On Writing Kink…Business or an Art Form?

Writing is a business, there is no doubt about it and if you honestly don’t think that as a writer, then you shouldn’t be writing. No one, and I repeat, no one is truly going to write the next great American or worldwide novel. Lightning strikes how often? But this is a business and as such I spend a hell of a lot more time blogging and tweeting, putting together marketing ideas and video trailers, hosting other authors and going to writing conferences than I do just about anything else. But is writing certain aspects more of and art form? I think it is. Take kink for example –Done_Cover-small right now its very romanticized in the media. Can you tell me that a few years ago if you read about a person wanting to be flogged you wouldn’t have cringed and said it was abuse? Hmmm… Think about that.

I often get asked either how can I write about so many kinky things or have I tried all of them. Well of course the Internet is a very good place to find out LOTS of things and have I tried them all? I’d have to kill ya if I told ya. The answer is no, of course not. I’ve asked writers before how far would they go to tell a story – either receive a spanking or actually travel to a city to really get the feel, maybe eat a food you’ve never tried before. Many writers tell me they would indeed try just about anything or visit a location if it was feasible. I know I would and I have, but sometimes that’s not possible. So just how to you write kink? Through reading various things from reputable sources and talking with those in the lifestyle. You can’t write well what you don’t know so you need to learn. I can tell you those living the BDSM or D/s lifestyle are highly offended by authors who portray them entirely wrong.

I was having an interesting conversation with my SO last night about books and my books in particular. Yes, I do have a hell of a lot of them out there and I also write under three different pseudonyms. I often wonder myself why I’m not rolling in dough. Now don’t roll your eyes. We do want to make money doing this. Again, it is a business. I write in just about every genre you can think of except technical writing. I write same sex, het sex, BDSM, D/s, DD, alien love, paranormal, horror, erotic HisWrath_Cover-smallthrillers, western, campy murder mystery, and the partridge has to be in there somewhere. Maybe I write in too many and no one knows who I am as a writer. What I can tell you is that pretty much 99% are erotic. They are not porn.

I do get just a bit incensed still when I see books out there not-so-affectionately known as “daddy porn”. This is the on the edge pieces no mainstream publisher would allow like lactation or rape, gang-bang or golden showers. Don’t worry if you don’t know a few names here. Some of them you DON’T want to know. These authors not only stretch the very limits of morality by penning some pieces you would think wouldn’t sell well, but sometimes they aren’t very good in their writing technique. I say sometimes as guess what, some more mainstream authors have figured out they sell like hot cakes and you know? Some of us have thought about creating yet another pen name to do nothing but write highly erotica pieces where everything goes. I don’t care that you heard from the whole Paypal fiasco and sites such at All Romance E-Books will no longer sell some this kind of trash, including with rape scenes, WRONG. Go on their site any day and look at some of the highest rated books and you tell me… Even the covers tell you exactly what’s going on. Hello. Why not create stuff I could write in my sleep – about 5-10 thousand words of pure kink? Hey, if I make millions so much the better. Would you read it? Evidently the answer again is a resounding YES.

I don’t know. Why doesn’t lightning strike? My SO told me that no one wants to read a story any longer, but I think category romances prove otherwise. What are those? For me personally, they’re the kinda icky mainstream romances with what’s called a Trope. He’s always a freaking billionaire and has that little secret. She is beautiful andTortured but of course wants the marriage, picket fence and the golden retriever by the end of the story. The sunset might be optional. Now at least, thank GOD, they can have sex but trust me that’s very pointed and the scenes chaste. You can’t crush his mouth over hers, you have to capture or brush your lips together. And sex, oh baby no hint of roughness at all. Period. Zippo. Really? Is that reality? Maybe I lost my fairy tale princess doll a LONG time ago. Dunno.

So we have one extreme to the other and those are selling like wildfire. In the middle are the rest of us, writing either kink on the down low or romance stories with a lot of kink and a story. It’s funny, it seems m/m stories really NEED to be more lovey dovey. My pieces always have an angst. Sadly you can look at a lot of m/m overs from many publishers and you could simply intertwine one name over the next book cover. They’re all two guys on the front with either a mountain range, a cityscape or cowboy land on the back. Yes, even some of mine are similar but thank God my cover artists know me so well. They know I write about murder and drugs, crime lords and nasty politicians and I HATE PASTELS. So my covers tend to be grittier as the names of my books are. That was another thing the SO said – maybe the names of your books are too out there. Hmmm… His Wrath, Shock Treatment, DONE, Tortured – what do you think? Too much for you? I don’t know. I wish I had the answer cause I would be sitting on the beach right now in Hilton Head with my laptop in my lap drinking Bloody Mary’s. I ain’t.

The SO also said don’t write my het with romance. Just do pure kink. Well, my ShockTreatment_Cover-smallDirty Little Lunch collection from last year continues to do well and it’s all about just two or four people getting together for a romp in the hay – straw completely optional here. One of my publishers told me NEVER to write het pieces again. I can tell you that my m/m do so much better. Maybe she’s right. But then again, I have a futuristic het piece that continues to do well. So, I have no freaking clue. What do you want? A romance, a good story, an angsty store, a crime scene, horror erotic, trope drippings or daddy porn? I’m really curious. As a reader – do you want stories or quick kink? Do you want to have to think about what you’re reading or simply enjoy thirty minutes of pure sin? Let me know.

I’ve often told people I can write about anything, making sexy pieces about anything in the world and I’ve been challenged and have come through. BUT this is a business and I do get tired of writing if people won’t read. So… Now’s your time. Tell me what you enjoy the most. If you want pure daddy porn you got it. I may not use Cassandre Dayne – oh yeah, lest I tarnish my image (said tongue in cheek) but I’ll be happy to give you what you want. Just food for thought this early morning.

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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4 Responses to On Writing Kink…Business or an Art Form?

  1. What a great piece, Cassandre! I absolutely know what you are talking about! I giggled when you said maybe you write in too many genres. That is what I have been told, too, but hey, I can’t control the stories that batter my brain until I do something with them! I enjoy your unvarnished take on things. A fun place to come hang out you have here!


  2. River says:

    I like the het pieces with a plot! Kink is awesome but I don’t need 200 pages of pure sex and domination 🙂


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