Care for a Spanking?

Hi there! I’m joining in the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop. There are so many wonderful writers, who have becoming my friends who are participating. Now what are we talkin’ about here? Well, spankings of course. Whether it’s over his knee or being placed on all fours on the bed, being spanked is truly delicious. And it’s a hot trend. I do a LOT of spankings in my pieces but this is the very first time I’m highlighting domestic discipline. It’s where a man (in my case) is the head of the household and there are rules to follow. If they aren’t then the girlfriend or wife is taken in hand. My honest belief is if there were more marriages designed around this lifestyle, there would be fewer divorces. But that’s just my sinful opinion.

Don’t forget this is a hop so I’ll list the main site you can go and click to visit more authors. This piece isn’t coming out until April 4th but I thought it was a good way to start. You tell me. I love to hear comments.



What lengths would you go to save your marriage?

Shannon Parker loved her husband with all her heart but every day they seemed to be growing further apart. Married to David for almost ten years, their relationship was loveless and they were constantly bickering. Unfortunately she couldn’t stop blaming him for all their problems and she suspected the bitter arguments were pushing him into the arms of another woman. When she confronted him with her thoughts, her ugly words Anticipation_Cover-smallscreamed during a heated battle, he threatened to leave, sending her into a tirade of nasty innuendos.

At her wits end, a chance encounter with an old friend gave Shannon an unconventional idea and one she’d never considered. After days of contemplation, she knew this might be their last hope at reconciliation. Determined to win David back, Shannon suggested a change – domestic discipline – into their household. Confused and unsure of the idea, David spent a full week reading about the lifestyle. Making a difficult decision, the first day of the rest of their life brought about excitement as well as apprehension, yet she refused to go back on her word. And when David texted her reminding her of the night’s discipline, she entered into hours of heated anticipation. Could their love survive alternating the balance of power?


“Now, it’s time for your punishment. Over my knee.” He helped her up and over his knees and prayed she couldn’t tell how ragged his emotions were. David settled into a place he’d been trying to find within himself. Being in control of the house meant certain responsibilities and he owed her respect and care. Rubbing both of her ass cheeks, he heard her moan. “This is going to hurt tonight and I suspect you’re going to bruise.”

“Yes, sir.”

There was something stilling about the word of respect. He nodded, said a silent prayer and lifted his hand.


Well, you can see where this is going I think. Tell me, have you been a very bad little girl lately? Hmmm

Kisses   xxx


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15 Responses to Care for a Spanking?

  1. krblake says:

    Wow! I’m surprised for his first effort he’s planning to bruise her. Got to give it to David, though, he doesn’t do things part way. Thanks Cassandre. Great snippet.


    • behalle says:

      He’s not planning on it per say but if you’ve never been spanked before, you then are, you learn that you WILL bruise. At least I’m that sensitive 🙂


  2. With authority comes responsibility. It’s good that he recognizes that.


  3. I like the part about the silent prayer. It can be a daunting task to give the first spanking. 🙂


  4. Donna Steele says:

    I should have known you guys were get together. I’m a vanilla, but watching closely. Have a great hop!


  5. Thianna D says:

    I think a lot of men, if they have never done it before are very worried at the beginning. You did a nice job of showing his nervousness while at the same time his desire to do it right.


  6. Very good snippet, Cassandre. You are right. There are so many conflicting emotions involved in DD. You captured it well. Great job! 🙂


  7. OMG–that’s soo cute! I love this! It’s actually what happens when James spanks me–he’s more rattled about it than I am–before, you know, it starts–but I LOVE this perspective. I don’t see the man’s emotions enough in a lot of spanking fic, so this was a breath of fresh air!


  8. Cara Bristol says:

    Will be interesting to see where this goes.


  9. I loved seeing this from his point of view. He was so intent on doing it right, for her and for them. Great snippet. Thanks Cassandra 🙂


  10. PalomaBeck says:

    That was so sweet. I don’t often consider the perspective of the man’s first spanking. Beautiful.


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