My Special Guest…DH Black

As many of you know I do add a bit of mystery, suspense and murder to some of my pieces – and we’re not just talking about vampire killings. I enjoy the tension aspect that leads up to an attack or a murder. But I can tell you that erotic thrillers and erotic horrors are complex in design and can take a lot out of you. DH Black is my very special guest today and his upcoming release is one that combines all the elements of a good thriller (the kind that gives you the heebe jeebies) with elements of a good old fashioned love story. Set in the 1950’s, can you just imagine how difficult it would be at that moment in time to be gay? How about having an interracial romance? How about adding in a political element? Secrets and Lie…  Mmm… Please enjoy an “x” rated taste of the March 17th release.



Jessie Fellows was born an outcast and a man no one allows in their lives. He dreams in color, his fantasies mirroring the insanity he fears might be his only salvation from his burning desires and the ones others call disgusting. Inhuman. Living a life of solitude, music is his only salvation. Taunted by more than just his increasing fears, he’s faced with demons he can’t control and yet those giving him inspiration every day. Finally deemed a lunatic by his only surviving family member, he’s locked away behindShockTreatment_Cover-small a façade of hatred and loathing in a place he may never return from. His entire world is ripped away with no hope of regaining and so he slowly begins to fade into a private hell.

Michael Miller isn’t proud of the facility he’s working in, but in the 1950’s there are few hospitals who cater to the needs of the mentally ill – at least in compassionate methods. The days are filled with the drudgery of lost souls and he’s ready to give up his life’s work until a lone patient enters through the hallowed doors. He quickly realizes the haunted man isn’t crazy, but simply searching endlessly for love. Sadly, homosexuality is still considered a sin against God. Determined to help Jessie regain his independence and his love of music, they embark on a friendship and against all odds they fall in love. As both men are forced to face not only their personal inhibitions but also their realization of the men hiding behind their respective masks, a series of near tragedies drag them both into a series of ugly accusations. As demons continue to surface, a single decision will change the course of their lives forever.


Jessie whistled the entire walk, savoring the fireflies and light breeze, inhaling the scents of the nighttime. For some reason he’d never simply sat outside, enjoying the outdoors, listening to the crickets. Kicking his stride into high gear, he rounded the last corner and could just make out Darnel sitting on the back porch. Dear God if his cock wasn’t aching like a son of a bitch. The thick muscle was even chaffed from the rounds of masturbation he’d indulged in during his shower every morning. He was oversexed and loving every single aspect.

“Bout time. Was gonna call out a search party for you,” Darnel said as he smacked his lips together, exaggerating the sound.

“Had to wait until she went to sleep. You know that.”

“Yeah. Well get your lily-white ass over here. I need some hard fucking.”

“You mean I do,” Jessie growled.

“Careful with that tone, boy. I make the rules around here.” Darnel eased onto the ground level deck, moving back on his elbows. Splaying his legs wide open, he grinned back and chainsas he issued a series of keening growls. “Come over here and suck me or your punishment is gonna be worse.”

Was Darnel serious about making out in the open? The thought was both titillating and terrifying. Even the concept of getting caught was incredible and dangerous. The danger portion was the more attractive. Counting to ten silently, he shot a look over his shoulder and advanced, allowing a serious swagger in his walk.

“Now you’re a tease.”

“Always been a tease.”

“I’d never know it.” Darnel narrowed his eyes, licking his lips as Jessie drew closer. “But I think you’re a quick learner.”

Dropping to his knees, he crawled the rest of the way, keeping his eyes pinned on the sexy black man. Even after they’d parted so long before, Darnel remained his fantasy, the only vision Jessie could masturbate to. That is when he allowed the perverted behavior. Right now he loved the thought of being very perverted. When he was between Darnel’s legs he brushed the tips of his fingers up the inside of Darnel’s muscular calves, relishing in the way Darnel responded.

“Yeah. Come take this big, black cock just the way you want to.”

