When You Need to be…Untamed

Mm – can you be? Would you allow yourself to let go completely and be the woman or man you long to be inside, completely uninhibited? Would you a wild child, trying everything you’ve ever fantasized about? Now come on….  Well, coming in a few little days is another in what “un” collection. This time my heroine really wants to let get but she’s a professional and a cougar and coming out of a bad marriage and…  You get the picture. Enjoy a taste of some sizzling heat between a couple…



For bank owner Jennifer Reynolds, life was almost perfect. She lived in the finest house in a pristine neighborhood in Atlanta, surrounded by all the toys and treats money could buy. Respected by her peers and thrilled with her employees, everyday was a challenge in the best regard. Life was also boring as hell. Recently divorced, she’d taken her cheating-lying-no good-piece-of-trash husband to the cleaners and then some. Now she was back on track and attempting to date. For all practical caught in the actpurposes she should be happy. Sadly, no one knew the inner girl, the one who craved being owned and disciplined. She longed to be collared and obey one man, giving him every pleasure imaginable. The thought daunting, how could she allow the real woman out when everyone thought she was a powerful, extremely conservative and very dominating soul?

Stephen “Taz” Parker was a pool cleaner and while he hated the job, the security paid the bills and allowed him time to paint. Art the only love of his life, he was determined to make something of himself. Barely twenty-five, he had time, or so his friends continued to tell him. He was also lonely and hungering for a significant other but few women could handle his particular brand of kink. Preferring older women, the moment he met the luscious Jennifer he was hooked and determined to cut through her straight-laced ways. Cleaning her pool became the one job he adored if for no other reason than catching a glimpse of her voluptuous body. Sadly, she was rarely ever home. There was something about the woman that ignited every passion and his gut told him she longed for a strong man who would encourage her to explore every fantasy. When a chance meeting one sultry afternoon occurred out of the blue, he was determined to find out – at any price.


“Spread your legs for me.”


“I said…spread your legs for me, Jennifer. If I have to ask you again, you’re going to be punished much more severely. Do you understand?”

Shuddering, Jennifer lifted her legs, easing them back to her chest as she opened them wide, exposing her shorn pussy. “Yes, sir.” Unbridled anticipation slashed raw adrenaline throughout her body and for a few seconds she was lost to an intense revelation of knowing. She was his slave…

“Good girl. Very good girl.”

Hearing the deep timbre of his voice, she moaned, clenching her eyes shut. “Master…” blindfold meThe single word dying off, she wanted nothing more than to please him. The very concept of disappointment was far too overwhelming.

Crack! Slap!

“Oh!” The moment the leather tips sliced across her pussy, she jerked up, anguish sweeping through her. Panting, Jennifer could no longer focus, her heart racing.

“Hold still.”

“Yes, sir!”

Pop! Crack! Whoosh!


He growled as he leaned over her, his hot breath skating across her pussy. “You’re going to learn to be a very good girl.”

Her Master issued another series of hard whips. Agony unlike she’d ever known washed into a moment of quiet bliss. Tilting her head back, she knew this was as close to pure ecstasy as she’d ever feel. “Master!”


“Mrs. Thompson.”

There wasn’t a part of her body that wasn’t trembling. Clenching her pussy, Jennifer could almost feel the hard lashing, the intense whipping, and she knew there was nothing more she wanted than to be disciplined by a savage master, one who would…

“Mrs. Thompson!” The voice was pleading.

Could she give in and succumb to a single man, giving him everything he demanded, unleashing the woman buried so deep inside? Whew…

“Mrs. Thompson. Are you all right?”

“What?” Panting, Jennifer dropped her head, her nipples scraping hard against the thin lace bra. Wiggling, she could just imagine what a pussy whipping would feel like. Dear God, she’d been reading too many erotic books. Her thoughts were like a walking, talking slut. Wowie, the air was sweltering.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I knew you’d want me to remind you about your meeting this afternoon.”

Swimming up from the most delicious fantasy, Jennifer Reynolds crossed and re-UntameMe_Cover-smallcrossed her legs in an effort to push back sinful thoughts about her aching cunt and a thick cock. She swallowed hard as she blinked a few times, finally able to focus on the dense mahogany furniture filling the periphery of her vision. How ridiculous. She was fantasizing about some unknown mystery man, albeit fantasy was usually better than reality. “You mean Ms. Reynolds, Marsha,” Jennifer Reynolds said through clenched teeth. Plastering on her usual fake and oh-I’m-so-happy smile, she glanced up at the young woman, her eyes flashing.

Grumpy had become her middle name as of late and her very loyal employees certainly didn’t deserve her wrath. No, Mr. Eric Thompson did, the man who deserved to win the asshole of the year award.

“I’m sorry. Ms. Reynolds. I keep forgetting you’re divorced now and using your real name and I think that’s neat and…” Her words trailing off, Marsha blinked and looked away briefly.

“Marsha. What were you trying to tell me? Something about a meeting?” Patience was definitely not one of Jennifer’s virtues. Especially given the fact she had a difficult business to run, employees to manage and precious little time to acquire new clients, something Liberty Savings & Loan desperately needed. The big box boys had been pushing her rural bank hard, practically stealing a solid percentage of her long-time customers. Eric was always happy to tell her how useless she was, whether grading her performance in or out of bed. Asshole. Son of a bitch. Shit head. Jennifer could certainly run down her list of nasty adjectives. Exhaling slowly, she eased back in her chair, attempting to show her softer side.

Marsha laughed nervously. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to remind you about the appointment you set up with Giles Manufacturing right after lunch.”

What do you think, ready for an adventure? Mmm…

Kisses   xxx



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