the voluptuous beauty belonged to him. He would take her by force if necessary. “She will succumb as needed. This must be done and you know that.”

     “Bullshit! We have been playing games for far too long. This borders on insanity and somewhere inside that head of yours you realize that. To think that we can just take her against her will and force her into servitude is ridiculous.”

     “Servitude? Shit, Teman! What would you have me do? We have no options and I cannot lose this contest. I can’t lose all that we have worked for. Deirdre will learn to understand our ways and possibly enjoy.”

     “You are so sure?” Teman glided toward the helm, his voice barely a hoarse whisper. “I will not stand by and allow this atrocity to happen unless you are sure. We have been through too much. I care too much and can take no more bullshit.”

     Teman had been his best friend for his entire life. They had grown up sharing their childhood as brothers. The prince and the abandoned child had shared everything together and some said they were meant to rule the throne as one. Even his father considered Teman a second son. While the words riled him, he knew Dragar, his faults and foibles, better than anyone. “I understand.”

    “Do you?” Moving toward him, Teman stopped just behind, pulsing his chest into his back. As his hand slid across his shoulder, inching toward his nipple, he pressed his lips into his neck. “Dragar…I…”

     Dragar closed his eyes. They needed no words between them and yet the raging apprehension hovered over both men. The fear of the unknown challenged every move they made and every part of their entire civilization and the very future of Zagan centered on their success. Yet his heart was heavy, filled with such trepidation that it had stunted his decisions, challenged his authority. Teman had been his lover since he had been barely out of his child days. Dragar did not need to hear his words to feel his growing panic and sense the fire consuming blood that coursed through his body. A woman could tear them apart. He grasped Teman’s hand. “Fear not, brother. The woman is what we have hoped for.” The words were clear yet his voice faltered. If he was wrong, not only would he lose the contest but also everything he had fought for since his father had given him the pendant, the amulet meant for the single child that would bring Zagan back from the depths of hell. If the old legends were correct the gem would glow with warmth and shimmers when the female became pregnant.

     “You burn with need.”

     Dragar turned and feathered the deep stone cold ruby as he pressed Teman’s hand to his mouth. “I burn with hunger.” He heard the ragged pants that could no longer hide theExtreme-Position-small anger and could no longer shadow the forthcoming of what they both knew would be and what must be. Turning slowly, he guided Teman’s hand to his mouth, slanting his lust filled eyes to stare into the darkened pools of his lover. He slid his index finger into Teman’s mouth, pulsing it in gently as he allowed his razor sharp teeth to graze over the tip, scraping the rough skin away. His scaly tongue darted out to trace succulent circles around the end, tasting his rich blood as his hot breath danced across his skin creating a flush across Teman’s face.

     “Dragar, there is…no…time.”

     “Teman, I cannot say to you what…”

     “Dragar, she is waiting and the ship will be docking in less than twenty-four hours. If you are to remain Prince, we must do this and she must be on board with being your mate. I cannot stand in the way.”

     Dragar heard his voice falter. He brushed his fingers across Teman’s cheek relishing in the way his skin was slickened from the heat of their combined need. “Allow me to finish. I refuse to allow a woman to come between us. I will have you in my life.”

     Teman grabbed his hand. “You may no longer have a choice.”

     “I am Prince!”

     “Of a dying people.”

     Dragar’s wrath surfaced and then as the reality of his damning words set in, he bit back his anguished cry. Slamming his hand against the sidewall, he closed his eyes and controlled his breathing. “I…will…not…lose you. She will understand.”

     “Deirdre is human and may not be able to tolerate our ways.”

     “Then we will show her Teman our love.” Drager’s eyes darted back and forth across his lover’s, wishing in his heart there was another way, but he was bound by duty and honor.

     “Go to her, Dragar. I sense her need is great.”

     Dragar shook his head seeing his darkened eyes. “Not yet.” Feathering his hand down his cheek, he inched it lower to slide inside the silky material of his shirt, pressing the edge aside. As he lowered his head to his neck, suckling the sweet flesh that he craved, the whispers of Teman’s heart sent shivers down his spine. He darted his tongue out to taste the glistening beads that fell softly from the tip of his chin and glided his hand around his waist. He drew Teman in tightly to his chest, sliding his hand down to cup his ass as he nipped the tender skin surrounding his pulse of life.

     “Dragar…I…we…” He tipped his head back, his eyes closing as the slight moan fell from his mouth.

     “Shhh, be my lover.” With bursting pulses he sent his hot breath dancing across Teman’s skin as he licked from the base of his chin to the edge of his earlobe, grazing his lobe with his teeth until Teman shivered. “Mmmm, you taste so good lover. Be with me. What we have to do is nothing in comparison to this. We have time. We must make time.”

     “Dragar, no we do not.”

I so hope you enjoyed and can you really look at Bobby Flay the same way any longer?

Kisses   xxx


     “If I am Prince, then I will have what I want.”

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