Public Spankings & Humiliation

Oh the very thought of being taken over his knee, my bare ass disciplined like the bad little girl I really am just sets me on fire this morning – let alone what it would do to my poor butt. Who doesn’t need a hard spanking now and again? Come on, you know you do. I’ve written several blogs about spankings. I insert spankings in now what seems like a majority of my stories. Being spanked is a hot ticket these days and I have to laugh because I think the real reason is because the notion is still so very taboo. You’re an adult and you not only need a whipping but would also willingly even ask for one? Hogwash. Right?

Well, if you truly open up to the inner girl or boy inside, you long to be taken in hand, disciplined as necessary when you’re bratty or to relieve stress. Close your eyes and think and imagine. Now tell me the truth – regular spankings in your life would be better than any diet, wouldn’t it? Yep. Thought so. Here’s the skinny. Domestic spank me outsidediscipline remains a very taboo subject for couples. I think that’s because there has been such a push back against any forms of corporate punishment, whether parents disciplining their kids or teachers in schools. How many times have we heard the stories about teachers or parents being arrested for abuse? For me I honestly say bullshit. Yeah, I get sometimes these things can turn to abuse, but honestly I would risk that in a heartbeat. Having a bottle of wine could lead to you being an alcoholic. Indulging in something outside of the bedroom as far as sex could lead to you being a sex addict. Am I right here? Have some common sense. Oh right… Common sense is also an odd commodity lately.

I manage community associations for a real living and I get to see all kinds of horrid behavior. From Board members standing up and cussing at a neighbor or a homeowner blocking another owner’s car from their driveway, to kids burning down a house for sheer fun and destroying a playground over spring break (yeah I have stories, which is why my other pseudo was developed to write murder mysteries about community associations.) I could tell you about some REALLY BAD behavior. I’ve thought more than once – if only I could yank that asshole over my knee and give him a solid whipping.

Thank God there’s a little “scared straight” program law enforcement has in our area. When the homeowners association didn’t want to prosecute the little buggers who destroyed community property, I stepped in as manager and said – they’re trespassing, arrest them. Sadly, all that happens is they have to go in front of a judge a few times with mommy and daddy dearest and be lectured. BUT they have a juve record and another infraction… Now at least the schools around the neighborhood That lookknow this particular community won’t tolerate this level of crap.

That brings me to public spankings as well as humiliation. Have you ever seen a child being spanked by a parent right there in the open? Have you ever cringed yet were unable to take your eyes off the event? This is another I really know the answer. Being disciplined or yelled at I public draws attention. This I almost like passing by a car wreck that’s WAY over on the side of the road and in no way impeding traffic, yet the line is three miles long cause we’re all too busy gawking. Uh-uh. I can see your face turning red from here.

Imagine if you and your hubby practice regular domestic discipline and you’re out for dinner one night with friends. Perhaps you got into a bit of a miff before you left and as the lovely well-spanked wife, you were told to drop it and behave. And…you just can’t quite do that. Something happens during the course of the conversation and you start to get riled. Perhaps you say a few snippy things and you finally get “that” stern look. That’s the one where you’re supposed to drop the ridiculous behavior and keep your mouth shut. After a few minutes you can’t seem to help yourself and snip at him again, very slyly of course. No one at the table seems to think anything is going on as far as a bit of power play. I can just envision his face, his narrowing eyes as he leans over and whispers, the tone very husky and dark, “stop that now or face the consequences”. Do the words make you shiver with anticipation, perhaps make your pussy clench? Mmm… Well, wifey is a bit willful and doesn’t stop. She eggs on the situation for another five, perhaps ten minutes, testing his patience.

Then he’s had enough. He very politely excuses you both as he grabs your hand and tells the group there’s something he has to take care of. Every man and woman is going to look at you both strangely, trying to figure out what in the world is going on. He has a few choices. He can take you into the public bathroom, yank down your panties and give you a hard hand spanking. He can perhaps take you to the car and drag you inside the interior, yanking a pre-planned brush out of the glove compartment and indiscreetly spank your bottom until tears flow. Or he can drag you to the parking lot, tug up your dress, pull down your panties, have you lean over the hood of the car – right in full view – and tug out his belt. I know, that act would take a man unafraid of consequences, but sometimes the very notion of humiliation is a very positive reinforcement for bad girls.

After he whips you he’ll take away your panties and force you back inside the restaurant, tear stained face and all, to sit on your bruised ass for the rest of the Spank me harddinner. What if he made you tell your friends what a very bad girl you were and what you had to endure? Mmm…

Imagine another scenario where you’re both in a more protected environment at a friend’s house and you act up. He politely stops the conversation and says very calmly he has to deal with a behavior issue and asks for their indulgence in watching you being spanked. Oh can you just feel the horror, the ugly anticipation? My oh my to watch him ceremoniously yank out a hardback chair, sit down slowly and pat his lap. Then in his booming deep voice tell you in no uncertain terms to remove your panties and go over his lap. Maybe he’s even asked the host for a wooden brush in which to paddle you with. The anguish of humiliation is going to be much worse than any spanking.

When you’re over his lap you can hear the gasps from the others as he rubs your naked bottom, telling you what a bad girl you’ve been and you’re going to get a severe whipping when you get home. This spanking, of course, is merely to put you in your place. Do you think you’d ever challenge him again in front of your friends? Think again…


I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


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6 Responses to Public Spankings & Humiliation

  1. sixofthebest says:

    I have always believed that public spankings are sometimes needed to let the naughty woman know her imperfect ways of behavior, will not be tolerated. So the humiliation of the female, having to raise her dress waist high, then pulling down her knickers to bare her naked rear and spanking her bare derriere in full public view, is just perfect. For not only will her bare bottom, be painfully blushing, but her face as well.

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  2. Jal says:

    Men need it as well, when deserved. I received it in full view, of my peers for rudeness. The bottom was not bare, thin gym knickers with jockstrap, to avoid sensibility issues. The instrument used was a bamboo cane, laid on hard across the knickers, 26 strokes. the observers told me later they could see the welts forming! I was later given an extra 10 in private on the bare with a paddle, to “finish me off”


  3. Sometimes I feel this is what I need discipline ..


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