When He Makes Demands

I have a sexy Dirty Little Secrets coming out next. I love having a secret that you have to figure out about my characters. I also enjoy when every aspect about their inhibitions is challenged. His Demands is all that and more. Plus its sexy and very D/s. Take a taste this Tuesday morning and I hope you enjoy.


If there was anything Kaela Bryson hated, it was an arrogant man, one who enjoyed flaunting his wealth while others suffered. Her boss was just such a man. Broden MacGruder was powerful, opinionated and unfortunately one of the sexiest men she’d ever laid eyes on. His Scottish accent alone was enough to drive her wild, but she Mouth on beltwanted nothing more than to take him down a notch or two. When an invitation arrived for a very swanky costume party at his secluded mansion, she knew exactly what she was going to do – seduce him. No woman ever had. To her credit, the nefarious plan worked.

Broden had the hots for the sexy woman since he’d arrived in the States to take over the firm. After sharing a night of passion, he longed for more, but knew she’d only been playing a game. Seduction was his forte and he never lost in business. Or love. Taking matters into his own hands, he issued a series of demands or share their night of passion with others, thereby requiring her resignation. His choice? She was to become his complete submissive for a solid week. With no other choice, Kaela reluctantly agreed. What nether expected was the intensity of their passion or the secrets that surfaced, threatening to destroy them both. Would his demands be their ultimate demise?


“Broden MacGruder is a fucking son of a bitch!” Kaela Bryson exclaimed, fighting off the very brazen need to give him her middle finger. Watching the overtly opinionated and yet ultra sexy man walk toward his office, his carved ass riding the way-too tight pair of black linen pants like a sensuous glove, she exhaled slowly. There was something about his roguish good looks and thick dark hair, deliciously greying at the temples that could make a girl pant like a wild woman. Then there was his dazzling green eyes and a nearly perfect chest leading into a slender waist, utterly perfect. Dear God, she was hot, wet and in need of… Was she moaning like a maniac in heat?

“Girl! I can’t believe you just said that out loud in front of all the little women in the admin clan and about your boss. You know, the one who signs your paycheck?”

Hearing her best friend’s admonishing voice, Kaela shook her head and glared in Angel’s direction. “Do you really think the group of chunky monkeys are even listen to anything I have to say when stud muffin is around?” The staff meeting was a direct order to what she knew was her alone – work harder.

“What has gotten into you today?”

“Nothing. I’m just telling it like it is,” Kaela huffed and brushed her hand, her shaking-like-a-wet-noodle hand, through her hair. Why was she so tense and full of rage today? Rolling her eyes, she knew why. The solid ten pounds of work Mr. MacGruder had cuffed and waitingthrown on her desk, claiming he couldn’t do his job without her. He’d sucked up to her right after lunch, smiling and showing off his dimples. Yeah, well she was going to have to work every night in order to finish the highly sensitive brief by the date he’d requested. There went her time alone, devouring a sexy erotic romance and a bottle or wine or two. Clients, Ms. Bryson, pay our bills. Uh-huh. What about life and love and passion and well, life? “He’s a jerk off in an expensive suit.”

Angel shook her head as she snaked her arm around Kaela’s, yanking her into the hallway. “Aren’t you trying to make Vice President?”

“And pigs are so going to be turning colors. What’s your point?”

“My point is, I somehow can’t see you getting the position but so easily if you’re calling the man who will be doling out the huge promotion an asshole. Do you get me, girl?” Angel’s eyes were full of mischief.

Kaela sighed. “I understand but I can’t take his lack of pre-planning any longer. You know the saying, something about failure to plan on your part? Besides, I have propositions myself this weekend, something exciting. Almost like an adventure. Damn it.” Of course her voice rose just enough so the bottled blond at the end of the aisle was happily taking notes. Hhhmmm… She could take the woman in the parking lot. Easy peasy.

“Propositions? Oh do tell about this adventure you have going on, little Miss Stick in the Mud. I’d love for you to tell me exactly what sassy little things you have going on cause the last time I checked, cleaning your house wasn’t exciting or any kind of a sexy escapade. That is unless you’re trying to hunt down the dust bunnies with a big gun.” Folding her arms, she gave Kaela a harsh look.

“Oh stop! I do or did have…plans.” Kaela suddenly realized her viability as a human, let alone a woman, was pathetic. Taking stock of her life in a flashback moment, she groaned. She worked long hours, lived alone with not so much as a living plant, rarely went out with friends and had a freezer full of frozen dinners. Yep, her life was DLSHisDemands_Cover-smallgrandiose all right. Her self-imposed time alone was getting old, no matter how much the past still rattled her.

Rolling her eyes, Angel burst into laughter as she pushed Kaela’s shoulder with her index finger. “You know what I think?”

“I’m guessing you’re going to tell me whether I like it or not.”

“Don’t vex me.”  Giving Kaela a tsking finger, she glowered over her friend.

Kaela couldn’t help but smile. They were so yin and yang together. Angel was one moxie black woman, full of hell fire and wild attire to match her brass attitude. Kaela was conservative to a fault, hardly ever wearing anything but shades of gray, and they had nothing to do with kink. Biting her tongue, she stole a glance out into the room leading to Broden’s office and licked her lips. “Wouldn’t dare dream of it, soul sister.”

“Uh-huh. Well, I think you have the hots for the man to the point your sweet little pussy is clenching right about now. You know he doesn’t date that anyone has seen before. You could certainly rock his world. Why don’t you just get it over with and fuck his brains out?”

I so hope you enjoyed…

Kisses   xxx


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