My Special Guest…Mary Wehr

Well it’s going to be a week of domestic discipline and my first piece is coming out on the 17th. There’s also a brand new Rebel Ink Press author who is going to have her first DD piece coming out in May so I thought I’d share a taste of hers today and mine tomorrow. Please give a warm welcome to…



I love to read all kinds of romance. BDSM, D/s, Historicals, Erotic Contemporary. As long as the hero is an Alpha male, it doesn’t matter. I love a hero who is commanding and stern yet isn’t afraid to show a soft side for his lady. Sometimes he may hide that soft side especially if his lady does something that places her in harm’s way. If she does something he had previously warned her not to do then that’s even better;) A heroineCalliesReckoning_Cover3-small with oodles of sass makes the story much more interesting. At least for me. 

Domestic Discipline is now included in my list of fevered genre’s. ‘Callie’s Reckoning’ is my first DD short story and will be published by Rebel Ink Press. YES! I now have the honor of being a ‘Rebel’.  I hope you enjoy this little snippet of Callie’s story.
Lots of Love,
Mary Wehr


Callie Shaw was all set to enter into a Head of the Household marriage with Brandon Clay. What lady could refuse to be disciplined by the tall, hot, sexy lawyer? But first she needed to put her boss in his

place. Her suspicions were all she had to go on but she wouldn’t rest until she found proof and Harry Bailey ended up in jail for sexual harassment.

Brandon was up to his neck in trouble and one tiny redhead with shocking green eyes possessed the tendency to get under his skin. He’d let things slide too far. But when Callie puts her safety on the line, Brandon intends to show her who’s boss.

Unedited excerpt:

His mood black, Brandon entered the smoke-filled bar. His mind was set on locating the sexy little redhead who had turned his life upside down in a matter of months. He spotted her immediately and growled low in his throat. He knew the little minx had no intention of obeying his orders, but he had decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. It was to his shame that it had taken him this long to find out she had went against his wishes.

“Get out of that bar,” he had demanded two weeks ago to the day. She had promised to hand in her two weeks’ notice and yet here she was decked out in the usual snug fitting white tank top and black shorts each barmaid was required to wear in order to work at the ‘Tavern’. Her tiny feet were adorned in a pair of ‘red fuck me stiletto shoes’ showing off her long sleek legs. She flitted around the tables as if she hadn’t a care in the world.  He didn’t condone lying for any reason and she knew from the start there’d be physical punishment involved if she was caught.  They were currently engaged and had both agreed on a Head of the Household marriage only she wasn’t keeping up her end of the contract. He might as well give her a prelude on how it was going to be when she became Mrs. Brandon Clay. When he got his hands on her she was going over his knee for a spanking she’ll never forget.

Brandon plowed his way through the crowd and strode up to the bar. He folded his arms across his chest and planted his feet wide apart. His scowl deepened further as Callie strolled by oblivious to his presence. She appeared to be having difficulty walking in those heels while trying to balance the tray of drinks poised high above her head. Her full breasts bounced with each step drawing quite a bit of attention to her lush curves further fueling his irritation. Brandon’s hand itched. Those perfect swells of flesh belonged to him. Before this night was over she’d learn to heed his orders.

The moment their eyes connected Brandon was awarded with a ‘oops I’m in trouble’, expression. His arched a brow.  She stumbled but righted herself. He had caught her off-guard with his presence, but he didn’t give a damn at this point. He loved this woman with all his heart. She was placing herself in danger and that he would not tolerate.


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. marysuewehr says:

    Thanks for hosting me. Love ya, lady:)


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