Oral Sex

Hmm – so what’s not to love, right? 

I think maybe the title startled you but don’t allow it to. Oral sex is something we hopefully all have shared with our partners over the course of indulging in passionate moments. There are so many delicious stages when we make love or lust with a person and that’s what makes intimacy so blissful. Don’t you agree? Why do I think the concept of oral sex should be in the sizzle category? Because I think in a lot of ways chocolate and man lickinglicking and tasting has become a lost art to many couples. We all have very busy lives and when it comes to having sex – and I swear that’s what sometimes it boils down to and not making love – we don’t have time for all that foreplay. What? Do you remember the very first time she sucked your cock or he licked you until you were clutching the sheets, wet and hot and panting?

I do and I need. I can honestly tell you as a woman that I can get almost – notice I say almost – as much pleasure from the way a man kisses and licks me versus his beautiful cock sliding deep inside. Both are truly spectacular in my mind but when a man (or woman depending on your relationship) takes the time to learn my body, gaging my moans and subtle moves, and then figures out a way to literally drive me up from the sheets… WHEW is all I can say. I think sometimes men are terrified of licking a woman because of the fear they can’t please her, can’t satisfy her. All I can say is that the majority of men have a natural instinct on how their woman needs to be touched and tasted.

That being said, there are a few who don’t recognize the signs or either pleasure or in some cases pain. Nibbling and licking and even biting down is an intense feeling, sending shivers skating down my back and directly deep inside. When he drives his tongue deep inside to eat my cream, even better. BUT…but there are times he doesn’t realize he’s being too rough. I like it rough but teeth can do some harm. Don’t laugh. It’s truly about learning about your partner and honestly guys, a woman can cum Grabbing her legsalmost more powerfully from your mouth and tongue and fingers that using the thick muscle you have.

Now women – do you like to lick and suck your man? Interestingly enough, I have talked to so many women who really don’t like this at all. The displeasure isn’t always about the taste of him cum – many refuse to swallow – but also about the scent of him and the feel of him in your mouth. I can understand to a point as there is the initial shock of having something thick and throbbing in your mouth, but as you practice you learn to relax your throat and then use your strong jaw muscles to truly please him. Ladies, if your man says he doesn’t mind that you don’t lick him… He’s lying – flat out. I love pleasuring a man this way almost as much as anything else.

There isn’t a man alive I know of who doesn’t enjoy and crave having a woman suck him. It’s every guy’s fantasy to have his woman down on her knees, sucking and licking as he intertwines his fingers in her hair, using his level of control. I know of so many men that when you ask would truly love to have a woman give him head in the most inappropriate places. From a car to a restaurant bathroom, in front of the television when he’s watching football to in a pool while guests mill about around you, men lust and crave the little bit of danger and the lot a bit of control.

I think for both sexes surprising the other with nothing more than giving a wonderful moment of heated oral sex is certainly a very amazing aphrodisiac. Don’t you? For a woman it truly can become an art. Have you ever taken your man to the brink of cumming and then pulled back? Then go again having him hard and longing for a full hour. Yes ladies it can be done and when he finally cums the experience will be one of the most intense for him he’s ever had.

On the flip side for a woman, simply allowing her to be pleasured as you take your time licking and dipping your fingers inside her wetness will drive her insane. Take extra moments and learn and enjoy. There’s nothing wrong even after you’ve been together for years of trying something a bit different. There are so many wonderful positions that truly aid in how he or she responds. I honestly think for men it is about his moment of being totally in control – but then again, is he? You have the power to stop him from cumming. Men, you can drive her into a level of ecstasy so that she is in so much need she’ll stop at nothing to have all of you. Sounds sinful, doesn’t it?

Now we haven’t gotten to same sex as I honestly believe that a woman can lick a woman completely differently than a man can – as she knows a woman’s body. And a man can suck another man sometimes better because honestly his mouth muscles are stronger. But we’ll leave this kinky side for another post. As you go home tonight from a long day at work, exhausted and ready to simply sit in front of the television – don’t. Drag her over and ease down her panties for just a minute, inhaling her sweet scent and then drive your tongue deep inside.

Ladies – make him his favorite drink and then drop to your knees. You might be amazed at what this will do for the rest of the night…

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


PS I wrote a little piece titled  – well Oral Sex. See what you think about the premise…


Trevor Williams was stymied. Enlisted to write a scintillating article for the city’s hottest magazine, Down & Dirty, he wasn’t sure of how to approach the angle. Oral-Sex---Cassandre-Dayne-HOT-SHOTS-PG-smallGranted, writing about oral sex seemed to be every man’s fantasy but his boss wasn’t looking for a vanilla laced version. This one had to sizzle the pages in an effort to garner more subscribers. In truth – his job was on the line. During a sultry exchange over lunch with his two best friends they tossed around ideas. And it didn’t hurt that Bridget was a naughty minx at heart. Too bad Trevor preferred men.

Undaunted, she decided to kick up the heat and remind him just how enjoyable oral sex could be. What a better way than showing versus telling? Her point made, an idea for one kinky party was created and Trevor finally had his first in a series of articles set to release. Not to be outdone by her scandalous behavior, Trevor decided to turn the tables and give Bridget her ultimate in fantasies. What he didn’t tell her was that she was going to be the star of the show. Was this taking their friendship too far or would she learn to enjoy oral sex in a whole new light?

About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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