A Little Mood Music?

Mmm – Music evokes passion as well as lust, doesn’t it? I love music and not only does it fill our souls but I think our imaginations as well. Many of you don’t know but I am a classically trained piano player who won many an award in my younger days. I graduated onto being involved with singing groups and playing keyboard in bands – mostly jazz bands. I love the old style singing and playing from the jazz and biglet it rain bad era – probably because my mother was a big band singer. I always wanted to own a savvy restaurant and bar where you had the baby grand piano in the corner and the sultry singer dressed in scarlet belting out a sexy tune while you sipped on champagne. And I’ve been to a few clubs like this in my life.

Now when you think of such a club – doesn’t it invoke many feelings of passion and romance? It does for me. You can see the locale – can’t you? The intimate setting has floor to ceiling windows, dim lighting and the warm glow of candles sparkled throughout. Add in the rich aromas of filet mignon and caviar and you have one fine evening in the making. Imagine what will happen later as you slip off your slinky attire and slide into some silk sheets…

In almost every one of the pieces I write I use some form of music or songs. Is there any doubt they set the mood? I also have to write to music and depending on what I’m writing determines the songs I’m listening to. People who know me know if I have Nickelback on then I’m writing a heady sex scene but I love Evanescence for their good morninghaunting qualities reminding me of ghosts and our past. And then there are the love songs. In truth there are so many songs I think that can establish a moment of shared passion that I thought I’d give you a look at some of my favorites. And they’re not in any particular order…

Rachmoninoff – Prelude in C# Minor – when I was a piano player (I have very long fingers) this was a tough piece for a woman to play and when I mastered it for a concert I was thrilled. It’s very dark and powerful and something I’ll never forget. I see two lovers in complete angst when I listen to this piece.

Uninvited – Alanis Morissette – Oh boy this one gives me the willies and it is a powerful presence enough in my life that I am writing a very terrifying m/m piece about it. It also invokes a very dark side of my sensuality and helps me delve into exploration.

Hot! Hot! Hot! – Donna Summer – Now this one of course is simply a fun piece and I imagine being on the dance floor with my lover drinking champagne and having a wonderful time. I can see me all dolled up in a hot red dress and dancing the night away until… hmmm…

Kenny G – The Joy of Life – this one is just simply a beautiful romantic piece that reminds me every time I hear it about love and romance and the entire album – Breathless – I can imagine sitting in front of a roaring fire enjoying with my lover by my side enjoying a glass of wine on a snowy day. Breathtaking it is.

Animotion – Obsession – this is another powerful one and I can so imagine seducing a fine looking rough-hewn man into doing my bidding. I know – wicked, holding handsright?

Bon Jovi and Lee Ann Rimes – Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore – can you imagine the though of losing the love of your life to whatever method with this one? Whew, I get chills every time I think about it.

Nature Boy – so many wonderful artists have performed this one. This is one my mother sang on stage and I can tell you there isn’t a time I don’t cry with this one. I imagine so many aspects of being in love as crazy as it sounds and I’ve used this several times in pieces.

It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls – Heck – I even had a working title on a sizzling m/m piece with this one. I remember this fondly in my days in the clubs and while it’s simply a fun piece it does make you think about all flavors of hot men and you know I enjoy my flavors.

These are just a few of what I adore and from Rascal Flatts to Celine Dion, Mozart to Chopin, and Kenny G to Evanescence – musicians can truly give us another aspect of passion. The next time you think about seducing the man or woman you love, try putting on something a little bit different than the norm and see what happens.

Have an incredible day.

Kisses   xxx




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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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1 Response to A Little Mood Music?

  1. stevie nash says:

    my ex-wife would play Barry white music while using a dildoe on me. I am bi and when my gay friend john asked me out on a date all he played was barry white music,so it had me ready for him..:)


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