All Things Dark & Dangerous

Oh yes and delicious. I love doing little flash piece and sometimes they’re very short, while other times they’re more like a short story. So I put together a sexy little collection. We all have fantasies that excite us and sometimes we NEVER tell anyone. For me the darker the better. So here is a snippet from one of the stories in the collection. Do you dare to indulge?



Passion. Hunger. Eroticism… 

Tell me, what’s your darkest fantasy, one that keeps you awake at night with longing, burning with need? 

Deep seeded hunger furrows inside every man and woman, forcing them to stretch their personal boundaries. There are aspects regarding love and sex many refuse to indulge in, yet so many crave. Fear of the unknown is an intoxicating aphrodisiac, allowing a select few to partake in a heightened level of kink, a touch of something oh so powerful. Wet and hot, they search inside their souls, wishing they could taste thejustin_james_by_tom_cullis_for_timoteo_20120806_5 dangerous and very forbidden fruit. Only those raging with intense desire will succumb to the sins of the flesh, becoming embroiled in the secretive world of the uninhibited as well as the risqué. And when they do… 

Sometimes things aren’t as they seem. Come hither and savor moments of pure ecstasy. From stories about kink clubs, where BDSM isn’t just on the menu, the dark art is required for admittance, to vampires who stalk the streets in search of the perfect submissive – the tales will leave you breathless with desire. You’ll never look at passion the same way again. That is, if you dare to enter…

Volume One

She Disobeyed – One bad decision led to a moment of heated discipline for a willful submissive just beginning to obey her Dom. Would she be forgiven for her indiscretions?

His Discipline – Two men embark on a life of passion and one heated afternoon brings them into a need for domestic discipline. Spanking was the only way to control his horrid behavior.

The Night Calls – He was a savage creature of the night, hunting for the perfect male submissive, one who could tolerate his brutal needs. After all, blood lust called. Would the choice be his demise?

Spank – Be careful what you ask for. When a woman longs to be taken in hand by her husband, little does she know what awaits her by the pool – and in front of her best friend. Crack!

Darkness – She was lured to a life after dark, one far removed from her high-caught in the actpowered job intertwined in politics. Immortality as well as kinky sex was on the menu. Her choice could prove damning.

His Fuck Toy – How did the intense kink start? He was all powerful and she wanted nothing more than to obey his every need, his savage cravings. She was his slave after all.


“Please Master Dante, I promise I won’t do that again. I promise I won’t disappoint you.” Dear God, I won’t. I swear… Shivering, Briana stood in the corner. She was tied to the steel apparatus, awaiting her punishment. Of course she knew what was going to happen given her ridiculous indiscretions. No matter how much she’d braced herself for the intense level of punishment he was going to dole out, ugly anticipation left her breathless and tears cascaded down her cheeks. Stark apprehension wrapped around her like a warm blanket, yet a chill was sweeping through her. Swallowing hard, she heard the whoosh of the flogger and prayed Master Dante wouldn’t use the evil whip on her. Still, she knew she deserved to be punished. Her behavior had been nothing but difficult, challenging every rule she’d agreed upon.

“I’ve tried to be patient with you. You’re very willful and strong headed. I’m tired of reminding you of what you must do. I don’t understand what’s going on, but I can’t allow you to disobey me at every turn.” His tone soft but firm, Master Dante moved behind her, patting her on her naked bottom. “Tonight you sleep in your cage. Tomorrow we begin another level of your training. You’re going to learn more about how to please me, serve me.” Sighing, he touched the side of her face, brushing the tips of his fingers up and down her glistening cheek. “So beautiful yet so very ill behaved.”

“Yes, sir.” God, she hated hearing him say the words – the ugly words.

“Your privileges for television are revoked for the rest of the week. There will be no Internet and you won’t be able to talk to your friends on the phone. You’re going to go to bed at precisely nine every night and not a minute later. Do you understand me, Briana?”

“Yes…sir…” Her voice faltered, a nervous tick appearing in the corner of her mouth.dark_dangerous_delicious_cover_500_x_800

Walking around the sleek, wooden bench, Master Dante stood in front of her, exhaling slowly.

She whimpered and struggled with the bindings, the rope chaffing her skin. Be good. Breathe and be a good girl. She had to be obedient for him. There was no other choice. He was not only her Master, but also her mentor, her lover and her friend. He’d given her a life and such intense love, tremendous patience. Briana owed him complete respect if nothing else.

Exhaling, Master Dante leaned over and gripped her jaw, tilting back her head as his eyes darted back and forth. “Do you?”

“Yes, sir.” The look in his eyes was enough to make her hot and wet all over.

“Good girl.” He slipped the tails of the leather down the length of her spine, the tips of his fingers following closely behind. “I can teach you many things, Briana, but you must listen to your heart and soul as well as my teachings. You must know being obedient, being owned is what you want, what you must have.”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you want this, Briana? I won’t ask you again. Are you certain you want to be my slave?”

Briana had never wanted anything more. This acceptance with him, the man who loved her and guided her was all she’d ever longed to find. “Yes, sir!”

“Mmm… Very well then. We shall begin.” Master Dante moved behind her.

I so hope you enjoyed and happy Friday

Kisses   xxx


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