Do You Believe in Magic? Indulging in Your Fantasies

I have a few sexy little sleepers and this is one of them. It’s a perfect piece to indulge in your fantasies. Imagine if there were creatures above us, those who helped wayward souls find true love. And imagine if they were caught up in a vicious game, one that might take away their very magic? This one should warm your heart and is so loved by critics – but a little sleeper. See what you think.


Cinta Heart always had one goal, becoming a Dream Emissary, helping humans find their one true love. But her father, the Master of the Universe, had other ideas. She was the intended of Skylar Blue, a hybrid in their worlds. The union would bring a level of peace their planet had never known. Unfortunately, Cinta wasn’t in love. Finally securing her place among twelve selected faeries, she landed on Earth with a ShadowedDreams_Cover-smallplan, to find the three men that needed her intervention between all hallowed eve and the winter solstice or be doomed to serve a life of servitude. The one perk? She could find her one true love and choose to live her life as a mortal.

Sandy Ruger was a damaged soul. Guilt led him to a life of solitude and he was ready to end it. If not for his beloved golden retriever, he would be dead by his own hands. Meeting Cinta for the first time, he was enchanted. Little did he know he was one of the candidates in the magic dance. As Cinta explored life in downtown Miami with a helpful assistant, she realized Sandy was her one true love and she was determined to be with him. Unfortunately, fate had other ideas. Her faith challenged, Cinta embarked on her mission and broke all the rules. Facing harsh punishment in both worlds, could she save Sandy before it was too late?


“No! Please God don’t let her be dead!” The scream erupted into the pitch black of the night as Sandy struggled to release himself from the binds that held him tightly. He struggled against the unseen hands as the sounds of woofing floated around him. His heart beat into his chest to the point he could hear little else. “No…please.” The tears took him hard again to the point that he stopped fighting and simply wept. She was gone and there was nothing he could do to bring her back. “Why? Why?”

The movement against him calmed the racking sobs almost instantly.


The warmth of Lucy’s fur and the slice of her ragged wet tongue forced a tiny smile across his lips and yet he quivered, horror coursing through his system. The dream had been too real. But they always were. Every night they burned into his soul in such a horrible fashion that he could barely get out of bed the next morning. Sandy hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in almost two years. “Oh girl. Thank you for loving me so much.” He held her close feeling the warmth of his baby’s heart filling him and sighed. What in the hell was he going to do? He was lost in a sea of depression and of guilt and no one had been able to bring him out of the depths of hell.

Sandy struggled to get to the bedside table and as the warm glow of the light showered across them both, he pressed kisses into her forehead, hearing the whines that told him so many things. “I know girl. I know. You miss her as much as I do. She was my everything too.” He fought the covers, thrusting them away from his body, finally placing his feet onto the floor and shook his head. As the golden licked the side of his face and lifted her paw, tears flowed down his cheeks. The anguish was sometimes just too much. Sliding the drawer open, he stared at the pistol and grimaced. How many times had he anguished over the decision?

“Woof. Woof!” Licking Sandy’s hand, the golden retriever smiled.

outdoorsSandy pushed the drawer closed slowly, glancing down at Lucy, the guilt enveloping him. “She’s gone and I killed her.”


Cinta stared out the window at the glowing tangerine filled sky and sighed. It was hot and steamy that day, well over one hundred degrees. Her people weren’t used to the extreme heat. Thank God she could tolerate the damaging rays. Being half human gave her many benefits and even though the elders treated her like a half-breed, Cinta was proud of her heritage. She heard the noise from the background and just wished the damning event could be over. She loved her father more than anything but she had to live her life and even the incredible sex with her intended wasn’t enough to keep her from her destiny. She wanted adventure, just like her mother. For some reason daddy didn’t understand.

Okay, Cinta had to admit that being a faery princess certainly had its perks. Being immortal was fantastic, the sex was generally out of this galaxy of and her magical abilities would forever rock the universe. But being the one and only daughter of the immortal Dream Master, Dashan Heart, who was a man not to be reckoned with, was unfortunately a bitch at times. There was nothing in the world that annoyed her any more than a father that bellowed to the heavens above and for what reason? Because she wanted to be a hip girl and travel to Earth for the first time in her life in order to help some very sad human males find true love and perhaps to have a kinky bout of wild sex. Licking her lips, the vision of a stunning golden haired mortal fueled her hunger, sending a trickle of pussy juice past her violet thong. Humans were so very delicious, or so her friends had told her anyway. Did she have any idea? Hell no! Daddy had refused her for hundreds of years.

Transporting to earth and enjoying a wicked tryst was all she had ever wanted and she begged decade after decade, but this time she felt a foreboding sense of desperate need as if she had to go. For some reason she felt so many lives could be saved and that thought didn’t make much sense, yet it remained with her every night and in every dream. It was as if she was the only savior for a very damaged soul. Try explaining that to her father. Daddy had control and they both knew it, so, why he was foaming at the mouth with that one little question she kept asking? Of course Cinta knew that answer. It was the same argument they had been having since she was knee high to a high-spirited loon. He wanted her safe at home and far from the clutches of any male, except for her intended.

“Damn, the Council meeting is getting heated,” Cinta whispered under her breath.

