When You Marriage Finally Requires…Discipline

Mmm yes, sometimes it does. Some marriages can be difficult and we all know how many end in divorce. What if you could try and avoid divorce and was ready to use any methods you had? For some couples they will go to the extremes in an effort to keep their relationship vital, including the concept of Domestic Discipline. You’ve heard me talk about it before – the man is usually in charge and doles out punishment and spankings as necessary. I’m writing my first DD piece and thought you might like and early and very anticipationunedited taste coming in April.

BTW – so everyone knows. BDSM, D/s and DD (do you know all the acronyms?) do not have to be played together or enjoyed or lived in the same relationship. Some couples who practice Domestic Discipline never cross the line into BDSM and also are a regular vanilla couple in their lives. Others are into heavy BDSM where actually whipping and flogging are involved and never use maintenance spankings or punishments spankings. And yes, maintenance spankings do exist in the DD world. Sometimes couples plan to have the woman spanked on a regular basis to keep her emotions in check. To each their own. I hope you enjoy. Oh and it takes a couple a long time to decide to get to this place.



Shannon Parker loved her husband with all her heart but every day they seemed to be growing further apart. Married to David for almost ten years, their relationship was loveless and they were constantly bickering. Unfortunately she couldn’t stop blaming him for all their problems and she suspected the bitter arguments were pushing him into the arms of another woman. When she confronted him with her thoughts, albeit screamed during a heated battle, he threatened to leave, sending her into a tirade of nasty innuendos. 

At her wits end, a chance encounter with a friend gave Shannon an unconventional idea and one she’d never considered. Determined to win David back, Shannon suggested a change – domestic discipline – into their household. Confused and unsure of the idea, David spent a full week reading about the lifestyle. Making a determination, the first day of the rest of their life brought about not only excitement but also apprehension yet she refused to go back on her word. And when David texted her reminding her of the night’s discipline, she entered into hours of heated anticipation.


“Damn it! Why is every night like this?”

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

Cringing, Shannon Parker stood staring out the living room bay window, a myriad of ugly thoughts racing in the back of her mind. She could hear David rustling in the kitchen, opening and closing cabinet doors and drawers, the sounds somehow wafting above the music blaring on the CD player. Of course he wasn’t just washing and drying utensils and placing them in the drawers. He was yanking open every one, every one of them inside before slamming the door or the drawer, cursing in a low and husky tone every time. But she could still hear his angry exclamations. Asshole. For a minute she thought about storming into the kitchen and telling him to his face. That would only escalate another fight.

David was pissed tonight, frustration brimming in every word since he’d gotten home. Then again, his moods had been getting darker over the last several months as their relationship continued to deteriorate. She shook her head, trying her best to keep the nasty words she was thinking from brimming to the surface. Another argument wasn’t going to do either one of them any good, or their nearly destroyed relationship. She glanced over at her glass of red wine and for the life of her, the color made her think of death. Maybe the fact her mother had recently died had something to do with her moments of raw angst. Sadly, her bouts of lashing out at David, blaming him for practically everything that had gone wrong lately and been increasing as well. They were on a collision course to separation. There wasn’t in doubts in her mind.

Sighing, she reached over and grabbed the glass, nearly pushing the dense crystal over onto David’s CD collection. Snorting she could only imagine just how infuriated he’d be if some of his precious music collection was ruined. Taking a sip and then a gulp of her Undoing His Beltwine, she shivered from hearing him cursing again. That’s all he seemed to do lately, curse. And all she could do was call him names – horrible, vile names. She palmed the glass with one hand as she shook her head. Their life barely two years before had been different, happy. Well, mostly happy.

When did the ugliness start? The arguments created out of nothing that ended up so horrific and totally off they radar they screamed at each other until the wee hours of the morning? When had she spent the first night crying herself to sleep? When was the first time she’d contemplated leaving? The answers weren’t easy to come by. Neither were the reasons why. They’d simply fallen into a bitter trap, one not unlike several sets of close friends. So many of their friends were either embroiled in divorce or getting close to ending whatever relationship they were in. Closing her eyes, she could still remember the love, the passion and the fun she and David had shared together. In the beginning they’d been so much in love, unable to keep their hands off each other. Life had never been perfect but right now, there was nothing they shared that was enjoyable any longer. Nothing.

Shannon took another sip of her wine, realizing her hand was shaking to the point beads of merlot was trickling down the side of the glass. Her heart skipping, she drove back tears along with her anger, afraid of starting another fight. Tonight was supposed to be about sharing dinner together and not a boxing match, but every time they shared space or had heated discussions, a battle seemed to ensue. Every day was a new conversation about bills and her constant spending, her laziness around the house or so much of his time spent with his friends.

God, she was tired, exhausted from sparring over nothing. She could hear him grumbling in the background and a part of her wanted to grab a bag and her keys, leaving the house, him and her fake life forever. Fake. That was the only way to describe the moments revolved around the clock lately.

She turned back toward the window, her emotions running high. For a brief minute she Anticipation_Cover-smallclosed her eyes, imaging another life, one filled with joy and peace and passion and…

“Are you going to help me finish the dishes?”

Shannon’s eyes snapped open. She exhaled and the ugly sound was ragged. Just say yes. Just make peace. “Sure.”

David snorted. “Or are you too busy drinking your wine?”

He always cut her down, no matter what she was doing or not doing. “Damn it! Why do you always do that?” Turning to face him, she gave him a horrible sneer.

“Fine. Have it your way.” David stalked back into the kitchen.

Shuddering, she swore under her breath. She wasn’t good any longer at making the peace but tonight she was exhausted from extra hours at work and simply not getting enough sleep. Clenching her fist, she held out her glass and shook her head. He knew how to push her buttons every time. The fight wasn’t worth fighting. Resigned, she shook her head, polished off her glass of wine and walked back into the kitchen.

David glanced in her direction before placing several plates in the dishwasher. Turning on the faucet he wrapped his hand around a bowl, yanking it under the water. “So, are you going to help?”

“Why do you have to be argumentative about every fucking thing?”

“Every fucking thing? You have to be kidding me.” David snorted. Shaking his head, he grabbed a glass, tossing it onto the top rack.

Would you consider this? Hmmm…

Kisses   xxx


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