Spank Me…Hard

I just finished a sexy piece titled Untame Me and finishing up one today called Dirty Little Secrets – His Demands. In addition, I’ve put about 700 words into my very first true DD (Domestic Discipline) piece called Anticipation. I realized that all three have a lot of spanking smack in the middle. No pun intended. I was thinking about just how many pieces I do have some form of spanking somewhere in the piece and I had to Spank me hard
giggle. I think I just might be telling myself I feel the need for a good, hard and very old fashioned spanking over the knee. You know the kind. You’re lectured first about all the bad things you’ve done lately before being placed over his knees, your panties pulled down and given a fairly severe whipping.

If you’ve been extra naughty, sometimes you might be forced into the corner, nose pressed against the wall with your panties down around your ankles. Think about how humiliating it would be to stand there with your ass exposed for a little while. Hmmm… Now does that give you bad shivers or good tingles all the way into… Well, you know what I’m saying. For a lot of us, we’ve fantasized about being spanked, at least in the bedroom, but I’m not certain we’d really entertain the idea of being spanked on a regular basis. Or would we? For any of you how had read any of my spanking, BDSM or D/s blogs before know my personal opinion is that if there was a bit of corporal punishment in relationships, we wouldn’t have so many divorces.

Tsk, tsk. Don’t you dare shake your head. Think about it. There are consequences everywhere you turn for things you’ve done wrong – and trust me we ALL break the rules from time to time. If you knew your husband would spank you for not paying the bills or badmouthing him and really spank you, do you think you might just calm your little ass down, control your behavior? Hmmm… I think we all can learn new “tricks” every once in awhile. In talking about and writing about spanking, I use two basic formats – more for sensual fun and truly for discipline. Both are enjoyable I think to read but when being used for actual punishment, I actually really think about how to present the scene.

First of all, is this a situation where the characters know already that discipline is being used or is this the first time? That brings about an entirely new set of emotions. Think about your relationship right now. If you and your husband or your wife felt you needed to add some form of punishment if your life, where would you start? Would you start with loss of privileges like cutting out the Internet or would you immediately jump to something a bit more severe like corner time? Perhaps you’d move into washing her willful and highly opinionated mouth out with soap or…tell her in no uncertain terms she’s getting a spanking when you get home.

That lookNow if you’ve both decided spankings are needed then how and what and when and how often? Do you have kids and have to worry about noise? Are you worried about bruising? Do you only do punishment spankings when she’s been a very bad girl or add in regular maintenance spankings several times a month? Daunting, eh? For those of you who don’t know, maintenance spankings are those given not when he or she has done wrong, but on a semi-regular basis to keep the behavior in check and remind her that he is in charge of the household and that her actions reflect on both of them as well as the entire family.

I personally think maintenance spankings are a necessity. Some couples who participate think that having a set time isn’t a good idea because the very concept of humiliation and sudden anticipation is part of the disciplinarian actions but I think having these in a couple’s lives and knowing he is going to come home every Tuesday and Friday and that you’re to be ready in the corner with panties down and implements ready is a very humbling and yet wonderful feeling of closeness. Generally the spankings aren’t as severe and yet the time taken together as he explains the things you continue to do wrong before taking you over his knee is very intimate. For some couple they have a very intense round of love making after. I’ve heard couples talk about how much their sex life has not only increased but improved. They are simply closer because of the discipline. Women also say that being freed of the need to rant or knowing that consequences will come is enlightening and makes them feel so much better.

I know how I would feel. I have this out of control type personality and know I need to be reined in. I also know it would take a strong man to do this. Why do I say strong? This is strong of mind because a lot of men are brought up NEVER to hit a woman so they are terrified of this. So much so if you really get down to it, the man simply can’t do more than a swat or five on the behind. Sorry guys, that’s not what we’re talking about here. Men have to get into the psyche that this isn’t hitting. This is discipline. Two different things here. A lot of men have bravado about this but in the end, they can’t do it. But let’s just say he’s moved past the mental block and can begin to learn how to spank, and yes I say learn. You and your husband or wife may never go beyond being spanked by hand. I know for most the bare bottom spanking is used and preferred. The sound and the stinging are entirely different.

Hand spanking is very effective but for some men, their hands can’t take this all the time. In addition, wouldn’t certain offenses warrant other implements of punishment? Were you ever spanked as a child? Did your dad use his belt on you? Oh I can remember the paddledays when he would and the sight and sound of his belt being pulled from the loops was much worse than the swats on the behind. Well… kinda. There is no difference today. I’ve heard woman talk about how nervous they get as they are told to unfasten his belt. Whew, I am tingling now. Using a belt though takes practice and the angle isn’t such that you can use a belt with her over your lap unless it’s folded over. Too uncontrollable. So do you tie her to the bed spread-eagled or place pillows under her tummy and tell her to stay still? Have you had a spanking lately? They hurt and you wiggle. You jump. The use of a belt can be very effective however. Leather is a very good instrument and yes indeedy marks are left. You’ve heard of floggers, right? I was shocked to learn how many people haven’t. They are usually made of leather and come in various lengths.

But…we’re not talking about the ones you buy in your sex stores – not really. Even the one on my Facebook page I have in my mouth was purchased for a conference in fun. The thing is purple with sparkles on it for God’s sake. Not meant for serious spankings. But there are plenty of tarses out there purchased with discipline in mind. The wrist action is really what makes or breaks the usage and when a person knows how to use the leather right, where. Generally they are short tailed with a short handle and the effect leaves strikes and can bruise. Mmmm… trust me too it hurts like hell.

Some couples use a hairbrush, wooden in nature, and for a short blast of serious pain, this is highly effective. I can see keeping one in the glove compartment for needed discipline when you’re out shopping. Oh yes, this does happen. He will drag his wife or girlfriend out of a store to the car and give her a solid spanking. Just the thought alone of being seen is especially effective. See, here I’m tingling all over again. Do you think I’ve been a really bad girl lately? Mmmm…

For me the piece de-la resistance is the paddle – one with holes drilled out. You might have seen this used on Animal House – yeah, dating myself here. Remember the rather stupid frat movie with John Belushi? Yeah, that paddle. You might laugh and think – why that can’t hurt much. Um, WRONG. OMG is all I can say. When used this thing can rocket you to the ceiling. By far this can hurt the most and cause the most deep bruises. Deep bruises aren’t the ones you see in black and blue form. They are the muscular bruises that come about in a day or so and stay with you for days. You can’t sit without being uncomfortable. You can’t move without knowing you were whipped. Should this be used often? Well, you probably know the answer, but when used for several punishment, the paddle will get the message across.

For those who think women especially are pain mongers and if you get one of these spankings you’re going to act up simply to get more – um WRONG again. No way babies. You beg and plead, telling the world you’ll never do another thing wrong again and you mean it. The words, “I’ll pull out my paddle”, take on an entirely new meaning. So what do you think about spanking now? You ready to add discipline in your life. Think about it, talk about it with your spouse for me and let me know what you say. I’d be curious.

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


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  1. Dean Anderson says:

    First, I gotta find a woman who will Spank me very hard, because she enjoys playing these types of wifely games with me. So far, no woman seems interested.


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