Exhaling, he lowered his head, nuzzling his face into Darnel’s groin. The scent of him alone was enough to drive him wild. Fumbling with Darnel’s belt buckle and button, Jessie finally managed to free his dick and no matter how many times he took a gander the spectacular muscle, he couldn’t help but gasp. Long and thick, Darnel’s dick was throbbing. “Damn.”

“Don’t paint a picture in your mind, suck me. I’m dying here.”

Jessie shuddered as Darnel placed his hand on top of his head, pushing his face closer to what had was so desperately hungry for. Opening his mouth wide, he took the tip of Darnel’s cock into his mouth, savoring the musky flavor and closed his eyes. Crawling even closer, he used his jaw muscles to suck as Jessie dragged his nails down the side of Darnel’s throbbing muscle.

“Damn!” Darnel shifted and tossed his head back, groaning. “I could have you just suck me for days. Would you like that? Would you like to feast on my black seed three or four times a day?”

His mouth full of the throbbing invasion, he merely blinked as he continued sucking, his heart racing from a kick of adrenaline. He’d never sucked a man outside before and even the sounds of crickets fueled the growing monster living just under the surface of his very humanity. There was no doubt in his mind he could let go, exploring every dark side of kink with the right man and given the right situation. And Darnel was the kind of man he would succumb to every day of his life.

“Go on. Take all of me. Take my fucking big cock into your hot mouth. I need to fuck your white boy mouth,” Darnel stated as he tilted his head, his facial features two men kissing in b & wcommanding.

Jessie was no expert at cock sucking but he knew enough to keep Darnel on the edge. He wrapped his hand around the base of Darnel’s dick, squeezing as he licked down the underside to Darnel’s very swollen balls. Burying his face into the man’s tender sac, he licked and sucked, moving from one testicle to the other.

“Goddamn. You’re hot tonight.” Darnel opened his legs farther as he intertwined his fingers in Jessie’s hair.

He concentrated on sucking, enjoying the musky flavor of Darnel’s balls and stroked faster, going all the way up the length of Darnel’s shaft. Squeezing around the tip, he knew the friction from his rough hand was turning the man on. He could tell by Darnel’s constant grunts and ferocious cries. Dragging his tongue all the way up Darnel’s shaft, Jessie shivered as he watched a trickle of pre-cum oozing out. “Mmm… You’re leaking.”

“Gonna be leaking all in your ass soon.”

Jessie slid his tongue back and forth, taking every drop.

“That’s pretty good, but I need your mouth wrapped around my dick.”

Wasting no more time, Jessie took Darnel’s cock into his mouth an inch at a time. He tried to relax his throat, longing to take every inch of him, but knew there was no way. Yet he tried. Going up and down slowly, Jessie clamped around the thick dick, electric jolts sweeping through every part of his body. He became lost in the moment of sheer joy and almost didn’t pay any attention how much control Darnel had taken, lifting his hips off the deck and fucking Jessie’s mouth hard. Within a few seconds Jessie dropped his arms and gazed up at his lover.

“Oh yeah. So good. All wet and hot. I could fuck your slippery mouth for days.” Darnel growled as he thrust his dick harder and faster, beads of sweat dripping off his brow.

Jessie loved the feeling of being taken and used, giving everything to his lover. He eased his hand under Darnel’s cock, cupping and squeezing his balls.

“God! You’re making me too hot. I gotta be in your sweet ass.” Pushing Jessie back, he broke the connection and wiped his mouth as he sat up. “Take off those pants of yours.”

“Here?” His heart was racing to the point he was lightheaded.

“Yes, here. You need a whipping to remind you I’m in charge?”


Thank you so much for being here. I know I can’t imagine all the prejudices men and women had to face.

Kisses   xxx


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  1. Tonya Kinzer says:

    DH – Great premise to the story. Writing about the sexual tension and activities back in that era had to be a challenge, I’m sure, but it appears you’ve done a great job! Your readers are going to love it! Congrats on the release! Muah!


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