Growling and grunting, her father sounded like nothing more than a feral animal. Granted, being the ultimate leader of the entire freaking Universe did allow Dashan certain…rights, but none that Cinta wanted to admit — at least not in the company of her friends. Her existence was tough being a faery Princess in the modern world. Dashan had even taken lately to arguing with the Council members over her simple little request. Today, his words had been brutal.

Over my dead body will my daughter go to a planet where they fondle and fuck like wild beasts.

Cinta chuckled knowing the majority of the old fogies sided with her. Why the hell not? It was her time, past time in truth to participate in the Festival. How many years had she begged to be able to go and fulfill her destiny, finding the one love of her life? To blaze her own trail and live the life she wanted to, was that so horrible? She paced and shook, wringing her hands as the yelling continued. Watching Starsa approach, she growled.

“Cinta, you need to relax,” Starsa chuckled as she flanked Cinta’s side.

“Oh, you can say that, best dust girl of mine, because you’ve already had the sexy little experience. No fair I might add.” Cinta smiled. Starsa was her best buddy and the only girl who kept her calm in the face of every storm. At that moment, she was one pissed off winged creature. She had to participate in the festival. She just had to. Her destiny called. No matter that she could find her one true love and leave her home, her life and her entire family forever. No matter that her intended, the one that daddy had selected mind you, would be angry. She was more than ready to live her life as she desired. “I have to do this. I have to, Starsa. I’m bored and hungry beyond my years.” Wasn’t that the understatement of this century?

“Yes, I must admit, the time on earth was incredible,” Starsa cooed and pursed her ruby stained lips as only she could do. “I know what you need. You are horny, girl. You need to get laid and I think you already have a volunteer. If you don’t want that hunky creature, I’ll step in.”

“Ba…yes, I’m horny and thanks so much for rubbing it in.” Okay, so she had to admit it, her steamy intended, would indeed sweep her off her feet any time she asked, but she was so very bored with their sex life. While the stunning other creature, the one very well hung Skylar Blue, was generally satisfying in bed, he was not what she would call…kinky. No, she was tired of nothing but French Vanilla. Cinta needed a bit of wild and wicked. The kind of sex that garnered a pussy clenching and butt warming moan. Sadly, Skylar just was not that kind of wizard to try anything wild. And, he wanted her pregnant with hybrid children.

“What does Skylar say?” Starsa grinned wickedly.

“Do not go there lest I cast you out to the minions of the galaxy. Skylar is not muchrelaxing on a Sunday morning interested in my foray and need to filter among the humans.”

“Well, if you say it like that girl, I wouldn’t be either. Just tell me you want to find one tender and delicious man to fuck and that will do it for me.” The giggle bordered on nefarious.

Cinta glared at Starsa but knew she was right. Lord the star creatures above were such excellent guides. Her pussy tingled just thinking about finding that on single human male stud muffin. She had dreamed of him every night while she lay among the frothy clouds. She could see his perfectly chiseled chest and muscular arms, a hard body as only humans knew how to achieve. His sun kissed glistening skin could set her into a frenzy of crazed thirst to suckle him, drink in his honey laced come. Somehow Cinta remembered every detail of his cerulean blue eyes meant for days of staring into as they huddled in front of a fire on a frosty snow filled night. And God he had lips that could kiss like no warlock she had ever met, soft and sweet and made to lick. Oh my, she was so hungry that her nipples ached inside her filmy bra.

“So what has your father told you?”

Cinta cringed at the sound of shattering glass. “His usual. Daddy refuses to allow me to be a part of the Festival. He is pushing for marriage and so is Skylar. Somehow I just don’t want to marry a wizard’s apprentice, Starsa.” She knew her father wanted babies quickly because their hybrids would bring peace to their two fighting worlds. Their union would be a star kissed marriage made from the very creators of their people. She just wasn’t interested in playing politics of the universe.

“Hence your reason for wanting to be a Dream Emissary?”

“Well, one of the reasons anyway. You’ve been there. Rescuing poor scintillating men and aiding them in finding true love has to be a kick.” The Festival of the Broken Hearts was their yearly foray into assisting humans. The entire event was a sensuous task that they had been performing since the dawn of their kind. Twelve of the most worthy faeries were hand selected every year by her father to travel to Earth and find three pre-selected men. The poor souls had either never found true love or had given up all hope. Their magic dust not only aided in finding their one perfect love, but also had the saucy little ability to give them years of wild kinky sex. Cinta giggled just thinking about the duties. She would also be able to taste the sinful and succulent flavors of human men. One little sexy perk for her assignment and one she yearned for.

“It’s not as easy as you think it is, CInta. Finding them true love and interacting with their particular brand of needs can be rather disturbing.”

“Needs? Disturbing? You make tlove and sex sound horrible. Starsa, I realize there’s a time element but I believe I can certainly find love for three human males from All Hallow’s Eve to the celebration of the Winters Solstice and have time to sample their cuisine. Don’t you? I can also handle their proclivities. Think about it, I am my father’s daughter.” Another loud crash echoed throughout the celebration hall. Faeries scuttled away in fear, their shrieks echoing into the hall.

“Jesus, I don’t know, girl! This is supposed to be a celebration week and look at how everyone is in fear.”

Oh and it gets hotter from here…

Kisses   xxx


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