Rustling a Sexy Cowboy…Indulging in Your Fantasies

We all love cowboy pieces. I know I do, but I like mine with a twist. I have a little cowboy piece from last year that has a sexy hunky plus one and the second if a tall, hunky American Indian. Talk about a sandwich cookie. Now our heroine is feisty, the kind you want to put over your knee and trust me they do, and she’s in danger. Only my lawman and his friend can save her. Take a taste of…



It was cowboy country in Colorado and while Julia Barnes loved her new home she had a job to do and one that would expose several prominent members of the protected ranching community. Several of the ranchers were selling their souls to the devil and allowing their cattle to be slaughtered for scientific experiments while they hid behind their laurels. She was incensed and her expose would surely stop the horrendous actions. Meeting the main suspect wasn’t what she’d expected and when she and the infamous Tray Masters had an intimate moment Julia was furious. It didn’t matter her best friend RustlingDanger_smallwanted the two of them together. Tray was the enemy.

Unfortunately someone wanted Julia dead. Threats had been coming for weeks but when they escalated to the point she was forced to turn to her sworn enemy for help she was left rattled. What neither of them knew was that there was a master plan in the making and one they had no control over. With the help of Tray’s best friend and the lawman in town, Steven Sanders, they were able to slip into hiding but both men held a terrible secret and one that threatened not only their livelihood but their very lives. The two men were secret lovers. Amidst a backdrop of lies and deceit Julia was faced with her ultimate enemy. As the three raced to find answers after finding a level of passion none of them realized, they were forced to face several ugly truths. In the end too many lives would be lost. Could they save each other or succumb to the madman who held the key to a tragic past?


     Julia sipped her second glass of wine as she out the kitchen window eyeing the crowd. The party would soon be in full swing and she was standing frozen like a long lost schoolgirl. “All right girl time to stop being a wall flower.” She gathered her courage to meet and greet the world. Given her self-imposed work schedule she’d only been to one of Betsy’s parties before and that one had been tame but had heard about the normal debauchery through Betsy herself. A wild woman, Betsy didn’t care if her guests had sex on the front lawn. That naughty secret had caught her completely by surprise. Betsy had even hired male strippers for her girlfriends and the sinful events included active groping and something Betsy called saucy…go figure. Betsy even sold sex toys occasionally. Julia hadn’t known that wicked side of her friend until she came into town.

Not that she cared or was a prude at all. Julia loved sex. Craved it. She needed it and even owned several vibrators but she wasn’t sure she was into public displays or voyeurism. Tonight’s party was simply a friendly barbeque on a spectacular cool summer afternoon into evening, or so she hoped. She set down her wine and closed her eyes, willing herself to leave the kitchen and go into the crowd. “You can do this.” Turning around quickly she headed blindly out the kitchen door.

And straight into a hard body instantly happy to see her.

“Well, well. Look what we have here.” His ice blue eyes flecked sexuality and longing. His smile was nothing but naughty little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Julia tried to remember how to breathe as she stared up at his newly shaved perfectly gorgeous sex on wheels face. Holy shit. Here we go again. Not once but twice in one day. Her eyes darted down from his carved muscular body to a tight set of jeans accentuating Cowboy in jeansall of God’s gifts and his open shirt exposing the most sensuous pair of abs she’d ever laid eyes on. Tray Masters was one tall bubbling glass of champagne and one she wanted to sip until he was consumed. Oh he was hot and she was bothered. “You!” Was that the best she could do? Easing back from his grip Julia brushed her hair through her hair and realized it was shaking.

Tray chuckled, his eyes flicking in appreciation as the heat filtered around her face. He blazed a sensuous trail down from her eyes to the swell of her breasts and down to the long slit in her dress. As he finally moved them back up he breathed in deeply. “You could take the breath away from any man. Even your sultry scent makes me a bit crazy with desire but then that’s what you were going for, wasn’t it? You’re a little bit like a vixen in heat.” Giving her a mischievous grin he licked his lips and pulled her close again.

“Vixen in heat?” Her anger rising she swallowed hard and resisted slapping him..

“See something you like, Princess?”

