Could You Pass An Initiation Involving Submission?

Mmm – what do you think? I love the thought of someone submitting anyway. I also love menages. What about a menage plus one? I have one bad girl who loves her three best buddies and really has the hots for one of them, but of course they play a game of hide and seek and… Well, you get the picture. After trying to throw him with a contest and he wins, sparks fly. Then the lights go out. Hmmm… Intrigued yet?

That’s the premise for the very last Blackout – the Collection. And this time it’s all about the boys…Oh and one feisty woman.



Monique Wells was more like one of the guys with her three best male friends. From her complete knowledge about footballs statistics to her unflappable way of handling the hottest barbeque wings and a full pitcher of beer, she was the little sis they all loved and respected for her conservative behavior. But she had a burning secret and one she was terrified of telling them – she was a performer at one of the hottest BDSM clubs in town. When the boys happened in her place of business during the middle of a Chicago good morningsnowstorm, she knew she was busted.

Dillon Michaels, Logan Porter and Brennan Jacobs had been pining away for the creamy chocolate-laced Monique for years, but didn’t think she’d give them the time of day. When they realized she had an alternate personality, a shameless plan of seduction ensued. After shuttling her back to Dillon’s apartment to avoid the storm, they were determined to show her exactly what they wanted by methods of initiation. Would the lovely woman allow not just one but three men into her life and her bed and could she allow herself to be dominated completely?


“No, you’re dead wrong. Bet me,” Monica Wells huffed as she rolled her eyes, giving Dillon Michaels a tsking finger. She could tell she had the man she considered to be the sports fanatic of the century hooked. Between her southern drawl, vivacious flaming red outfit and her dazzling smile, she knew the man was hanging onto her every word. Now she giggled. If she happened to a bettin’ woman, and she was, she’d guess the sexy black man didn’t even know she was a woman. No, she was a walking, talking encyclopedia of sports stats and nothing else. Damn it!

Leaning over the table, Dillon Michaels rolled the tip of his index finger around and around the lip of his beer bottle, giving her a mischievous look. “Bet you, eh? What do I get if I win this ridiculous bet? Cause you know I’m gonna win.”

“Ridiculous? And you win? Seems like I won over all your boys last weekend at the big game. What did I go home with? Let me think. Oh yeah, a hundred bucks and snazzy little hat. Sadly, for a team I can’t stand. But you know how I feel about the Redskins. Hmmm…” Contemplating telling him she’d drop to her knees right here in the middle of the crowded restaurant and suck his fat, juicy cock, she pursed her lips.

woman's-hands-tied-in-rope-small“You’re a tease and I repeat my question, what do I win?” Dillon over emphasized the word ‘I’.

“Well, that’s for me to know and you to find out,” Monica stated emphatically as she thought about the weekend before. The very heated moment spent with three of the hottest men in Chicago and instead of playing nookie or Spin the Bottle, they watched two straight football games while indulging in a pound or more of nachos was hot. Now that had been one sexy evening. Yep and pigs flew in the early morning hours too.

“Oh no you don’t,” he stated firmly, a stern look crossing his face. “Do you know what you need, little miss tease?”

Batting her eyelashes, Monica slipped her finger in and out of her mouth, realizing taunting Dillon was driving the sexy man crazy, but not necessarily for the right reasons in her book of plays. However, this was the level of their relationship – boring and stilted. Now she had to sigh, longing for so much more. “I need a lot of things, probably most of which you can’t handle.”

Dillon narrowed his eyes and licked his lips as a distinct growl slipped from his lips. “You’re not only a tease but you stretch the truth to your liking far too often. If I was of the right mind, I’d yank out my chair, throw you over my lap and lift that pretty little skirt of yours.”

He allowed the words to linger and for the life of her, Monica was about as wet and turned on as she’d ever been. “Oh yeah, and then what would you do?” The over emphasis on the words caused a reaction all right. A single bead of sweat trickled down the side of his face.

“And then I’d spank your ass until your rounded cheeks were cherry red, holding you down while you squirm and beg. After you were properly disciplined, I’d make you walk around the entire restaurant showing every man and woman just what a bad girl you are.”

Now she was ready to drop to her knees. Try as she could, she couldn’t help but squirm in her seat and knew without a shadow of a doubt her face was flushed. The effect matched her quivering cunt. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Ten full seconds passed by. “Don’t…you…tempt…me.”

Monica swallowed hard, debating taunting him and eased back into her seat, fanning her BlackoutInitiation_Cover-smallface, her imagination running wild. “About the bet.”

“Yes, I thought you’d say just that. This bet of yours is going to go my way in order for me to play. Do you understand me?”

“What do you want then?” God, she adored when he was all commanding, a side he rarely showed. The dominating look on his face was incredible. How many batteries had she been through over the last two years? Her sex toys were well used, perhaps abused. That was damn sure.

Glancing down the length of her, face, Dillon sat back in his seat and allowed his eyes to travel down to the swell of her breasts as he growled. “Are you really asking a red-blooded all American boy something like this? I would say a feast for the body and perhaps the very soul.” His look authoritative and all knowing, he remained unblinking as he licked his lips.

Whew. It was getting awfully hot in the place. Her pussy clenched as she studied his chiseled features and full lips, the kind made for kissing on a cold winter’s night. There was a full minute, maybe longer, in which she couldn’t take her mind off of riding his fat cock like a wild pony, bucking for more. My God, she was horny and he was one fine looking man. For a split second Monica thought maybe he was serious before tossing her linen napkin in his direction. “Very funny, big he man. Tell you what, I’ll secure two tickets to the Bulls game, center court, if and I did say if you get this right.”

“Who the hell do you know who can those kinds of tickets to the Bulls game?” Dillon scoffed.

She gave him the naughtiest grin she could muster. “For me to know and you to find out. If…you…dare.”

What do you think? Coming this Sunday from Rebel Ink Press

Kisses   xxx


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  1. Ann Q says:

    I think that i cannot wait to read this book.


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