“Princess?” Oh, he could so boil her blood. Hissing, she fought to regain any level of control yet failed miserably. Julia swallowed and stared at his crotch. Through the thin material of her sexy red and now too revealing dress, she could tell her nipples were hardening and she wanted to look away but found it difficult. As he shifted from one foot to the other she resisted gasping. Was he actually getting hard? Yep. He was. It took every ounce of self-control not to slide her hand down his chest to cup and stoke his erection through his jeans. As a low moan escaped her lips involuntarily she grimaced and somehow her hand ended up palming his chest.

Tray tipped his head and narrowed his eyes as he laid his hand on top of hers, instantly pulling her delicate fingers to his mouth. He laid a feathery kiss against the palm of her hand and with slow and sensuous motions began sucking one finger after the other, sending shivers racing down her back.

A tiny whimper bubbled at Julia’s mouth as she gazed into his twinkling eyes and was unable to breathe. Suddenly she could feel the last vestiges of her will power slipping away, succumbing to his passionate touches.

Removing her fingers Troy emitted a low growl. “You’re a handful.” Jerking her body to his, he pulled her hair back with one hand and cupped her buttocks with the other. With one powerful motion he crushed her mouth, forcing his tongue into the deep recesses  Their tongues entwining the kiss became hot and wet and filled with a hint of danger. Tray forced her head back as he caressed her ass. Pushing her against the counter, he ground his erection into her belly.

Julia had never felt such instant heat vibrate throughout her entire body. She was on fire and the man was kissing her so vigorously that she felt the nip of his teeth on her tongue and the crazed action was driving her completely insane. Her own body betrayed American Indian Hottieher and she grazed her hands around his back, feeling his hard muscles through the silky shirt, caressing and stroking. God the utter touch of him was wonderful. Her fingers danced down every carved muscle to his small of his back and with a crazed abandon she didn’t know existed within her, her hands brushed down to his tight ass. The mere touch of his hard body prickled her very heat, dazzling her mind with possibilities. Oh dear God how she wanted him inside her. Electric current danced between them forcing her heart to thump hard against her chest. This was so totally unexpected she wasn’t sure what to think.

The kiss took another turn and he broke it long enough to nuzzle down the side of her chin and lick his way down to the edge of her collarbone. Taking a step back Tray eased the fringe of her dress down past her shoulder as he gazed into her eyes. Leaning over he kissed the side of her neck as he slid the side down until the tip of her pink and swollen areola could be seen. “Sweet Jesus.” His voice was barely a whisper, hoarse and laced with lust. And as if the party didn’t exist around them, his mouth fell to her breast and engulfed her nipple, biting down on until the bud became rock hard. Licking first one and then the other, his huge hands cupped her breasts, squeezing and pinching, assaulting her tender flesh while she moaned and writhed in his hands.

Julia threw her head back and whimpered. Somewhere in her clouded mind she knew this was very wrong but everything about his passionate embrace screamed so very right. She was as wet as he was hard. Panting, she tugged at his button fly, desperate to see all of him but she stopped as the single growl stated clearly he was in total control.

With a single finger Tray eased a strand of hair from her face before shaking his head. As he moved against her the dress fell further allowing him to stare at the sun kissed glow of her skin. Salty beads of perspiration trickled down from her neck to the swell between her breasts. He licked his lips and glanced into her eyes. “God you’re beautiful.” Easing his legs between hers he kicked them apart as he glanced into her eyes. Inhaling deeply he slid his other hand under her dress, brushing his fingers up and down the inside of her thigh. Gently his thumb traced a small circle over he softest portion of her skin as she quivered from his touch.

Incredible sensations coursed through her body sending a series of stars floating past her field of vision. The man had the touch of a God and she never wanted anything so much in her life. “Oh. Ooooohhhhh…..” She moaned as his fingers reached the lace of her panties, hovering for several seconds before cupping her mound. There was no doubt she was dripping from his touch. Clenching her eyes shut she licked her lips and tried to stop the madness. Instead she shifted and opened her legs further, every action a brazen beckoning for more.

Now aren’t you hankering for a rough and tumble man?

Kisses   xxx



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